“The Lock Up” Ghost Hunt Steelhouse Lane | Birmingham – Friday 5th June 2020



“The Lock Up” Ghost Hunt Steelhouse Lane | Police Station

Event Date | Friday 5th June
Event Price | £40.00 per person
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Join Haunted Evenings as we take you on a ghost hunting experience like no other at this recently opened location in Central Birmingham. Spend time overnight in some of the many cells that have housed notorious criminals over its 126 year history as a centralised custody suite, from gangsters to serial killers. We’ll be splitting you off into small groups to take part in some pretty intense experiments to establish the hauntings of this oppressive Victorian lock up. What will we unearth?!…….

History of Steelhouse Lane

Built in the once slum area of Birmingham in the 1890’s, this now Grade II listed Victorian building now sits disused and eerily empty. The Birmingham Central Police Station could accommodate up to 50 detainees within its custody suite and was often described more so as a mini-prison. Notorious Cromwell Street serial killer Fred West was locked up here before his court trial and Steelhouse Lane is also well known for detaining the famous crooks, nicknamed the Peaky Blinders – known for sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps in order to blind rival gangsters.

Despite still functioning up until early 2017 within today’s modern Police force, many original Victorian features remain intact at this phenomenal site. Haunted Evenings will be spending the night in this historical Birmingham landmark to investigate who still haunts here.  Are you brave enough to join us at “The Lock Up”?!

What’s Included? “The Lock Up” Ghost Hunt Steelhouse Lane

  • Walk round with the lights on at Steelhouse Lane
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Take part in our lock down experiment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks

Event Dates Available…

Friday 5th June

Event times | 8.00pm -1.00am
Arrival times | From 8.00pm

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Full Price: £40.00



*Guests must be 18+ (please contact for 16+)
*Deposits are strictly non-refundable / non-transferable
*Remaining balances refundable up until 4 weeks before
*No alcohol / illegal substances allowed prior to or during the event
*Guests must bring a torch and wear sensible shoes
*Location may not be suitable for people with mobility difficulties (no stairs however lots of walking required)


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Guest Testimonials


“Last night was our first event and we loved it. The organisers were brilliant. Very professional with a great sense of humour. Will definitely book again. Thanks for a great night x” C.Phillips 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Absolutely fantastic night. Already looking forward to meeting you guys on the next one, anzio army camp here we come!.thankyou so much” P.Purchase 03.11.19 Source:facebook

” It’s was me and my sisters first event to what a interesting night really enjoyed it Thanks everyone 👍” T.Stevens 03.11.19 Source:facebook

” Great night in a fabulous location. Thanks guys see you soon.” J.McCarthy 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Me and my sister went really enjoyed all of it” C.Pattison 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Really enjoyed my first ghost hunt, I just wish we could have stayed a little longer” 13.04.19 C.James Source:facebook

“Another great night of ghost hunting x” 13.04.19 J.Wolverton Source:facebook

“Really enjoyed my first investigation. Thanks 🙂 xx” 13.04.19 L.Dumbleton Source:facebook

“really good night,thank you” 13.04.19 R.Evans Source:facebook

“Thank you for a great first time experience, thoroughly enjoyed it, great evening with a great team, I will deffo be coming to other events x” L.Rollins 12.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Was an amazing night, can’t believe the message we had on the ouija board from my sister x” J.Rowley 12.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks again Nat to you and the team for another great night, another one ticked off the list!! ” M.Reeves 12.05.18 Source: Facebook

Location / Map

The address for this location is:

Birmingham Central Police Station
Steelhouse Ln,
B4 6NW

Event Review



We were banged up at the Lock-Up again last night! Our first of 3 events this year, before the building shuts down for a revamp in July, was spent at the disused Central Birmingham Custody block known as Steelhouse Lanes “The Lock-Up”.
Built on old slum land, this fine building served for over 127 years and was often described as a mini prison, closing its Victorian doors in 2017.

Once again we took on the challenge to experience the paranormal side in this 1890’s building, with guests spending time in many of the cells with as much equipment as they could carry! From ghostly voices captured on our recorders, guests feeling sick, headaches, personal encounters on the ouija board and emf meters responding on command!

H I G H L I G H T S :

Cell 14 was the centre of attention tonight for one group and one to investigate further next time!
In vigil 3, the vibe pod was triggering in answer to questions being asked in the human pendulum. Pendulum, we had a male prisoner, 31 years old who was there in 1976. He died after being stabbed in a fight over contraband and was in for theft of an inheritance. Next was a female guard, 33 years old, who didn’t die there but was killed as revenge by an ex prisoner. She was strangled and gave the year 1962. She lived nearby and wasn’t married.

For another team member the highlights occurred during vigil one again, in the women’s block. A Rem pod went off and on, on command and then when flat. During the same vigil whilst conducting a Pendulum, a spirit named Lucy came forward who had committed a robbery.
During vigil 2, a cracking EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) was captured in the room opposite the kitchen saying “goodbye” and later, during a ouija board vigil, a personal connection was made with spirit who spelt out names of loved ones. Listen in to the EVP here

As always it was a pleasure to investigate alongside so many guests who share our passion for the paranormal. We hope you enjoyed the evening and thanks once again, for choosing to spend the night, locked-up with the Haunted Evenings crew!


Our 6th and final Halloween Event of 2019 ended on a high at Birmingham’s old central custody block “The Lock-Up” with a Corker of an EVP, but more about that later!
So what went down at this old cell block?

During a ouija session a male spirit was connected with who gave the name Willan M and the year 1937.

