Team Vacancies

Team Vacancies : We are hunting for volunteers!!

Looking to get involved team side with Haunted Evenings? We are looking for awesome team members to help out on our events!. Please check out the following vacancies….

Autumn 2017 Vacancies……

TEAM SUPPORT :  We are looking for new team members to support our team leaders. Your role will be to work alongside and assist your team mate during vigils from traditional vigils all the way through to hi-tech equipment experiments.

You will need to feel comfortable talking to guests on a one-2-one basis as well as in small groups with a natural talent for making guests feel welcome and at ease through your approachability. You must have a passion and interest in all things paranormal (goes without saying) and have a sensible level headed approach to ghost hunting, being able to apply logic, honesty and common sense to the vigils you will be a part of.

CAMERA / TECH ROLE : Your role will be to support the host with on site filming projects. A passion for filming is a must alongside an interest in the paranormal is important. An eye for b-roll footage as well as being able to capture moments throughout an event is key. Your own camera would be a bonus but cameras can be provided. No editing is required within this role.

MEDIUMS / SENSITIVES : Sorry we are not looking for any team members who wish to carry out a role of a medium.


Throughout the year we get approached by people wanting to support with our events. It is imperative to Haunted Evenings that all team members get on well with each other and that your style of ghost hunting matches the H.E brand. Applicants will be considered from all backgrounds however preferably you have attended one of our events to already know that your style of investigating fits in well with ours. No previous team experience is required, the most important thing is your personality, passion for the paranormal and your honesty.

Positions are voluntary but all expenses will be covered.

Your support will vary throughout the year. As long as you are able to potentially help out at one or two nights a month then that’s great!

You must be able to drive / have access to your own car.

Recruitment Evening : Friday 11th August | Drakelow Tunnels

If you fancy having a go at being a team member, Haunted Evenings are holding a recruitment evening at Drakelow Tunnels (West Midlands) on Friday 11th August. The evening will be part of an informal recruitment process, a chance to meet some of the team and the fun bit….a chance to investigate this amazing location!

To apply to become a volunteer, please drop us an email and request an application form. Successful applications will be invited to join us at Drakelow Tunnels for a fun, informal evening. Times to be arranged strictly prior to attending.

If you can’t make the date, please still get in touch!