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Ghost Hunts | Liverpool’s Newsham Park Hospital

Join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunt to remember at Liverpool’s Newsham Park Hospital. Our friendly team will take you around this amazing building after dark, kit you out with a heap load of paranormal equipment and get you stuck in with a variety of ghost hunting vigils, from trigger object experiments, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) experiments, to more traditional activities such as glass divination, table tipping and human pendulums. This is your night and the Haunted Evenings Team will ensure you get the most out of your ghost hunting experience.

Newsham Park Liverpool Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings

History of Newsham Park Mental Asylum

A grade II listed building, it now lies derelict but was previously a hospital prior to which it was the Liverpool Seamen’s Orphanage Institution. The Seaman’s Orphanage dates back to 1874, it was built to house children as young as 4 who had lost their parents at sea. Life in the orphanage was not pleasant and the tales of evil punishments along with harsh living conditions made for a life of sorrow and pain. The orphanage closed in 1949, after standing derelict for 2 years it was finally purchased by the Ministry of Health and became a hospital in the newly formed NHS and later operated as a residential home for the elderly. After the closure of the hospital in 1988 the site has remained derelict, only visited by those brave enough to enter through the doors of this very haunted venue. Once inside you will get the chance to step back in time and explore the hospital, this will include the wards, mortuary (complete with fridges) and if you are brave enough lone vigils in the punishments cells. Eerie screams and crying have been heard in the wards and in the cells were brutal punishments were carried out.

Ghost Hunting at Liverpool’s Abandoned Hospital

Newsham Park Hospital is made up of several zones of which we can have access to 4 in any one evening so no two Haunted Evenings will be the same!. You could soon find yourself with just a handful of others in the old chapel, or investigating down in the cellar and mortuary area. Other zones to include mental patients ward, nurses quarters, Autopsy Area and Old School house. This location is incredible and we’re so excited at going back!

What’s Included on this event?

  • Guided tour of the location
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks
  • Fully insured event
  • First-aider on site

Event Dates Available…

Sunday 8th October 2017
Event Times : 9.00pm – 3.00am

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Ghost Hunts Newsham Hospital

Join Haunted Evenings as we invite novices and experienced Paranormal enthusiasts a like to investigate this incredible location in the suburbs of Liverpool. Known as a Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool’s former lunatic/mental asylum, the location is also known by many as Liverpool’s former abandoned children’s Seaman’s Orphanage.

Ghost hunts Newsham Hospital will see you investigate several rooms within selected zones of this vast site. No two ghost hunts are the same as the team like to investigate new areas every time.

Zones the team have investigated previously are the naughty boys corridor, the autopsy area all basement areas including the cellar, the old children’s school, the recreational hall, old nurses block and several psychiatric wards including isolation rooms. We’ve also investigated the Mortuary and Chapel area.

Our return visit will see the team take you on small grouped vigils in a select few of the above areas. We’ll also be investigating new areas this time as well, the old Tower and cinema room.

Mandatory areas on our list on any of our ghost hunts is one of the mortuary areas and the naughty Boys corridor. The rest we’ll keep a secret (unless you ask!)

Ghost hunts Newsham Hospital are a must, this is such an incredibly building and sadly one of its kind as most Victorian built mental asylums have either been converted, vandalised beyond access or simply demolished. A part of history lies within theses walls, with a story to tell. Step back in time and experience the eerie silence that shrouds this frightening place. We’ve had some phenomenal results when we’ve investigated here.


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Guest Testimonials


“Fantastic experience, can’t believe how much happened in those few hours! Couldn’t have asked for much more as a first-timer, will definitely be booking another one soon!”  E.Maguire 10.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Was an amazing night didn’t want it to end well worth the trip down from Scotland now the long 325 mile drive home” D.Bruce 09.10.17 Source:Facebook

“We had a amazing night which totally blew my mind … I had no idea I had a personal connection to the place beforehand, I do now!!!!!” M.Hesketh 09.10.17 Source:Facebook

“A breath taking evening with a fantastic team at the Newsham Orphanage and hospital – well organised and set out to use every moment thoroughly – Chris and myself will see you all again we hope very soon now we just have a ton of voice recordings, video and photos to scan through – if we have anything I will let you know.” M.Scrivener 09.10.17 Source:Facebook

“1st time ghost hunting last night at newsham park hospital, Liverpool was a little bit skeptical about the night before goin but what a night! Was unbelievable some of the stuff we witnessed last night would definitely recommend this to anyone thinkin of goin can’t wait to do another one. All the staff were brilliant didn’t try n push anything too far just let you make your own mind up great night thanks to everyone involved!” K.Armstrong 21.02.15 Source:Facebook