“Was a great night, cant wait to do it again. Gonna take more pictures and videos next time after getting some orbs this time when doing it” P.Craner 23.10.20 Source:facebook

“Had a great night last night – thanks Nat for being our team leader. We will definitely do this again and hope to get some action with the Ouija board. 👻☠️🎃 ps we’ll do a haunted building next time” P. Bills 23.10.20 Source:facebook

“Absolutely loved last night thank u rob for being our team leader” L.Craner 23.10.20 Source:facebook

“Brilliant night last night in drakelow tunnels. I was hit on my bum and nudged in my back” Lyn Craner 23.10.20 Source:facebook

“First time I’ve been to something like this, it certainly lived up to the expectation. Thank you for an excellent night, especially to Neal who came around with myself and the rest of group 4 for the majority of the night. I was unsure about taking part on a Ouija board but I was amazed of the outcome. Will definitely be coming again, thank you! ☺️”C.Hardwick 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Really spooky setting at drakelow…. deffo will go again. Loved every minute ” K.Marie 29.08.20 Source:facebook

“It was an amazing atmospheric night at a great location. Thankyou haunted evenings” P.Robertson 29.08.20 Source:facebook

“Thank you for a great night it was nice seeing you lot ” W.Dawes 29.08.20 Source:facebook

“Thanks for a great night Saturday..loved it. Awesome company and so well organised” R.Leeming29.08.20 Source:facebook

“First time I’ve been to something like this, it certainly lived up to the expectation. Thank you for an excellent night, especially to Neal who came around with myself and the rest of group 4 for the majority of the night. I was unsure about taking part on a Ouija board but I was amazed of the outcome. Will definitely be coming again, thank you! ☺️”C.Hardwick 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a fantastic evening. Our first time but won’t be our last. We are still buzzing.” T.Smart 02.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a great night. Really enjoyed it” G.Griffiths 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Thank you all role on next one. :)” M.Bickerton 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Thankyou For Another Great Night 😊 When We Booking Next One Guys” N.Walker 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“We had a brilliant night, can’t wait to book another! Thank you to such a professional team 👏” T.Parker 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you all for an amazing night, we had some fantastic experiences, one that neither of us will ever forget!” S.Cox 02.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night thanks 👻👻👻👻👻” T.Kiddy 02.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Cracking night, we had a great time. Thanks to all the organisers” K.Morgan 02.12.18 Source:Facebook

Really enjoyed our Ghost hunt at Drakelow tunnels!
Certainly wouldn’t want to get lost down there on my own 😂
A massive thank you to all of the ” Haunted evening ” crew for a great evening, they all made our visit a very enjoyable one!!”
N.Matty 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to all the team. It was a brilliant evening last night. I had fun walking around the bunker. I would like to explore it more 1 day. Amazing experience. Keep up the good work!!” J.Watkins 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“A fantastic experience shared with a lovely group. Really professional and well organised event by the Haunted Evening team.” K.Redfern 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great time. Look forward to next time!” Lou 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Me and my family had a fantastic time here at drakelow tunnels. We are still in shock that my grandad came through on the ouiji board and it is something that we will treasure forever. Thankyou so much for the love and support we had after that amazing experience x” L.Cooper 17.03.18 Source:Facebook

“Yet another fantastic night with the Haunted Evenings crew this time Christine N-a and I’s second ghost hunt within the Drakelow Tunnels. We loved every minute and will be looking forward to booked a few other special nights with the HE team very soon.”
M.Scrivener 17.03.18 Source:Facebook

“We really enjoyed the evening, makes a huge difference going with a professional outfit”. Allan Maund 14.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night, really enjoyed the tunnels, that is one spooky place lol. Thank you to Haunted evenings & the volunteers and the Mediums for another great, well organised night. see you at the next one 🙂 xxM.Howard 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night at Drakelow Tunnels last night. A Big Thank You to the team for their hard work and dedication, making the night a night to remember. We saw lights recorded what sounded like growling, observed the shared ghost hunting instruments.” M.Biddle 14.05.16 Source:Facebook

***** “Attended Drakelow Tunnels. Brilliant night! Will definately be attending an event through Haunted Evenings again! Friendly staff and very helpful while booking! Couldn’t be happier!” Selina 08.02.16 Source:Website

“Big thank you to the Haunted Evenings team, had an amazing night at Drakelow Tunnels…we will be seeing you again :)” S.Fumino 18.10.15 Source:Facebook

“Really good night in Drakelow tunnels. Great first experience Chris Seymour 18.10.15 Source:Facebook


“Had an amazing night thank you, may have to come back for more” W.Meredith 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“Great night! We loved it.” S.Digger 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“Was a brilliant night.” S.Jackman 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“Brilliant very scary” L.Dodds 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“It was a great night will do it again only jumped once lol thank your to the team they were brilliant xx” D. Tout 24.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a fantastic evening, with emf spikes around johns sofa and book case, then the emf spikes on demand in the bar area (tim) got to give the spririts a mention, as well as the weird emf spikes up in the attic and ouija bords connection, all very impressive,thanks to haunted evenings team for such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, had a great night, thanks to all” D.Robb 21.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night, I loved the team and how relaxed, friendly, open and organised. Will definitely be joining up for more adventures with you! Was lovely meeting all the like-minded people in the groups last night too! ” A.Brogan 20.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening, great place with lots of lovey warm kind energies which balanced out anything sad & negtive…” L.Thandy 20.05.18 Source: Facebook

“Was a fun night at the Ancient Ram Inn that was for sure. A really enjoyable night. You guys are great and definitely are a brilliant team to investigate with” M.Brindley 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night at the ram inn, you were a fab team to investigate with. Look forward to visiting the creaky cauldron with you in July!”
C.Porteous 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

“What an amazing investigation last night at the Ancient Ram Inn it did not disappoint!! So much activity on the ouija board never seen anything quire like it! The team were as fantastic as ever. I always feel like I’m with friends when I’m with you guys…. love you guys here’s to many more investigations in the future!! met some fab people too thanks” S.Morrell 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

“Fantastic night with the team at The Ram last night” R.Hipwood 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

