Sheffield Fire Museum Ghost Hunts | Police & Fire Museum | Yorkshire | Friday 18th January 2019


Sheffield Fire Museum Ghost Hunts | Paranormal Events

Sheffield Fire Museum Paranormal Nights

Reportedly the Most Haunted Museum in Sheffield, Haunted Evenings invites you or shall we say DARES you to join us on a night of ghost hunting at the National Emergency Services Museum | Old Fire and Police Museum in Sheffield. Try your hand at ghost hunting using all the latest equipment, take part in your own experiments and/or stay close to the team as they explore and investigate the paranormal goings on at this eerie location. This is your best chance of experiencing ghost hunting in Sheffield first hand. The Haunted Evenings team will leave you wanting more as they conduct some unique experiments at this fantastic location!

History of Sheffield’s Fire & Police Museum

The building, that now houses the newly appointed National Emergency services Museum ( national status achieved 2014), had stood derelict for years and was built for the Victorian Police Fire Brigade in September 1900. The building was used for both functions until 1929 when the Fire Brigade relocated. During Word War II, the police cells were reconfigured to enlarge them enough to create a secure location for the Police forces telecommunication system. From 1965-1980 the building stood empty after the Police force also relocated. The building became derelict, with broken windows and left in a horrid state, until the building was acquired by firefighters from South Yorkshire who used the building to display artifacts from the services history. The Museum opened its doors to the public in 1983.

Paranormal Activity at Sheffield’s Haunted Museum

Plenty of paranormal activity has been reported here at the Fire & Police Museum and Haunted Evenings fancy taking all their extensive paranormal equipment with a load of budding ghost hunters to investigate for themselves what actual haunted happenings occur here. It’s been recorded that ghostly sightings have occured throughout the building, hotspots allegedly are the bottom of the stairs where a full bodied apparition was seen as well as voices heard in the cellars and upstairs rooms. With so many artefacts housed in the museum, its highly likely that spirits haunting the building are attached to memorabilia that is displayed here. It’s also been reported that a strong negative spirit still resides in the building. What will we find when we investgate here?..

What’s Included | Sheffield Fire Museum Ghost Hunts?

  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks & various snacks
  • Guided tour/access all areas
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full vigil details)
  • Chance to investigate on your own or in groups or both!
  • Experience the lock down experiment!
  • Full use of all the very latest paranormal equipment

Event Dates Available…

Friday 18th January 2019

Event times | 9.00pm-2.00am
Doors Open | From 8.45pm

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Full Price: £35.00



Sheffield Fire Museum Ghost Hunts

Join Haunted Evenings on one of our Sheffield Fire Museum Ghost Hunts and you will soon find yourself taking part in some pretty awesome ghost hunting vigils! Whether this will be your first time ever [ghost hunting], or whether you’re a seasoned pro, you will get the chance to get fully involved with a variety of new and old ghost hunting experiments.

We’ll start the night with a light hearted introduction about your night to come. The team will then take you on a walk round with the lights so you can fully experience the location before the lights go out!. You’ll then be broken down into small groups and will be taken off into areas we believe to be the most haunted. The team will be trying out lots of different activities to try and capture evidence and we encourage guests to get stuck in.

You could soon find yourself on the Sheffield fire museum ghost hunts with Haunted Evenings, staring down a thermal imaging camera, or taking off one of our kitted out Mel Meters to try and collect your own evidence. The team will support you throughout the night and make this your night. We use extensive equipment on our nights but also combine this with more interactive vigils such as glass divination or human pendulums. Your night at Sheffield’s Fire & Police Museum will be jam packed full of variety. We appreciate that you’re here to have fun, so whilst we take investigations seriously, you can be rest assured you’ll be with a friendly welcoming team who will put you at ease.
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What's Included

*Welcome Meeting with complimentary refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Soft Drinks on arrival)

*Walk round of the location with the lights on, pointing out places of interest.

*Guests will then be split into smaller groups to carry out small vigils

*Equipment Vigil. Guests will investigate an area using all the latest paranormal equipment. We will show you how to use all the devices, from thermal imaging cameras to listening devices. We will also see what we capture using voice and video recorders.

* Communication Boards. Guests will move on to another area and use techniques on the Ouija board, Yes|No boards. Paranormal Equipment will also be available for guests to use during the session.

* Victorian Vigil. Guests will move on to another area and will have a go at using old and new techniques such as Table Tipping, Human Pendulums. We will also carry out EVP experiments, alongside these more traditional style investigations.

* Lone Vigils. Guests brave enough will be given time to re-visit areas of the location unaccompanied. Armed with walkie talkie contact with the team, guests can take any available equipment and conduct their own vigils.

*Group Vigil. Guests wanting to stay close to the team, will finish off the night carrying out a final vigil in the most active part of the location, using the technique that had the best response.

*Complimentary tea, coffee,hot chocolate & soft drinks will be available throughout the event.

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