South West England Ghost Hunts

Looking to go on a ghost hunt in the beautiful, historic and vast region of the South West of England? Haunted Evenings have selected some fantastically spooky and haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter in some of the South Wests main destinations, including Gloucester, Somerset and Cornwall! Click on the venues below for more details about our ghost hunting events and weekends in this huge region.

Click on the areas below for events in South West England Region….

Gloucester | South West England Ghost Hunts

Choose from Ghost Hunts in and around Gloucester, from abandoned haunted mansions, Former prisons and castles, to the infamous Ancient Ram Inn. There are some serious hauntings going on in Gloucester and we reckon we’ve picked some incredibly spooky locations to spend the night ghost hunting. 

Cornwall | South West England Ghost Hunts

Cornwall is bursting with character and some cornish corkers are waiting for a team of budding ghost hunting enthusiasts to be locked in for the night!. Explore some beautiful scenery before scaring yourself on a ghost hunt experience at the likes of Bodmin Jail.

Somerset | South West England Ghost Hunts

Join Haunted Evenings, explore Haunted Somersets finest spooky locations including Wookey Hole Caves, and become a ghost hunter for the evening!.

South West England Ghost Hunts, incl. Gloucester, Somerset and Cornwall

Haunted Evenings is a paranormal investigation team who specialise in organising public ghost hunts and haunted events, arranging Ghost Hunts in and around the South West Region to bring exciting ghost hunt events in some of the most notoriously haunted locations in the South West area.
We run South West England ghost hunts throughout the year and we will be  carrying out ghost hunts near to Bath, Ghost Hunts in Gloucestershire and Cornwall. You’re never too far from a Haunted Evenings Ghost Hunting Event!. What’s key to these ghost hunt events, is ensuring that all guests get the best chance at experinecing something paranormal,  that is why we utilize as many techniques to capture paranormal evidence as possible on each and every night. No two ghost hunt investigations are the same, and in Haunted Evenings experience, what works (paranormal investigation technique wise) at one location may not work at another. Haunted Evenings use all the very latest paranormal equipment at all of their events and attending a South West ghost hunting event with Haunted Evenings will mean you’ll be spoilt for choice with the equipment. It may sound scary, but using equipment is something Haunted Evenings feels strongly about and they want guests to get hands-on ( as much as they are brave enough to do) and really feel free to not only have a go with the paranormal equipment but to enjoy taking the equipment off and exploring. Haunted Evenings could only dream of investigating with such paranormal kit when they started out, they want this equipment to be accessible to all. Paranormal equipment is no more difficult to operate than a TV remote, but some of the equipment is rare and/or expensive and most ghost hunt event groups don’t offer the use of such gadgets on their nights. Book a Haunted Evenings event in the South West and really feel like a ghost hunter!. Haunted Evenings really go above and beyond to give all guests the closest experience to ghost hunting as possible. Remember, the more techniques used on a ghost hunt, the more likely to capture paranormal evidence. Customers want more than just holding hands in a circle, they want the ghost hunting thrill! Haunted Evenings plan to go ghost hunting again in and around the South West in 2016. Check out their upcoming events for more details and join the most genuine ghost hunting team around!

South West England Ghost Hunts | Paranormal Events