“Last night’s event at the Ancient Ram Inn was fantastic! I have never had so much activity on the Ouija board before as we did last night & it was brilliant!
Once again the team were fab, they really are such a great bunch of people. One of the things I love about them & why I keep coming back is that they are genuine, so thank you all for an amazing night xxx” S.Singh 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

“Hi we went to the ram inn pub last night we had a fab time can’t wait until the nxt one the team were great x” D. Tout 01.07.17 Source:Facebook


“Had a great night, thank you so much” G. Jones 26.09.20 Source:facebook

“Such a good night 😊” R.Hutchinson 11.01.20 Source:facebook

“Amazing time last night. Had such an insight to how it all worked x” E.Duckett 11.01.20 Source:facebook


“Fantastic night ,thanks all will definitely be booking to go again xx” R.Coghlan 18.09.20 Source:facebook

“Brilliant night can’t wait to book with you again” J.Bartlett 18.09.20 Source:facebook


Thank you for the feedback!

“A very good night I was always sceptical but last night changed my mind on the physical presence and by my own observation” K.Johnson 14.03.20 Source:facebook

“Something amazing I caught on camera” J.Liquorish 14.03.20 Source:facebook


Thank you for the feedback!

“Really enjoyed it thank you x .” J.Ritbergeris 13.03.20 Source:facebook

“Loved every minute of it. Even when in the shop I was given a baby to hold and my face changed in to a mask. My hands were so ice cold too.” J.Matthews 13.03.20 Source:facebook

“Another good night looking forward to the next 👻” G.Rowley 13.03.20 Source:facebook


Thank you for the feedback!

“Had a wonderful weekend thank you to yourself your team and the rest of guests that attended.” R.Cain 29.02.20 Source:facebook

“😊 it was such a good night! An amazing experience made even better by the whole team and such a lovely group of individuals attending” H.Talbot 29.02.20 Source:facebook

“Absolutely awesome night am so coming back to join the team on other investigations- was absolutely stunned when dad came through” R. Holland 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for an amazing night, looking forward to the next investigation x” S.Barnes 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Most amazing night of my life, gramp has visited since coming through on the Ouija board 💜” B. Chapman 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a good night. really enjoyed it !” S. Waller 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

Great evening especially the ouija board was unsure about this about being fake but now i have done it fantastic will deffo becomming back next time you are in brighton”
M.Higgins 03.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a great eve” S.Stiles 03.06.18 Source:Facebook


“Thanks all, we had a great night. The Ouija was particularly active 👻” N.Taylor 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“Great night with a great group of people and the wonderful team looking after us. See you next time.” I.Ashford 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“Great night , a must to do another one xx👻” C.Cottingham 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“Thank you for another amazing night. See you soon!!!! Xxx” M.Nock 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“My first night of spirit hunting, certainly wont be my last! 👻😊” F.Sayward 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“First time I’ve ever been last night and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done just want to say a massive thank you to all the team you was wonderful” L. Morris 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“Fantastic night, thank you to the team. Can’t wait to book the next one!” E.Towers 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“Another great evening with this amazing team 👌xx” S.Bowbanks 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“From a second timer here’s looking forward to the next one. A really good night and a privilege to experience. Thanks.” W.McGlinchey 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“Me and the partner had a great night once again on one


“Great night last night! Thank you to your amazing hosts and we hope to see you soon at another location ❤️” S.Partington 10.01.20 Source:facebook

“A brilliant night and a great group of guests. Derby Gaol definitely lived up to my expectations 👻” T.Marciniak 10.01.20 Source:facebook

“A fantastic little location which was a first visit for me, a great night thoroughly enjoyed with great friends. Would be interested in visiting again, hopefully when it’s not as bloody cold!!😂😂” M.Reeves 10.01.20 Source:facebook

“Had a great night. Awesome way to see in the new year, had a really great time and will definitely be coming to another event in the future!” S.Woodhead 02.01.16 Source:Facebook


“Had my first event with Haunted Evenings at Leicester Guildhall 04/01/20, It was an incredible event run extremely professionally, all staff were very welcoming and helpful, lots or really interesting investigations and findings throughout the night, will be booking again very soon and would highly reccomend to others” J.Ashby 04.01.20 Source:Google

“Fab night thanku 👻👍🏻x” V.Love 04.01.20 Source:facebook

“Great night thank u 😊 x” C.Love 04.01.20 Source:facebook

“Thank you for a great evening last night at the guildhall in Leicester. It was my very first ghost hunt and I went by myself. I was very apprehensive but everyone (staff and guests) were extremely friendly and made me feel a little more relaxed. Will definitely watch out for some more your events and I will be back!!”
N.Pearman 21.01.18 Source:Facebook

“What a great night for my first ghost hunt.
Looking forward to my next hunt with you all in the future 🔦👻 thanks again.”
Jane 22.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed the evening!”
Judith 21.01.18 Source:Facebook”

“Thanks another evening at the Guildhall, Leicester. Great Ouija board sessions, great laugh, and fab team that make the night fun. Can’t wait to see you all at the Towers” Helen 01.05.16 Source:Facebook

Cracking night at the Guild Hall in Leicester with the Haunted Evenings guys (and girls). Looking forward to the next one D.Thorp 08.02.15 Source:Facebook


“Fantastic evening, really well run and lots of activity! My friend and I had a brilliant time! Thank you to the team for an unforgettable evening! We hadn’t been with this team before but will certainly look into more events!” L.Parker 30.11.19 Source:facebook

“We had a great time last night, thank you so much 👻👻👻” S.Smith 30.11.19 Source:facebook

“I was one of the sceptics but it blew me away. You guys did an amazing job last night. A thoroughly enjoyable spine tingling evening. Thank you!” 16.06.19 B.Lees Source:facebook

“Fantastic night, thoroughly enjoyed it, very well organised. 👍” 16.06.19 L.MorleySource:facebook

“…Really well done. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was great” 16.06.19 N.Yeomans Source:facebook

“Had an amazing time last night. Thank you to all the team for making it an amazing first time ghost hunt. Can’t wait to do another!!! X” 13.04.19 M.Nock Source:facebook

