Scotland Ghost Hunts

Looking to go on a ghost hunt in Historic Edinburgh or surrounding areas in Scotland? Haunted Evenings have selected some fantastically spooky and haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter! What’s more, we’ve teamed up with other locations so if you’re travelling from further a field you can cram in a whole weekend of Ghost hunting – woohoo!  Whether you’re looking for a night out in Edinburgh’s notoriously haunted locations or fancy travelling out further a field in Scotland, check out these main haunted hot spots which we believe to be Edinburgh’s and Scotland’s Most Haunted locations. Click on the venues below for more details about our ghost hunting events and weekends in Scotland…..

Niddry Street Vaults | Edinburgh | Scotland Ghost Hunts

Scotland Ghost Hunts at Niddry Street VaultsGHOST HUNTING AT THE VAULTS!.

Heard the rumours that the Edinburgh Vaults is one of the scariest places? Then you heard right! It’s too much of a coincidence that many visitors, who have braved the Vaults, have emerged from this hostile place with unexplainable scratches. This place is one to test your nerves! The Edinburgh Vaults, excavated in 1985, is a labyrinth of vaulted rooms and old dwelling spaces which have a dark, claustrophobic and damp atmosphere.  Reports of nasty entities are common place after visiting Niddry Street. It is no surprise that the Edinburgh Vaults have become world famous for being one of the most haunted locations. Join us on our return visit if you dare! BOOK NOW!

The Real Mary Kings Close | Edinburgh | Scotland Ghost Hunts

Mary Kings Close Scotland Ghost HuntsUNDERGROUND CITY GHOST HUNTS

With Edinburgh’s dark and horrid past it’s no wonder this stunning historic city has become known for it’s hauntings’. Edinburgh offers plenty of hourly ghost walks around the city, but have you ever fancied actually ghost hunting in some of Edinburghs most haunted locations?! Step back in time to the 17th Century as you enter the underground hidden Mary Kings Close for several hours of intense ghost hunting!. This place is scary enough during the day let alone at night . Fancy an overnight visit to this hidden street?! BOOK NOW!

Inveraray Jail | Scotland Ghost Hunts

Scotland Ghost Hunts at Inveraray JailGHOST HUNTING AT INVERARAY JAIL.

Join Haunted Evenings for a night of intense ghost hunting at one of Scotland’s most haunted hidden gems! Invereray Jail on the banks of Loch Fyne, Argyll, was an 18th Century prison and courthouse, seeing thousands through it’s doors for trial and punishment. Life at the Jail would have been horrific, brutal and very isolating with many inmates set to work long repetitive days as hard punishment. With such an intense historic past, it’s little wonder that Inveraray Jail has become known for being a paranormal hotspot. Dare you venture out afterdark with the team to experience for yourself who still haunts within these once terrifying prison walls? MORE INFO…

Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum | Scotland Ghost Hunts

Jedburgh Castle Scotland Ghost HuntsCASTLE JAIL GHOST HUNTING EVENTS

Jedburgh Castle Jail which dates back to 1823, is now a museum complete with original prison cells depicting what prison life was like. Built on the former site of the 12th Century fortress Jethart Castle, the Jail is said to be haunted by an inmate who was executed in 1855, as well as reports of a Ghost Piper and claims of strange whistling, foot steps and doors banging. We’ve picked up some pretty cool EVP’s here, one saying “Murder”, as well as guests reporting strange sensations of being touched…..MORE INFO

Old Town Jail | Scotland Ghost Hunts

Old Town Jail Scotland Ghost HuntsSINISTER STIRLING JAIL 

Join Haunted Evenings for an experience into the unknown at one of Scotland’s former brutal Victorian prisons! The Old Town Jail (or “New County Jail as it was known back in the 1800’s) sits approximately an hours drive out of Edinburgh in historic Stirling. This 18th Century prison is very rarely investigated and the team invite budding enthusiasts to join them for an evening of investigating who still haunts here. Life at the Jail would have been horrific, brutal and very isolating with many inmates set to work on the “crank machine” as hard, and repetitive punishment. With such an intense historic past, it’s little wonder that the Old Town Jail lends itself nicely for a haunted evening. Dare you venture out after-dark with the team to experience for yourself who still haunts within these once terrifying prison walls?. BOOK NOW!…

Niddry Street Vaults & Mary Kings Close | Edinburgh | Scotland Ghost Hunt Weekend

Edinburgh Scotland Ghost Hunting Weekend BreaksEDINBURGH GHOST HUNTING WEEKENDERS!

Haunted Evenings LOVE hosting their double whammy ghost hunt weekends at two of Edinburgh’s finest vintage Haunted locations – The Niddry Street Vaults AND The Real Mary Kings Close. Those that survive an overnight investigation at the notoriously haunted Edinburgh Vaults get to end the epic weekend at the hidden streets below Edinburgh’s Royal Mile …..If you can’t quite decide on which location then this is the seriously haunted weekend for you! – BOOK NOW!

Niddry Street Vaults and Jedburgh Castle | Scotland Ghost Hunt Weekend

Scotland Ghost Hunting Weekends2 GHOST HUNTS 1 WEEKEND!

Scotland Ghost Hunt Weekend….Start your ghost hunting weekend in magnificent Edinburgh. Steeped in history, Edinburgh really has that haunted vibe wherever you stroll. Haunted Evenings have chosen the notorious Niddry Street vaults for night ones investigation. If you survive that without a scratch, we’ll then be investigating the stunning Jedburgh Castle Jail and museum which lies 50 miles south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders. Two of Scotland’s finest haunted hide outs in oneamazing Scotland Weekend! – MORE INFO…

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