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Looking to go ghost hunting in Wales?! Good Choice, this is Castle territory afterall! Haunted Evenings love hopping the border into Wales and make sure every year we investigate the best of the best in terms of haunted places. Yet again Haunted Evenings have selected some fabulous places to investigate, so whether you’re from Wales or fancy an excuse to visit this stunning part of the world, take a peak at the locations we have on offer, why not make a weekend of it? We will be! Join the best equipped down to earth team as we explore the Welsh wonders!

Ghost Hunt & Sleepover | Craig Y Nos Castle | Swansea | Wales Ghost Hunts 

Wales Ghost Hunts at Craig Y Nos Castle


The Castle claims to have strong paranormal phenomena, in particular the haunting of Patti, her second husband and the object of her affection, composer Rossini. The Theatre room and beneath the stage area are believed to be very active (our last visit under the stage gave us all an experience we’ll never forget!). The Castle was also once used as a childrens ward to those children suffering from TB. The recovery rate was extremely low and many children never left. The Top Childrens Ward is the most active room in the building and guests can investigate the room where several beds have been laid out (sleep there if you dare?!)There are other rooms to investigate, including Patti’s bedroom, upper floor rooms and one of the most active places when we were last there was the cellars. A guest had a piece of equipment fly out of his hands! BOOK NOW!

Margam Castle | Port Talbot | Wales Ghost Hunts

Wales Ghost Hunts at Margam Castle


Margam Castle is the classic haunted location! The atmosphere as you step inside, with its grandeur and gothic artchitecture means Margam Castle is likely to put you on edge, especially when the lights go out! The site has been inhabited for over 4000 years so its without question a location full of historical layers. Reports of heavy footsteps have been heard by security team members, gamekeepers and garden staff have reported seeing a dark figure in the castle grounds. The sound of children have often been reported throughout the corridors, as well as been seen wearing Victorian dress. The most prominent reporting is from that of Robert Scott, he is believed as being responsible for the poltergeist activity experienced at the Castle. BOOK NOW!

Wales Ghost Hunts | Haunted Weekends

Wales Ghost Hunts Weekends


Travelling a distance? Fancy making a weekend of ghost hunting?! Can’t say we blame you! Haunted Evenings really have just selected the 2 most haunted locations in Wales and they’re not all that far apart – Bonus! Start your weekend with a 3 course meal at Craig Y Nos Castle, Investigate this seriously haunted castle, then retire to your ensuite room. Wake in the morning to a lovely brekkie before having the day to yourself before travelling on to Margam Castle. 2 very haunted castles in one hellishly indulgent weekend! If this sounds like you’re idea of heaven, book the weekender and save! BOOK NOW!!

Ruthin Gaol | Denbighshire | North Wales Ghost Hunts

Wales Ghost Hunts Carew Castle South Wales


Step inside this old House of Correction and you’ll soon feel like you’re experiencing the terrifying life many endured incarcerated here. The environment was such, that many serving time perished in the dark, over cramped and dirty cells. Along with executions and onsite burials, it is little wonder that Ruthin Gaol is a haunted haven. The team invite you to join them on a lockdown to discover together, who still haunts here. The only question is, are you brave enough to sit it out in one of the cells?! MORE INFO

Carew Castle | Pembrokeshire | South Wales Ghost Hunts

Wales Ghost Hunts Carew Castle South Wales


Our first visit to this absolutely stunning location really was a paranormal paradise! With castle ruins as well as some well preserved areas, Carew Castle is the perfect location for splitting off into small groups and investigating the heart of this haunted location. Carew Castle was full of strange paranormal activities when we first investigated, we picked up some fantastic EVP’s and evidence on the equipment. This secluded rarily investigated location comes highly recommended!  MORE INFO

Castell Coch | Cardiff | Wales Ghost Hunts

Wales Ghost Hunts Castle Coch Wales


Whilst Castell Coch (Red Castle) may not be the oldest castle in Wales it’s one of the most quirkiest and oozes eccentricity. Built in the 1800’s on land that a 11th Century Castle was stood, the Castle was the dream of the 3rd Marquess of Bute, whose main residence was Cardiff Castle. Castell Coch was designed by William Burgess to provide a second retreat for the Marquess. The outcome, a castle with dazzling ceilings and lavish furnishings in a majestic setting. A long side all the opulence,  Castell Coch is reputedly haunted. Many have reported strange occurences down in the dungeons and a sense of being watched in the Chapel. The Great Hall and Lady’s Bedroom are also said to be rife with paranormal activity! Fancy a night in this standalone Castle? MORE INFO

Tivoli Theatre | Flintshire | North Wales Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts Wales Tivoli Theatre

Featured on the recent series of Most Haunted, the Tivoli Theatre is soon to hit the mainstream ghost hunting circuit!. This former theatre, built in 1925, is apparently haunted by a former projectionist who died in a fire in the 1940’s. 1 member of Staff reported a glass being thrown and others claim that the Tivoli ( now a night club) is haunted by around 6 ghosts. Staff are scared to be left alone in certain areas. Haunted Evenings are intrigued by such claims and will be planning an investigation in 2016. More details to be announced. Please subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to be the first to here new dates announced.

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