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Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

Warwick Castle is one of the finest Castles in Britain. Why not visit this top ten UK attraction at night and experience its real eerie past during  a lock down in the dark?! Be with just a handful of others exploring some of the castles spookiest corners. Warwick Castle has its fair share of ghosts and hauntings, the most famous is of that of Sir Fulke Greville who supposedly haunts the tower. Fancy experiencing the alledged hauntings for yourself?!…

Your Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt Experience

Complete with its own set of dungeons, a haunted tower and countless witness sightings of ghostly apparitions and paranormal activities, Warwick Castle is certainly worthy of investigating. Why not join Haunted Evenings and investigate this location in style with all the latest equipment, including thermal imaging cameras, DVR’s, Mel Meters and K2 meters. We’ll be splitting you down into small teams to see who can gain the best evidence, combining an array of new and old experiments. Something for everyone! Warning, you will be hooked!

History of Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a Medieval Castle built on the original site owned by William The Conqueror in 1068. The Castle was rebuilt in stone in the 12th Century and used as a stronghold until the 19th Century when it was converted in to a Country House owned by the Greville Family. The Grevilles became the Earls of Warwick from 1759. The Castle was bought by The Tussauds Group in 1978.

What’s Included | Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

  • Guided tour/access to several areas at Warwick Castle
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques, from taking part in traditional methods to taking off equipment and having a chance to conduct your own ghost hunt.
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks

Event Dates Available | Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt…


Event times | 9.30pm – 4.30am (approx)
Arrival times | 9.00pm

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Full Price: £69.00


Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

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Guest Testimonials


“Thankyou for an amazing night/morning. One I won’t forget for a while. Definitely coming to more” H.White 07.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for making our first time an amazing one! Everyone was lovely and friendly – we will def be back to explore with you again” M.Love 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“What a great night! Takes alot to leave me speechless and Abbie in the Boudouir certainly did! Thanks to all involved” C.Lewington 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night spent with some amazing people 👻🖤 never had my arm lifted by entity ever and its an experience i will never forget. Thank you again Haunted Evenings, the team are great.” S.Bowen 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening guys. Brilliant to see and wonder round Warwick Castle at night. Even though it was tiring the whole haunted team and the people who attended made it a fantastic night.👍” P.O’Doherty 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great experience, I’ve seen and heard things I can not explain for years , right back to being a small boy , last night convinced me that it’s not in my mind and I’m not going crackers , there were two separate things which happened last night , I will be back for more , massive thanks to a fantastic team , and also a great bunch of people 👍👍👌” P.Giles 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening, Warwick Castle is a fab place. Really enjoyed our spooky evening there. Thanks to the team for a great time.” N.Short 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Another wicked night, got some unexplainable photos, was part of the female group the witness the ball of white light, and one of last standing for the bear pit emf. Already looking for our next event. Thanks again team xx” A.Shepherdson 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant evening ! Certainly didn’t expect any messages 😘 will definitely go again The Team really looked after you” Z.Lowe 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“we had a great night – a fabulous setting and the white ball of light was amazing, cold moments in certain settings and feeling someone in my area too plus my phone with camera being upset many many times.” B.Gaffney 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Once again a great night with the haunted evenings team! Fantastic and beautiful location to have access to out of hours. Lots of action which made for a very interesting night, thank you to all of the crew who make these nights possible!” J.Deacon Source:Website 01.04.16

“Absolutely loved this hunt at Warwick castle! Such an amazing venue and great company. Throughly enjoyed every minute, I didn’t want to leave! Can’t wait to return and book another event.” D.Borton Source:Website 01.04.16

Location / Map

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A full night of investigations took place til the early hours of this morning at the magnificent Warwick Castle.
Guests were allowed access to an area that has never before been investigated by the public, the “Blue Boudoir”, a room off the Great Hall once used as a dressing room, now a stunning time capsule of portraits and silk wallpaper. It was in this room (along with 2 other areas) that all 3 groups in turn, tried their hands at a ouija board with all 3 vigils providing some evidence of a little girl named Abigail. She said she was grumpy with someone called “R” just moments before a device in the room wrote “Rebecca”. The little girl also played a game with us but not for long! All very Interesting!
Up in the Tower and down in the old Gaol, Ouija boards were less active for the guests but an EVP saying “Warwick Castle” was captured up in the Tower and shifts in energy were detected down in the old Gaol whereby different groups became independently drawn to the same corner of the Gaol, the same corner team member Katie witnessed a ball of light whilst setting up her vigil. (Unbeknownst to guests!). Guests reported feeling a sense of sickness whilst 2 different people from different groups also felt a sense of peace and calm-pretty much word for word saying the exact same thing!
Guests moved on to taking part in vigils in the impressive Kingsmaker area and the grand and opulent state rooms above which included the library, music room and several bedrooms. With the use of equipment, we all separated off and explored the many areas of Warwick Castle but it was all during more traditional group experiments in these areas that attracted the activity –
Down in the Kingsmaker during human pendulum exercises, a spirit, connected to the building, came through for our Male guests. For the female guests in the adjacent room, the most phenomenal ball of white light was witnessed by all. It appeared as bright as a camera flash light, the light was spherical and almost the size of a football. It literally appeared in a flash on the wall and moved towards the floor and lasted just a second. It was not a torch light as everyone in the Kingsmaker was stood still and holding hands in their prospective groups at the time, it was also much brighter than torch light – we could find nothing that could have caused it and despite some head scratching, it couldn’t be debunked. What made it all the more fascinating was it happened at the exact same time as we asked spirit if they watched over the guest they were connected to. That and the fact a similar light had been seen in a completely separate area hours earlier. Mind blowing! Won’t forget that moment in a hurry!
4am soon came around and as most headed home, the last few standing took a moment to investigate the Bear Tower, a couple of indecipherable EVP’s were picked up on in there but as our energy drained it was time to depart.
Warwick Castle is such a fascinating place to visit and to find yourself with just a handful of others in some of these phenomenal rooms is just such a thrill all on its own! It’s quite apparent that traditional methods wins the day here so thank you to everyone who got involved with the group work to make the spirits come forward. A very interesting investigation indeed!

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