West Midlands Ghost Hunts

Wow where do we start!? The West Midlands is overflowing with Haunted Locations so brace yourself for the paranormal enthusiasts most haunted menu! We have ghost hunting events galore to choose from. With Haunted Evenings being Midlands based, we are often running ghost hunts here and can vouch for them being some of the spookiest haunted locations on your doorstep! Join us on a Ghost Hunt at one of the many haunted and historic locations in the West Midlands. Not enough of a choice?!.. why not check out Β our East Midlands locations or if your more Hereford way, check out our South West Regional Ghost Hunting events……

Birmingham Area | Ghost Hunts West Midlands

Some cracking places to investigate in and around Birmingham, including a secret nuclear bunker with 3.5 miles of tunnels enough to test anyone’s nerves!. Brum is brimming with haunted places, you really are spoilt for choice!

Coventry | West Midlands Ghost Hunts

We’ll happily send you to Coventry! There’s a couple of haunted places well worth investigating! Coventry’s Guildhall being one of them and which holds a special place in Haunted Evenings hearts as this was our first ever location many moons ago! Check out what haunts we haveΒ in-store…

Hereford | Herefordshire | Ghost Hunts West Midlands

Herefordshire is a historic English County in the West Midlands and Haunted Evenings have experienced first hand, some pretty hair raising haunted moments in Hereford’s oldest locations! Check out the locations we cover…..

Shropshire | West Midlands Ghost Hunts

New to the paranormal field is the very eerie and abandoned Shrewsbury Prison. Or if old mansions are your preference, why not join us on a ghost hunt at Condover Hall – 2 of Shropshire’s most finest haunts!.

Stafford | Staffordshire | Ghost Hunts West Midlands

Choose from Ghost Hunts in and around the county of Staffordshire, including Burton-Upon-Trent and the infamous Alton Towers. You’ll be surprised at how many haunted places there are in this neck of the woods!

Stratford Upon Avon | Ghost Hunts West Midlands

Shakespeares County is clearly steeped in history and Haunted Evenings have sourced some incredibly eerie locations to go ghost hunting. The challenge is, could you spend some time alone at The Creaky Cauldron? We’re doubtful! Take a look at our ghost hunts in Stratford.

Warwick | West Midlands Ghost Hunts

Some very haunted places to investigate in and around Warwick including the magnificent Warwick Castle. Plenty of places in Warwick to put on your haunted list so join the team on a down to earth fully loaded ghost hunt event in your area!

Wolverhampton | West Midlands Ghost Hunts

Another West Midlands Ghost Hunting location we can highly recommend is a former mansion known as Tettenhall Towers. With lots of nooks and crannies to investigate, including an old theatre, this is one location definitely worth checking out!

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Ghost Hunting in Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Staffordshire, Stratford-upon-Avon, Hereford, Kidderminster, Worcester