“Had a spooky time last night, thankyou! Would definitely come along again! x” 13.04.19 J.Middleton Source:facebook

“It was a fab night, I’ll definitely be back!! Thanks guys!!! Xx” 13.04.19 E.Vickers Source:facebook

“This was a fantastic experience, thank you to all the team. Brilliant night.” K.Lord 24.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a great night thank u x” R.Chamberlain 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed it! Thank you so much D.Dingley 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Great night! Well definitely be back C.Gretton 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed meeting you all. Some good activity too.xS.Goadby 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great night! I thought it was run very professionally I would definitely recommend thanks guys D.Chamberlain 14.05.17 Source:Facebook

“My first ghost hunt and it won’t be my last. Fascinating and amazing night. Thank you R.Fuller 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Lost my ghost hunting virginity tonight! Haha Had an awesome night at gresley old hall. Thank you all. Really enjoyed it ? and the buffet was spot on” D.Holmes 09.04.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to the team for a fantastic night at Gresley old hall what a lively night with plenty of activity some of which was quite personal. See you soon guysM.Kenney 09.05.15 Source:Facebook

Great night at Old Gresley Hall. Great food and some great activity. Looking forward to the next oneDavid Thorp 04.04.15 Source:Facebook


“Me and my son loved it! We will definitely be booking with you again! Thank you to all the fantastic staff at Haunted Evenings x” R.Bishop 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Another excellent night, thanks Haunted Evenings…..see you soon …. from group number 1 x” J.McCormack 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Enjoyed it muchly!😊😁Even getting touched!👻Bring on the next one!👍🏻👌🏻🙌🏻” G.Concepcion 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Thanks all for a fantastic night. So glad we got to experience things aswell. It was our first investigation and will definitely be booking again x” E.Towers 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“A wonderful experience! Thank you x” J.Ellis 08.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Hi… thanks for a fantastic night.. great professional team with some great results.. see you all soon” G.Clarke 22.04.18 Source:Facebook

Had a fantastic time last night at Belgrave hall from the 4 in group 4 !!!””
J.Mccormack 22.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a really great night. Thanks” A.Robinson 22.04.18 Source:Facebook


“It was a fantastic night, thank you very much!” C.Ward 24.11.19 Source:facebook

“Great evening, first experience of ghost hunting was awesome ☺” D.Burns 24.11.19 Source:facebook

“Had a great night at Peterborough Museum, thanks to all the team who looked after us all, would recommend to anyone to exprience ghost hunting for themselves, thanks again, it’s a night I will never forget and look forward to the next” S.Evo 24.11.19 Source:Google

“What a fantastic night, so well organised and professionally executed, you couldn’t have wished for a better night, with activity everywhere it only took my 2 sceptical friends less that an hour to be convinced and after that they and me wanted more. A great fun filled night in an awesome venue. Thanks guys, we’ll be seeing you again soon.” K.Vallis 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“That was 1 of the most amazing nights I have ever witnessed and the cherry on the top was the union Jack flag moving in front of my eyes. A great night and will definitely be attending other nights with yourselves.” S.Firek 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Had a fantastic night thanks to Haunted Evening for letting us share the experience of this building cracking night we will look forward to booking with you again 👀👻x” T.Newman 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Absolutely loved it!!!!” L.Hutchinson 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Got some great photos. Thanks for a great night all. 🙂 see you on the next one.” S.Bowen 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Rich is now a true believer, loved the night and cant wait to go on another!! Best birthday present ever” E.Martin 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“My favourite night so far. You always attract a good bunch of people👌👻” C.Hodson 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Really enjoyable night, plenty happening and very well organised, probably one of the best groups out there!” S.Benton 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Haunted Evenings are a fantastic paranormal group will definitely be attending another one of there events in the future” C.Bryan 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“What a excellent first ghost hunt cant wait to do it again we went back today in the daylight to have a good look round 👻👻” D.Bray 20.01.19 Source:facebook


“What a great night and captured 2 evp’s the 1st in chesney house cant decide if its No or Go but does sound right at microphone and other was with Sarah in cow shed very feint hmm hmm in reply to a question” S.Maggot 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“Great weekend, with a mix of activity. Really enjoyed it and will see you again for more paranormal activities.” C.Hillan 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“Thanks for a fab weekend, will see you again in the future I’m sure :)” L.Bonner 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“My first time last night what a great night will be booking another !!” S.Campbell 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“Another great night well done” P.Grimshaw 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“I just wanted to thank you for such a great night on Saturday. Absolutely amazing.. and yes I was the swearer!!! My young nephew has not let me live that down since. We are looking to book a couple as soon as.Have done nothing but sing Haunted Evenings praises…. Very professional, organised.. etc. I will whack something on FB to that effect. Loved it!! Thanks “ J.Collins – Email 12.11.18

***** “Thanks guys for a Fabby night at mary kings close, can’t wait to do the vaults with you in nov xx” V. Young. 10.04.15 Source:Website

“Being the human pendulum was a 1st for me, a very interesting experience. was very aware of a presence in front of me and how temperature changed from beginning and end” S.Maggot 15.11.19 Source:facebook

“Very good night well done” P.Grimshaw 15.11.19 Source:facebook

“Spent Saturday night down in Niddry Street Vaults with the team from Haunted Evenings. My first time doing an investigation and can not wait to do my next. Super interesting and exciting and had a one to one with a spirit which was freaky but awesome!” RachM 13.03.18 Source:Instagram

“Thank you all for a great night we had an amazing night. Thanks again :)”
C.McFadden 13.03.18 Source:Facebook

Thanks for an awesome night in Edinburgh guys!” R.McDonald 12.03.18 Source:Facebook

“Happy to have been part of it …hope to see you all soon …David & Jackie …’kielder’ …”
David 12.03.18 Source:Facebook


“Last night was our first event and we loved it. The organisers were brilliant. Very professional with a great sense of humour. Will definitely book again. Thanks for a great night x” C.Phillips 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Absolutely fantastic night. Already looking forward to meeting you guys on the next one, anzio army camp here we come!.thankyou so much” P.Purchase 03.11.19 Source:facebook

