The Vaults Ghost Hunt Niddry Street | Edinburgh

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The Vaults Ghost Hunt | Edinburgh

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Join Haunted Evenings as we take you on a Vaults ghost hunt you’ll never forget!. You will have 6 hours of access all areas to Niddry Street’s Vaults, taking part in a variety of ghost hunt experiments, from using the latest paranormal equipment in our trigger vigil  to taking part in more traditional methods such as human pendulums and glass divination. We had some fascinating results when we first visited and can conclude that this location is up there on the most haunted list!

History of Edinburghs’ South Bridge

In 1788 the infamous South Bridge construction, located in the heart Edinburgh, was finally completed. The honour of being the first to walk over this architectural masterpiece was given to the bridges eldest resident who was a well respected judges wife. Unfortunately the lady passed away several days earlier. Town officials felt obliged to honour their original agreement and so it was, that the first body to cross the bridge, was in fact, in a coffin. Many local residents believed the bridge was now cursed and avoided crossing the bridge!
The South Bridge gradually became a bustling area of the city, demanding a premium as more and more business moved in to capture the passing trade along the bridge. Recent excavations showed many businesses moved into the Vaults beneath the South Bridge, leaving behind evidence that the underground vaults were used as cobblers, taverns. smelters and milliners. These businesses eventually moved out as the poorly constructed vaults leaked and deteriorated. The vaults gradually became home to the poorest and disreputable sections of society.

Niddry Street Vaults

During excavation, evidence suggested that the Edinburgh Vaults had soon changed usage from thriving businesses to that of residential. Inhabitants would have had to endure, dark, damp, poorly lit and poorly ventilated living conditions, with little to no sanitation. During the deterioration years of the South Bridge Vaults, illegal trading, bodysnatching and murders took place. 30 years after the bridge was opened, these vaults were filled with rubble to discourage squatters.

Edinburgh Vaults Haunted

In 1985 the Edinburgh Vaults were excavated, revealing a labyrinth of vaulted rooms and dwelling spaces with a dark, claustrophobic and damp atmosphere. Many haunted experiences have occurred and visitors brave enough to enter The Vaults have left with scratches and scary experiences. Reports of nasty entities are common place after visiting Niddry Street. It is no surprise that the Edinburgh Vaults have become world famous for being one of the most haunted locations.

What’s Included on this event? Vaults Ghost Hunt

  • Guided tour/access all areas to The Vaults
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary drinks & snacks provided

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Event times | Midnight-5.00am
Arrival times | From 11.45pm

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Full Price: £55.00


The Vaults Ghost Hunt


*Guests must be 18+ (please contact for 16+)
*Deposits are strictly non-refundable / non-transferable
*Remaining balances refundable up until 1 month before
*No alcohol / illegal substances allowed prior to or during the event
*Guests must bring a torch and wear sensible shoes
*This location is sadly not suitable for people with mobility difficulties


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Guest Testimonials

“Being the human pendulum was a 1st for me, a very interesting experience. was very aware of a presence in front of me and how temperature changed from beginning and end” S.Maggot 15.11.19 Source:facebook

“Very good night well done” P.Grimshaw 15.11.19 Source:facebook

“Spent Saturday night down in Niddry Street Vaults with the team from Haunted Evenings. My first time doing an investigation and can not wait to do my next. Super interesting and exciting and had a one to one with a spirit which was freaky but awesome!” RachM 13.03.18 Source:Instagram

“Thank you all for a great night we had an amazing night. Thanks again :)”
C.McFadden 13.03.18 Source:Facebook

Thanks for an awesome night in Edinburgh guys!” R.McDonald 12.03.18 Source:Facebook

“Happy to have been part of it …hope to see you all soon …David & Jackie …’kielder’ …”
David 12.03.18 Source:Facebook

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Event Review


Last night the crew descended into central Edinburgh to host the first of 2 investigations off the Royal Mile.
Niddry Street has a hidden door which leads into some of the South Bridge’s infamous Edinburgh Vaults. Constructed in 1788, the bridge was first a vibrant trades area of the City soon becoming run down and getting a reputation for sinister and poor conditions. In 1985 parts of the South Bridge Vaults were excavated and now hold a firm place on many a paranormal investigators bucket-list!


The evening started with conducting traditional experiments which were the most fruitful for bringing forward activity. Ouija boards helped connect with a child, a female and a male spirit in the front room. 2 separate male guests, in 2 separate vigils could not bare being in the room, both experiencing lower body pains and unexplainable sensations. Neither knew of each others experiences, both needed to leave the room within minutes. Similarly in Vault 1, 2 female guests in 2 separate vigils reported feeling intense sickness, to the point of one having to remove herself from the vault. Again, neither knew of the others experience. Quite mind-blowing!
In the far vaulted stone circular room, the human pendulum experiment connected with a shady male character who only tuned in to the male guests present. In vigil 2 in the same area, the most surreal moment of knocking on command occurred. Not once, not twice, but 4 times when asked. Whilst this seemed almost too good to be true, as the night went on, no further knocks ever occurred and this isn’t something we’ve ever heard previously. Certainly interesting!
EVP’s were generally muffled throughout the evening with a possible “very happy” a “Josephine” and ” go to hell”.

Thank you to those who travelled the distance to investigate the Vaults with us last night. We’ll be back in June for those who still haven’t ticked this one off their list! Check out details for next Vaults Event here!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Being the human pendulum was a 1st for me, a very interesting experience. was very aware of a presence in front of me and how temperature changed from beginning and end” S.Maggot 15.11.19 Source:facebook

“Very good night well done” P.Grimshaw 15.11.19 Source:facebook

12+ hours of ghost hunting and 700 miles later, our weekends events up in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh came to a close yesterday. Albeit very tired we all had a fabulous weekend and just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the guests who joined us at Kielder Castle and Niddry Street Vaults. Thanks to the weekends team who went above and beyond to make the weekend another memorable one.

THE VAULTS EDINBURGH: One of the main highlights were the consistent results given from the automatic writing vigil conducted in the front area of the Vaults. 2 separate groups experienced similar results, whereby a child spirit came forward and interacted, mainly with female guests – giving the same answers unbeknownst to the guests. A male spirit communicated with one group in the stone circle vault through a human pendulum experiment and various voices were captured throughout the location by guests and the team on voice recorders. A blue light was also seen by more than one person and a guest was fortunate enough to capture it on camera!