In the woman’s block, vibe pods (designed to light up when movement is detected) were going crazy in the cell in the back corner, a cell we’ve had numerous experiences over our investigations. During a Human pendulum a spirit come through who lived on the land before the building existed (the area was previously the slums). In another pendulum, guests became emotional as personal connections came forward.

During free time, one group had the K2 going crazy in a few different cells and also had uncontrollable laughter in cell 23. Another guest had earlier said he felt like he hit a wall of energy when he walked in the same cell.

In the very final moments of the investigation back in the womans cell area, k2’s kicked into life and voices heard via our recorders. Listen in to the last EVP capture saying “Go on then!” when we go and bid the spirits goodnight! Listen here : The Lock-Up EVP

Thank you to everyone who attended and made our last Halloween event so enjoyable.


We made a return visit to The Lock-Up last night! Originally built in the 1890’s and with many Victorian features still present, it is now a decommissioned Custody Block associated with West Mids Police. With many cells to investigate, guests had the opportunity to have a go at a Ouija board in the holding cell and interview rooms, investigate the women’s cell area as part of a group experiment and “go it alone” in the male cell area. To check out what it’s like to take time out from the norm and sit in an old cell on a Saturday night (without committing a crime of course!) Check out the live feed over on our @hauntedevenings360 Facebook page.

So what went down at The Lock-Up on last nights Haunted Evening?!

All areas provided guests with activity of varying degrees. The female toilets of all places appeared active for one group during their kit/lone vigil time, with one female guest feeling her hair go static and an EVP that followed (albeit grainy) that backed up the feeling of not being alone.
Whilst the ouija board was tough as old police boots for some, personal connections were made during another session as were personal connections made during a couple of the group human pendulums. A very strong swaying was experienced by myself and others in the women’s block, almost like the feeling of being drunk. On review of previous investigations, it’s not the first time drunken spirits have been felt in that area (women’s block) so that was very interesting!.
EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) were captured throughout the location, some not easy to make out, some shouts, others still to be reviewed.

Thank you to all last nights guests for joining the team in a mission to experience the paranormal and thanks to team members Tara, Sarah, Rach And Louise. – Nat.
The Lock-Up is certainly a unique location to investigate, so much so our next 2 investigations at Halloween and in January have sold out. We have released an additional date in April if you fancy joining us before the Lock-Up locks up for a museum refurb! Grab a cell space here!


Last night the spirits at the Steelhouse Lane Lock-Up were made aware that anything they did maybe given as evidence! EVP’s, equipment triggering on command, a strange anomaly on a photo, responses on the ouija board, were just a few of the moments of potential evidence given by the spirits at this old Victorian Custody Block in Central Birmingham. With so many things happening, it certainly was a busy Saturday nights investigation down at the Lock-up!

Summary of events :

Front Desk Area : Guests spent time in the interview rooms, holding cell and documentation room using ouija boards to communicate with spirit. For some, sadly the glass didn’t budge whilst for most, communication was eventually achieved. In one of the interview rooms, a male spirit (law) came forward by the name of Horace who, for most of the vigil, made little to no sense other than going to the letter “B”. After a long line of questioning, Cell B7 / B4 was concluded to be where a prisoner he had connections with was being held for murder. Over in the holding cell, after much patience and calling out, another group picked up on a 6 year old orphan who spelt out 8E6 and for another group in the same area, a personal connection was made.

Main Block : Guests were armed with an abundance of paranormal kit to head off in all directions to investigate 3 floors of cells once used to hold male prisoners. Cell G2 caused unknown fluctuations in EMF (Electromagnetic fields) as has been discovered on previous investigations which could not be explained.

Womens Block : Most activity once again came from the far end of the building in what would have once held female prisoners. Equipment triggered instantly on command and activity appeared to be heightened around cells B10 to B12. Movement devises, K2’s and Rempod’s all went off throughout the evening during various group vigils. A very strange anomaly was captured by a guest (Anthony) in this area at the start of the evening that we have never seen before. Whilst we can never rule out it being a camera glitch, the anomaly appears transparent in the 3rd of 5 photos taken immediately in succession. It’s quite different to anything we’ve seen before!

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights investigation, we hope you enjoyed your time behind bars!


Last night Haunted Evenings entered “The Lock-Up”, the now disused Victorian central custody block in Birmingham for the first of our 4 events running here in 2018.
So many familiar faces joined us guest side last night for our 1st journey into the unknown here and we can’t think of a better bunch to have been locked up with! You were all brilliant!

Groups were split off to investigate the main block, female block and interview rooms throughout the evening with some interesting results unfolding as the investigation continued throughout the night. Whilst the main block seemed to be the quietest of the areas (accept for the alarm!) the women’s block kick started the night with some phenomenal experiences which continued for all 3 vigils. Guests picked up energy in 2 cells in particular, with female spirits strongly communicating through our EMF and movement devices on command. One spirit (who we believe was called Alice) even responded heavily to 1960’s music (a surreal moment playing a Sandy Shaw YouTube vid on top of a cell toilet!). Other names picked up in the same cell later was a female spirit called Margaret who proceeded to give us very strong Yes/No responses on command with our equipment. During another vigil in the female block, knocks were heard from cell 15 which were picked up, on command, via our vibepod.
During all 3 ouija sessions, the glass moved and gave our guests some fascinating moments. For some, loved ones came through producing some memorable and emotional personal moments. Other spirit names picked up throughout the event were Harry, Harold, Callum, ELB to name but a few and will certainly be interesting to see if these crop up in future investigations here.
Once again, thank you to all who attended, it was a brilliant first investigation here!

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