” It’s was me and my sisters first event to what a interesting night really enjoyed it Thanks everyone 👍” T.Stevens 03.11.19 Source:facebook

” Great night in a fabulous location. Thanks guys see you soon.” J.McCarthy 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Me and my sister went really enjoyed all of it” C.Pattison 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Really enjoyed my first ghost hunt, I just wish we could have stayed a little longer” 13.04.19 C.James Source:facebook

“Another great night of ghost hunting x” 13.04.19 J.Wolverton Source:facebook

“Really enjoyed my first investigation. Thanks 🙂 xx” 13.04.19 L.Dumbleton Source:facebook

“really good night,thank you” 13.04.19 R.Evans Source:facebook

“Thank you for a great first time experience, thoroughly enjoyed it, great evening with a great team, I will deffo be coming to other events x” L.Rollins 12.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Was an amazing night, can’t believe the message we had on the ouija board from my sister x” J.Rowley 12.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks again Nat to you and the team for another great night, another one ticked off the list!! ” M.Reeves 12.05.18 Source: Facebook

Smethwick Baths Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings

“Great night, thank you. Definitely lots of energy in the male changing rooms. The ladies could all feel a presence behind them. We had our hair ‘touched’ and I was prodded on the bottom!
Best haunted event I’ve been to – thanks everyone 👻”
S.Turner 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“I had icy cold spot it started in the haunted toilet where we had the woman scream on the evp the was amazing. I think that is about me the footsteps and shuffling i was walking around with Rob the footsteps and shuffling was following us all the round one again thank you haunted evenings for amazing night see on my next ghost hunt on 14th Feb at oak house museum can’t wait 😊” W.Dawes 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“We had a great night, thank you all for your skill and organisation hope to join you again soon.” S.Grenfell 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Another great night. Looking forward to the next one, I’ll have to see which one I can do next!!” M.Reeves 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Another enjoyable night. Can’t wait for my next one. Thanks” S.Firek 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Great night again…thanks everyone.” K.Vallis 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Thanks for a great night we really enjoyed it. We will definitely be coming on one again” K.Foster 14.01.18 Source:Facebook

“My first ever investigation experience and it held all the proof I needed to happily say there is spirits, thank you to all the staff for making the night that much greater for helping and guiding some of us through the vigils” R.Doyle 15.01.18 Source:Facebook

“It was a great night! Thankyou to all the staff we all enjoyed it” S Harrison 15.01.18 Source:Facebook

***** Had a fantastic first experience at Smethwick Baths. Enjoyed it so much that I’m already booked onto another one. Thank you so much to the team for making the whole experience so enjoyable” Sarah. 13.11.15 Source:Website

***** “Excellent night witnessed here! Great location and history, very friendly team and amazing experience. Cant wait to go again.” Donna. 12.11.15 Source:Website


“My daughter and I loved doing this. Our first ghosthunt ever and we’ll definitely do another! Thankyou for a fascinating experience!” J.Dann 26.08.19 Source:Facebook

“Had an awesome night thanks guys! Will be coming again” F.Kelly 01.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed it thankyou for the experience x” 09.03.19 C.Stork Source:facebook

“Really enjoyed it was a fab night x” 09.03.19 M.Burns Source:facebook

Was a great night 🙂 x”” 09.03.19 V.Costelow Source:facebook


“Amazing night at Inverary Jail 🕵️‍♀️👻 your team are superb, loved it 💗 Already considering which location we should book next! Thank you” 18.08.19 L.Anderson Source:facebook

“Absolutely fantastic night! Will definitely be booking another night with you 👻” 18.08.19 H.K MacInnes Source:facebook

“Laura and I had an absolutely fantastic night 🙂 we can’t wait to book another night with you 🙂” 18.08.19 H.Melbourne Source:facebook

“Thank you so much for organising it all Nat, Ross & I always have a fab night with yourself & the team, Jo, Sarah & Neil xx” 18.08.19 V.Young Source:facebook

“First time with haunted evenings and loved the amount of equipment we were given to experiment with. Found the app used with the ouija board fascinating! Look forward to booking again ” V.Struthers 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks again Nat, Jo & Stu for another fantastic evening, totally loved our experiences at Inveraray & look forward to doing it again with you all xx” V.Young 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a brilliant evening! Was so lucky to meet a lot of lovely people and experience what we did! X” J.Duncan 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great evening thanks for the experience” L.Laurie 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a great night yet again with the team.Cant wait for the next one.Everyone was amazing.x” T.Taylor 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks NAT Jo and stu for another good night can’t wait till next” R.Kay 24.06.18 Source:Facebook


“We had the best night ever with both guests & your team… absolutely awesome although a little personal & emotional for myself.. thank you hopefully see you soon.. x” D.Wilson 08.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for another amazing night. Hope to see you soon x”  M.Nock 08.06.19 Source:Facebook


“Hi, we were at Leeds Town Hall with you last night and really enjoyed ourselves, the building was amazing”” G.Smillie 26.05.19 Source:Messenger

“Thank you for fabulous evening at Leeds Town Hall last Saturday. It was mine and my sisters first ever Ghost hunt and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you to all the staff too who were lovely and friendly. Myself and my sister look forward to booking another event with yourselves when my shifts allow. You came highly recommended and I certainly will be recommending you to my friends and family. Keep up the excellent work. Kind regards Angela” 29.05.19 Source:Email


“I like to thank all the gang at Haunted Evenings for a fantastic ghost hunt. This is definitely an active place.
On a personal level got to say my experience with a member of my family that came through via the Ouija board was definitely the highlight of my evening, everything else we heard, felt and saw was an added bonus.
I can say without a doubt this is one place I’ll definitely be coming back to.
Once again guys, thanks for a great evening.👻👻👻” P.Grantham 12.05.19


“Was great fun thanks, defo up for the next one 👍” 28.04.19 D.Harris Source:facebook

“What a fantastic night. That EVP still gives me chills” 28.04.19 K.Beattie Source:facebook


