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Looking to go ghost hunting in and around the South East of England?  Haunted Evenings have selected some very haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter in some of the South East’s main destinations, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Kent! Click on the venues below for more details about our ghost hunting events and weekends in this huge region.

Old Police Cells Museum | Brighton | Ghost Hunts East Sussex

Ghost Hunts East Sussex Brighton Police Cells Ghost Hunt


Hidden beneath Brighton’s historic Town Hall, you could soon find yourself in the dark Victorian cells that once accommodated the less savoury characters of this East Sussex resort. With both Male and Female police cells to investigate, will you be fortunate enough to encounter the spirit of the Chief Constable who was murdered here? Take part in an array of ghostly experiments, from EVP vigils through to traditional methods. You will have access to this hidden basement gem with just a handful of others. Event now live! NEW DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

The Dolphin Hotel | Littlehampton | Ghost Hunts West Sussex


Featured on numerous paranormal programmes including “Help- My House is Haunted”, Haunted Evenings invite you to join the team for a late-night session at The Dolphin (Hotel) to experience the darker side to this old coaching inn!
Spend time down in the cellar where it is believed to be haunted by an unknown male presence. Head upstairs where a dark entity has been felt by many visitors. In haunted bedroom 7 (the old nursery, reported as being the most haunted room in the hotel), a female spirit was seen walking through the bedroom door, resulting in the hotel guest checking out long before the morning! Child spirits have been sensed here too, a little girl named Dolly is believed to haunt the building having sadly believed to have died in the building from Diphtheria. This location, that dates back to 1735, certainly seems to have more than just the usual spirits behind the bar! MORE INFO…

Fort Amherst | Kent | Ghost Hunts East Sussex

Ghost Hunts East Sussex Brighton Police Cells Ghost Hunt


Join Haunted Evenings as we explore the hidden tunnels within Britain’s largest Napoleonic Fortress. With so much history to this large site it’s little wonder many visitors have encountered strange goings on when deep within the Forts tunnels. Used during the Napoleonic war for shelter, storage and defence as well as an operational base during World War II, this location provides the perfect spot to go ghost hunting! Armed with all the very latest equipment, guests will get to experience new and old ghost hunting vigils throughout the night, as well as have an opportunity (for the brave) to go it alone! This is your night and we welcome (and dare you) all to join us on an intense but fun night of ghost hunting at Fort Amherst. What will you experience?! Event now live!  MORE INFO…..

Theatre Royal | Margate | Kent | Ghost Hunts East Sussex

Ghost Hunts East Sussex Rye Castle Museum Ghost Hunts


This Grade II listed Margate Theatre is a must for paranormal enthusiasts. Haunted Evenings will be carrying out a lock down at this 1787 theatre and invite you to take part in an array of experiments new and traditional to see what can be experienced here. Reports that the most successful theatre Manager Sarah Thorne still haunts the building is just one of many accounts! Others have reported bangs, footsteps and screams believed to be connected to an actor who committed suicide at the theatre in the early 1900’s. Whoever still haunts here on our Haunted Evening is still to be determined but due to the energy and history attached to this place, it’s a place we recommend experiencing after dark! MORE INFO….

Oxford Castle | Oxford | Ghost Hunts Oxfordshire


This huge Castle complex is made up of several centuries of history. The old Castle Motte, Crypt and St George’s Tower is now listed, the old prison block from the 18th Century now forms part of a vistors centre as well as hotel. The Castle has housed Oxfords criminals for centuries, many hangings took place here, and it is likely this that makes Oxford Castle one of the most foreboding places to visit. Have your wits about you at this location, as we will be splitting you off into small groups in all areas of the castle. What will you experience on you Haunted Evening at this pretty terrifying location in the dark! MORE INFO…

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South East England Ghost Hunts, incl. East Sussex, Hampshire and Oxfordshire