“Thank you Haunted Evenings team for an amazing night can’t wait to book again 👍” 07.04.19 D.Chandler Source:facebook

“Thanks for a great night. Just to mention, on the way out, one of the security guards told me that when I went off on my own at the end, on the camera she saw a large orb come right up to my face in one of the upstairs rooms!” 07.04.19 L.HewisonSource:facebook

“Fantastic night” 07.04.19 J.Wolverton Source:facebook


“A fantastic night run by great friendly people. Carrie and I really enjoyed the evening. Will definitely do more adventures with Haunted Evenings. 👍🏼👍🏼” 30.03.19 R.Pickard Source:facebook

“Had such a great first haunted evening night. Thanks to all, we will be booking another soon 👍🏻” 30.03.19 D.Karl Source:facebook

“What a good night this was !! Great team of people thank you !!” 30.03.19 R.Egan Source:facebook

“Had such a fab night, thanks to all the team and staff at Ordsall Hall!” 30.03.19 A.Beesley Source:facebook


“Really enjoyed it thankyou” K.Siddons 19.01.19 Source:facebook

“Was a good night thank you”L.Clark 19.01.19 Source:facebook

“Enjoyed it thanks x” H.Peck 19.01.19 Source:facebook

“Thank you to the whole team. It was fantastically organised and where the 6 hours went, I don’t know?! It was our first time and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The ouija board far outshone my expectations and the message I got was the weirdest sensation ever (in a good way). I could’ve stayed and chatted to my Grandad all night. It was very comforting. So thanks again and my husband stuck to the main roads on the journey home – pretending he wasn’t scared lol x Thank you” L. Clarke 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“Fabulously night thank you to all the team.. x” L. Thandy 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“Had a great time ty .. Will definitely be doing another evening with you 😀” J. Evans 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“lovely picture ladies and a great night. Thanks everyone. X” S.Darker 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“It was awesome thanks for a good night cant wait to do another one” T.Newman 28.04.18 Source: Facebook

“Thank you so so much we all had an amazing night and can’t get over the EVP can’t wait to come back x” K.Quinn 28.04.18 Source: Facebook

“Thankyou…amazing building and thoroughly enjoyed our first event with yourselves…( but not our first ghost hunt) well organised and friendly staff…looking forwards to more and certainly here again …if you return after April. “ M.Lowe 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to everyone on the team. It was a well organised and fantastic night and we’re looking forward to going on another one!” S.Marr 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Another amazing night with the haunted evenings crew x” T.Cain 11.02.18 Source:Facebook


“Amazing night again guys. So much fun x” H.White 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night cant wait to book another!!” L.Randles 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had an amazing evening!! Best ghost hunt I’ve been on for a while, looking to already book the next one!! Thanks to all the Haunted Evenings team for a fab time! 👻☺️” C.Sharland 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a amazing night. One of the best. The crew are amazing and professional. Some really good hits. X” E.Smith 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening thanks to all of you at haunted evenings. Will definitely book another event. Fab night.” S.McMillan 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a fantastic night and fantastic team. We will definitely be booking again. 👍👻👻😀👏👏” D.Dicken 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night..hanging room was very interesting to me and so were the womans wing..so many souls seem to want to be heard.such a shame that soon it will be turned into flats ect.great team and such nice people” F.Mitchell 09.12.18 Source:Facebook


“I had a fantastic night! Thank you Nat and to your brilliant team. Can’t wait to get on some more of your gigs. If I can get tickets! Lol” M.Beasley 25.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a great evening, every place is so different to the next. Xx” L.Hellyer 25.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to the team for an absolutely amazing night. I am absolutely shocked at what happened to us in group 3 on the 3rd floor.
Being touched, knocking, tapping, footsteps being heard right next to us.
Saw 2 dark shadows walk into the room which were children playing with the K2 Meter which was placed on top of a cup. They were twisting the cup and the K2 meter and then they knocked the K2 meter on the floor and tipped the cup over, it went flying.
I think we were all scared but excited at the same time.I can’t believe what we witnessed. Really active will definitely be coming back ?”
Sam Ward 10.09.17 Source:Facebook

“Was mind blowing! So glad to of witnessed it. Awesome night x” N.Cornibert 10.09.17 Source:Facebook

Always have a great time with you guys and the Creaky Cauldron was absolutely AWESOME! Thank you all for yet another amazing night. Nete and Stevexx” Anita Lodge 06.07.16 Source:Facebook

***** “This was my first haunted evening and it didn’t disappoint. Thank you to the Haunted Evening team for the exciting investigation. I loved Creaky Cauldron’s quirky interior and especially it’s spooky going’s on. I can’t wait to return.” Paula Craner. 25.01.16. Source:Website

***** “Had an amazing night at the creaky cauldron with the haunted evenings team. Was well and truly spooked! Can’t wait to be part of another hunt!” Donna Borton. 23.01.16 Source:Website

“Had a great night at Creaky Cauldron in Stratford. Loads of activity. Thanks to Haunted Evenings. Loved every minute. Bring on the next one” J.Soper 17.01.16 Source:Facebook

***** “Great fun at the creaky, thank you for a good night.” Simon Buckle. 10.04.15 Source:Website

***** “An absolutely brilliant night with a fab team can’t wait for the next one” Elaine V. 28.12.14 Source:Website




“Keep up the good work guys got a brilliant team very well organised…..you all work hard organising these events it’s great what you do the paranormal such a big interest of mine and last night was great definitely be attending another event in the future with you guys.” C.Bryan 19.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Thankyou for a great evening the Haunted Evenings team. Some great pictures and EVP recordings, keep up the good work, see you soon” J.Spriggs 18.11.18 Source:Facebook


“Great night thank you haunted evenings i will be going ghost hunting with you lot again when i was the in coffin and I hear the tipping that was amazing than It got better at the end me and one of the haunted evenings team member heard two woman talk we went to look and no one was Dudley castle is one of the best places to go” W.Dawes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a wonderful night and experience that voice we caught in the undercroft was amazing!!!!” A.Dawes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Really good alternative night out not had as much fun in years.. Great to meet Tim Hay from the other side x”  R.Oakes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Fab night! Thank you – we loved it! Will be looking to see where to investigate next”
P.Bills 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great Night a great evp ( get out) and everything that when on”
K.Dawes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook


“Thankyou for an amazing night/morning. One I won’t forget for a while. Definitely coming to more” H.White 07.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for making our first time an amazing one! Everyone was lovely and friendly – we will def be back to explore with you again” M.Love 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“What a great night! Takes alot to leave me speechless and Abbie in the Boudouir certainly did! Thanks to all involved” C.Lewington 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night spent with some amazing people 👻🖤 never had my arm lifted by entity ever and its an experience i will never forget. Thank you again Haunted Evenings, the team are great.” S.Bowen 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening guys. Brilliant to see and wonder round Warwick Castle at night. Even though it was tiring the whole haunted team and the people who attended made it a fantastic night.👍” P.O’Doherty 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great experience, I’ve seen and heard things I can not explain for years , right back to being a small boy , last night convinced me that it’s not in my mind and I’m not going crackers , there were two separate things which happened last night , I will be back for more , massive thanks to a fantastic team , and also a great bunch of people 👍👍👌”  P.Giles 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening, Warwick Castle is a fab place. Really enjoyed our spooky evening there. Thanks to the team for a great time.” N.Short 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Another wicked night, got some unexplainable photos, was part of the female group the witness the ball of white light, and one of last standing for the bear pit emf. Already looking for our next event. Thanks again team xx” A.Shepherdson 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant evening ! Certainly didn’t expect any messages 😘 will definitely go again The Team really looked after you” Z.Lowe 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“we had a great night – a fabulous setting and the white ball of light was amazing, cold moments in certain settings and feeling someone in my area too plus my phone with camera being upset many many times.” B.Gaffney 06.10.18 Source:Facebook


“On behalf of myself, Jack, Alice and Kelvin we all had an amazing investigation! Really interesting experiments and results with you and I think you make a great team to ghost hunt with. Definitely will book with you again in the future.”
S.Anthony 13.05.18 Source:Facebook

Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunts with Haunted EveningsBODMIN JAIL GHOST HUNT REVIEW | CORNWALL

“Had a fantastic evening thank you for accommodating us ☺️ can’t wait for the EVP of Edward as that was our group been waiting very patiently 🙊 x” S.Ball 06.05.18 Source:Facebook

“I attended your Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt. It was one of the most incredible and best nights of my life…..Once again, the night was incredible and I will definitely be trying to book more in the future. Thankyou ” K.Warren 06.05.18 Source:Facebook

“As a newby it was anything but quiet. Opened my eyes and wanting more” M.Woolgar 06.05.18 Source: Facebook

“6 hour ghost hunt felt like it took 5 mins, it goes so fast! Loved it as per and makes me wish I could do it all the time. Thank you to one of the best crews for allowing us to be so involved and hands on. See you in May! ?? Leah 17.04.16 Source:Facebook

Thank you for an amazing night at Bodmin JailD.Taylor 19.04.15 Source:Facebook

“Fantastic night .. thanks guys x can’t wait for another”J.Tate 29.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you to all the team for the best night. Was an evening of mixed emotions but definately up there as one of the best nights of my life.xx” D.Aydemir 29.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Dear team.Thank u all for a fab night, i enjoyed the whole evening even being pushed!!.Deff recomend ur experiances n looking 2 book again.Thank u” V. Holmewood 29.04.18 Source: Website/Email

“Hi… thanks for a fantastic night.. great professional team with some great results.. see you all soon” G.Clarke 22.04.18 Source:Facebook

Had a fantastic time last night at Belgrave hall from the 4 in group 4 !!!””
J.Mccormack 22.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a really great night. Thanks” A.Robinson 22.04.18 Source:Facebook


“Had a brilliant night..experienced some amazing events…Thank you Haunted Evenings..will be back again ” B.Driscoll 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a fantastic night can say I have never experienced anything like it will definitely be coming back there to do it all again thank you” M.Wilkinson 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a fab night thank you xx”J.Lye 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had such a brilliant night, thank you all so much xN.Melia 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“It was such a brilliant night! Thank you to you and you’re team and Edward in cell 8!”
K.Helme 29.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Absolutely blown away by it” L.France 30.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great evening really enjoyed it” A.Fisher 27.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a very good night. Highly recommended team. Very friendly, great to see you all again. Look forward to seeing you all soon x Hopefully i don’t get scratches next time lol…. All part and parcel i suppose x” David Mason 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“Great night, team friendly and security validated feeling and noises as being seen /felt/heard by others x loved the equipment too x “ S.Foley 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“What a great night! Really enjoyed it” G.Martell 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“Hi thanks for a fantastic 2 nights investigations from me jackie and tania. Really enjoyed working with you and the team” J. Kelly 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night..very atmospheric and staff were amazing. Thanks guys will be recommending Haunted Evenings to everyone..And wanting to book the next Morecambe winter gardens for sure.” J. Bromage 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Didn’t want it to end. We had a fabulous time” V Murray 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Loved it. Will be going to more. Thank you” V Dolan 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night thanks again guy’s and looking forward to next time already” D.Holme 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Yet again a most pleasurable night with you all and an honour to be part of it. January won’t come soon enough. ?” M Woods 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Fab night loved it x” D.Taylor 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great night, amazing location and some great EVPs!” G.Davies 17.05.16 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a top night at Lancaster castle can’t wait to book again, the team was excellent and loved the experience” S.Torr 15.05.16 Source:Facebook

“Was an amazing night. Will definitely book on another in the future.” C.Snaith 16.05.16 Source:Facebook

“We loved it can’t wait to book another one thanks” S.Torr 16.05.16 Source:Facebook


“Thank you for such a great weekend guys, absolutely loved our first ghost hunting experience & it certainly won’t be our last. ☺ C.Allen 18.02.18 Source:Facebook


“Thanks for a terrific evening at Margam Castle. We were so busy it flew by!! M.Ashford 18.02.18 Source:Facebook


“Fantastic experience, can’t believe how much happened in those few hours! Couldn’t have asked for much more as a first-timer, will definitely be booking another one soon!”  E.Maguire 10.10.17 Source:Facebook

“Was an amazing night didn’t want it to end well worth the trip down from Scotland now the long 325 mile drive home” D.Bruce 09.10.17 Source:Facebook

“We had a amazing night which totally blew my mind … I had no idea I had a personal connection to the place beforehand, I do now!!!!!” M.Hesketh 09.10.17 Source:Facebook

“A breath taking evening with a fantastic team at the Newsham Orphanage and hospital – well organised and set out to use every moment thoroughly – Chris and myself will see you all again we hope very soon now we just have a ton of voice recordings, video and photos to scan through – if we have anything I will let you know.” M.Scrivener 09.10.17 Source:Facebook

“1st time ghost hunting last night at newsham park hospital, Liverpool was a little bit skeptical about the night before goin but what a night! Was unbelievable some of the stuff we witnessed last night would definitely recommend this to anyone thinkin of goin can’t wait to do another one. All the staff were brilliant didn’t try n push anything too far just let you make your own mind up great night thanks to everyone involved!K.Armstrong 21.02.15 Source:Facebook


It was an amazing evening. Wish we’d taped the ouija session.L.Walker 18.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Thanks guys for a great night at York. Amazing and that man’s face I caught on camera when I reviewed them today is astonishing.S.Flynn 14.05.17 Source:Facebook

“What an absolutely amazing experience. Highly recommended and a great team. Thanks very much xI.Escola 14.05.17 Source:Facebook

“It was a great evening such a good experience. Looking forward to the next event xx” J.Risdon 19.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for an amazing night, it was my first (bought as a present) but wont be my last as I have family members wanting to go too. See you later in the year x.”S.Roberts-Sharpe 14.05.17 Source:Facebook


“This was so good thanks again for a great evening x” A.Sadler-Puckering 09.04.17 Source:Facebook

“Such a good night ” C.Bibby 09.04.17 Source:Facebook

“It was a brilliant night” P.James 09.04.17 Source:Facebook



” Just want to say a massive thank you to the team at Haunted Evenings for another great event! Even though I’m probably getting too old and can’t hack the late nights, your team make it a great & fun night. The new location which was the Nurses Quarters, was a brilliant location; worth investigating with some unexplained activity. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks again.” K.Baxter 24.09.16 Source:Facebook

“To anyone considering to investigate here I highly recomend. Some great inteligent responces were recorded with dowsing rods and a torch. Also knocks, footsteps evps are a regular. From my experience it is a location that will give you more and more. It is a privlidge to have been able to investigate such an amazing place. The Haunted Evenings team were great and i would highly recomend them to new and experienced hunters. :)” J.Liquorish 24.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Just fantastic can’t wait to do it again!” S.Morrell 24.09.16 Source:Facebook

“This was a fantastic opportunity to investigate a place that hadn’t been investigated before really enjoyed my experience there the team members of Haunted evenings were a great bunch of people very well organised most of all they made me feel welcome i would definitely recommend this to anyone as this was a great night plus a massive thankyou to the people in group 1 for putting all there efforts into the experience once again thanks guys” S.Davies 24.09.16 Source:Facebook

“I had such a brilliant night at the old nurses home and even though I went alone the group and haunted evenings team made me feel comfortable 🙂 best highlight for me was the glass moving on the table which was the first time I experienced something like this… overall I’m glad I went.. thank you.. I loved every moment of it!!!” R.Sakhabuth 24.09.16 Source:Facebook


“It really was a fabulous evening. Great venue and such a professional, friendly team! Will definitely be on another one soon xx” J.Johnson 10.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Had a fantastic night at St George’s hall with the haunted evenings crew, we always do when we come on a hunt with them, that’s why we have kept coming back since the first one we done with them. Already booked on another two an can’t wait xx would highly recommend to everyone xx????” N.McCarthy 10.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Had a fantastic night at St Georges Hall in Liverpool last night. Such an amazing building with lots of activity and once again, the Haunted Evenings team never failed to deliver a wonderful experience. See you at the next one!! 🙂 xx” S.Soper 10.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Thank you all .. It was a fantastic night” Z.Su 10.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks again for an awesome evening x” A.Barnes 10.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Once again time spent with you did not disappoint. A great night. We arrived hopeful and left on an extreme high. It was emotional and personal but so worth it. Great event, thank you. We just need to decide what one to do next xx” G. Armstrong 06.03.16 Source:Facebook

“Hey! Thanks for an awesome evening at St Georges Hall last night! Definitely will be coming investigating with you again at some point!” Hannah 06.03.16 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night” M Richards 06.03.16 Source:Facebook

“Very interesting night look forward to booking somewhere else” S Pennington 06.03.16 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night thankies x” S.Dawson 06.03.16 Source:Facebook

“Fantastic night!” K. Ogden 06.03.16 Source:Facebook

Abbey Pumping Station Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings

“Top night as always. Great to get into somewhere new with no idea as to what to expect. Look forward to seeing you next time!” H.Cardwell 09.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Abbey Pumping Stations last night amazing location so much activity! Definitely lots of spirits there not used to us yet as we were the first ones to ever investigate wasn’t sure what to expect but didn’t disappoint. Definitely need to go back a second time. Thanks to the Haunted Evenings crew as always for making it such a special night. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough if you want a night investigating paranormal activity these guys are the best! ????” S.Morrell 09.07.16 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night! We were the first people to investigate & we were not disappointed. We had some cracking EVP’S which were really clear at times. Definitely a place I would go back to as there is clearly spirit in the building/grounds.Thank you to Haunted Evenings for another great night, those guys are brilliant ???” S.Singh 09.07.16 Source:Facebook


“Defo found a new hobbie. Thanks for being great and making us all feel very welcome! Going back to Warwick in September with family. Can’t wait 🙂 S.Bowen 15.05.16 Source:Facebook

“A great and eerie night was had by all !!” L.Smith 15.05.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks so much for a great night at Guys Cliffe House last night! Brilliantly organised! Loved every second! Thanks Again!” J. Smart 01.11.15 Source:Facebook

***** “Been on a few events hosted by Haunted Evenings. Each one been its individual experience. As for this location we was kindly welcomed and greeted by the team members on that night to which an amazing location in Warwickshire……great location, great team and lots of gadgets to play with. I Would highly recommend attending an event with this team as you will get your moneys worth.” Craig Hutchinson 11.11.15 Source:Website


“First time ghost hunting loved it great staff our team had some good experiences. And at the end of the night I got a personal message and a voice recording to go with it thank you we will defiantly be coming to another. ?” L. Wilson Source:Facebook 03.04.16


“Hi there, I was one of the group investigating Ashwell Prison last night. I just wanted to say what a fab night we all had. The hosts were fantastic and we’ve used so many different companies that we didn’t think it possible to stand out but your enthusiastic team really added to the event. Our last investigation was with a different company and the staff were very rude, so much so that I wasn’t looking forward to last night. Yet I cannot fault it at all. The time flew. We were all extremely happy with the team and the investigation so I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you!’. Didn’t get home until nearly 8am because of the fog but it was definitely worth the trip and I’m glad we booked” T. Teece 14.03.16 Source:Facebook

“Absolutely buzzing, going on another Haunted Evenings event in April for the Leicester Towers Abandoned Asylum. If it’s even half as good as the HMP Ashwell Prison tour then I’m so excited” C.Manders 15.03.16 Source:Facebook


“Thank you so much for an awesome night I still can’t get over the fact that I had all them different things happen to me. Best event I’ve been to!” Benjamin Robert Moore 14.02.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for another awesome event at Alton Towers last night! Loved the tunnel EVPS!” K. Waller 14.02.16 Source:Twitter


“Wow, I am still mind blown, and absolutely amazed by the paranormal activity that occurred last night! It was a great experience being in the Towers, Leicester with Haunted Evenings..The staff were lovely too! I Shall definitely return again soon!” L.Keane 10.04.16 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night last night! If you have ever wanted to do Leicester Towers, then I would suggest you do it before the rest of it gets knocked down. We had so much activity with all sorts of things but I have to say I have never had so much activity on a ouijia board before, it was certainly an experience. Massive thank you as well to the Haunted Evenings crew, they really looked after us & it was definitely a night to remember.” Sarah Singh 10.04.16 Source:Facebook

“What an amazing night last night at The Towers with Haunted Evenings. So much activity it was unbelievable. My dad came through to me on the Ouija board couldn’t believe it! It was like I was meant to be there last night it was so special. What an amazing place if you’ve never been you need to go before it gets knocked down! Please go with Haunted Evenings they are amazing a really well organised event lots of different activities. Human Pendelum was amazing experience. Thanks to my sis for sharing this experience with me. Special thanks to the team for making it so amazing” S.Morrell 10.04.16 Source:Facebook

***** “Super fantastic night! Some bloody good paranormal experiences and top of the range gear to test out. Highly recommed this company for a paranormal evening, professional, and friendly and also respectful to the spirit world. Not out to con you, they like to debunk and find reasonable explanations for activity so you know if there is something that does happen and can’t be concluded then you know you have probably witness the real deal! will definitely be booking with you guys again” Jess 07.02.16 Source:Website

***** “Me and my sister had a fab night at the Leicester towers. The team were all so lovely and brilliant with connecting with the spirits. I cant wait for the next event to attend with the haunted events team for more spooky experiences” Mel Bringloe 07.02.16 Source:Website

“Excellent night last night. First time and loved it. Can’t decide which one to do next.” Mark Whetton 07.02.16 Source:Facebook

“What an amazing evening !! the Ouija board was amazing a little girl called Bea made contact and played games with us ABSOLUTELY SPINE TINGLY AMAZING thank you to the haunted evenings team yet again awesome” S.Cook 23.01.16 Source:Facebook

***** “An absolutely amazing venue!! You really must visit Leicester Towers before it disappears. There was so much activity which made for a truly fantastic night. It was cold, dark and spooky and worth every penny. This was my second trip with Haunted Evenings and I haven’t been disappointed. Looking at planning my next evening soon. Completely hooked!!” Sarah. 23.01.16. Source:Website

***** “Hi , just to say thank u to your team for The Towers investigation that we went on last night , as it was a 1st experience for 3 out of the 4 of us it proved to be a great night” Lisa Gardner. 23.11.15 Source:Facebook

***** “Went to the towers on Friday night hosted by this amazing team, the night was amazing, emotional and loads Of fun. This was a charity night to raise money for macmillan, we heard footsteps, doors banging, an evp saying ‘hey, hey kill them’ and several of us were contacted via the ouija board. Highly recommend these guys and definitely booking again very soon. Thanks guys for an awesome experience.” Toni Hodges 17.05.15 Source:Website

***** “We had a brilliant night caught some good stuff on camera too. Will defiantly be booking again with you soon” D.Burt 11.05.15 Source:Website

***** “Thank you, we had an awesome night last night” T. Howard 10.05.15 Source:Website

***** “A brilliant night and so professional with an excellent team. Thank you Haunted Evenings x” Elaine 19.04.15 Source:Website

***** “Towers Asylum is such an immense and amazing place to visit, good to meet you guys thanks!” J.Ahmed 10.04.15 Source:Website


“Thanx for a great weekend and totally enjoyed my experiences with yous at Jedburgh Jail. Yous are a lovely bunch and hopefully see you soon xxxx” D.Brown 29.11.15 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for another fantastic night in Edinburgh. will Defo see you again soon xx” Vickie Young 28.11.15 Source:Facebook


**** “Good night at Carnfield hall…. 4 th ghost hunt we’ve done now( myself and daughter)Good group of people …. Had an eventful night….
Supper was an added bonus… .hmm? Where next” Nina. 03.11.15 Source:Website

Brilliant night last night ‘lock in’ at Carnfield Hall – with Haunted Evenings……..we shall be back soon. G.Birch 31.10.15 Source:Facebook


“Thanks for a fantastic night. Met some fabulous people and had a fabulous time. Thanks again xxx” L.Dixon 14.11.15 Source:Facebook