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Ghost Hunt Gresley Old Hall | Derby

Event Date | Halloween Saturday 30th October, 2021
Event Price | £29.00 per person
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Haunted Evenings are excited to announce that we are back once again on Halloween night to show budding ghost hunters, what really does happen here in this haunted building!
As you head upstairs from the comforts of the baseroom, it feels like a totally different building, rooms are back to bare plaster and in serious need of repair, windows are missing, some boarded up, there’s holes in the roof and resident pigeons up in the rafters. It’s a unique location and often takes guests by surprise as they explore the upper floors and discover just how raw this place has become over time but one things for sure, it makes for the perfect ghost hunting setting!

History of Gresley Old Hall

Gresley Old Hall, a 17th Century Grade II listed building, situated near Swadlincote, was built on the site of a Priory (Old Gresley Priory 1135-1140). Built in 1734, it replaced the original hall built in 1556!. With the land holding so much history and the current Gresley Old Hall having an intriguing past all of its own, there is little question that this makes for a gem of a spooky location. The middle floor has 6 back to bare bones rooms to investigate, the eerie atmosphere here is amazing. With haunted activity captured in every room… The attic is the place to be if you fancy the challenge of a lone vigil?!

Paranormal Activity at Gresley Hall

We’ve experienced plenty of paranormal activity here from strong EVP’s, action on the Ouija board and footsteps heard on the landing going upstairs to the attic. One guest about jumped out of her skin when something shouted in her ear through the amplified DVR device! Every room seems to have captured evidence and the attic definitely seems to be the place to try out experiments. Not only have we experienced strange happenings using traditional techniques, our extensive equipment seems to be triggered here. Why not have a go at using all the latest equipment and test your bravery by wandering off with the kit and sensing first hand, just what ghost hunting in a haunted location really feels like?!

What’s Included on this event?

  • Access all areas to Gresley Old Hall
  • Kit Vigil – A chance to get hands-on with all the very latest paranormal equipment
  • Traditional Vigil – Try your hand at our dowsing rod experiment or take part in a human pendulum. They’ll also be the option to try the Ouija board and table tipping
  • Trigger Vigil – Sit tight and be surrounded by trigger objects and gadgets to see what can be captured up in the Attic!

Event Date….

Saturday 30th October, 2021

Event times | 7.00pm – Midnight
Doors open | From 7.00pm

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Full Price: £30.00


Ghost Hunt Gresley Old Hall | Derby

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Location / Map

Gresley Old Hall
Gresley Wood Road,
DE11 9QW

Parking : On site / Free

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Review



Our last night out in November marked our 6th and final investigation at Gresley Old Hall for 2019! With Soup on the go and the heating on full whack, at least one of the 3 vigils was toasty warm down in the baseroom whilst the other 2 vigils tested peoples resilience to some icy cold spine tingling moments upstairs (not all weather related!)

This 1734 dilapidated old hall provides the perfect atmosphere to investigate in, with guests getting a chance to spend time in the attic which has often left people feeling on edge.

Attic: Last night was no exception, with our music box triggering near the attic stairs (during more than 1 vigil), our vibe pod detecting movement and at one point, just as a guest announced she felt a coldness around her, an EMF detecting bear lit up behind her! Voices were heard via our recorders, with a “6-7” given over by a spirit when asking for their age. A sentence was also captured shortly after and whilst we can’t quite make out the full message, it starts clear enough with get out! (Not the first time we’ve heard this – pretty regular occurrence!).

On the middle floor, guests split off and spent time in the 6 former bedrooms on offer, taking as much equipment as they could carry. Voices were captured over the spirit box with “who’s this?” And “I’m here” as well as the number 8, a possible “my name is” and a “Mike”.

During the ground floor ouija sessions, whilst for vigil 1, no will in the world appeared to be able to get the glass to move, vigil 2 had the “67” come through which had been heard via EVP up in the attic earlier (a male) and during vigil 3 a female came forward who appeared to be from the 1500’s who answered correctly to questions relating to that time period. She wasn’t so correct in guessing symbols drawn on a piece of paper but managed a couple of right moves! We had fun trying!

Without a shadow of a doubt last nights Haunted Evening was an absolute pleasure thanks to such a lovely open friendly bunch of guests who bounced off each other making investigating a freeze, we mean breeze! Thanks to everyone for your input, we hope you enjoyed Gresley Old Hall as much as we always do!


October events started (as they will end) by investigating Gresley Old Hall in Derbyshire, a dilapidated old Manor house that offers any discerning visitor the chance to spend time within it’s darkened back to bare rooms. A challenge that many new and somewhat nervous faces accepted, this was a serious investigation but filled with fun and (nervous) laughter!

So what did Gresley have to offer our guests last night?

ATTIC: It’s undeniably a drafty old place but unusual cold spots were felt by many at times when activity felt heightened.
Up in the attic during vigil 1, the name “Henry” was heard during an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session, followed by “eleven” heard on playback when asking for their age. Many guests reported feeling increased cold spots as the little boy was connected with. Movement devices triggered during this and during a later vigil where a child or children were picked up once again in the attic (unbeknownst to the group that Henry (11) had come forward earlier).

GROUND FLOOR: Down on the ground floor (likely once the old parlour/dining area), cold spots were felt as a spirit on the board (aged 73) answered questions about how he passed. The room is in good structural order and therefore the cold spots harder to explain. K2 meters also spiked into life as the glass movement became stronger. During another ouija session at the bottom of the stairs, a 7 year old spirit named Layton came forward who confirmed he played with other children in the building.

BEDROOMS: On the middle floor, guests had the opportunity to split down to investigate the 6 rooms with as much equipment as they could carry but for one group, they joined forces to conduct a human pendulum and connected with a 45 year old female spirit who passed from an illness.

Other “scary” moments came when a team member reacted to the presence of a descending spider by karate chopping it into the path of a guest (priceless!) and to one guest who proved you really can be scared of your own shadow!

Time, as always, flew by at this old 1700’s manor house. Each vigil filled with fabulous guests who, whilst all took the investigation seriously, entered into the spirit of the evening with good humour great energy! Thanks all for coming, we hope to see you all again some time!.


As the so called Summer season edges ever closer (we can but hope), what better way to end our first insanely busy first half of 2019 by having a return visit to our old favourite and regular haunt “Gresley Old Hall”. Lacking any signs of sunshine and having been greeted with thunderstorms on arrival, Gresley certainly donned a darker and more foreboding look on approach which seemed to be reflected once inside, with many guests reporting sensations of a more sinister kind! Jabbing head trauma pains, the feelings of being pushed, breathlessness were just some of the spiritual sensations felt by people during their investigations! Gresley certainly gave many sceptics food for thought too!


Ground floor : All groups experienced communication during ouija board sessions held in the former parlour. Team member Andy wrote down the name Arnold away from a group before the planchette started moving. With no awareness of what had been written, the planchette started to move and went to letters A-R-N! Wow! In another vigil, a couple of sceptics were turned during a very intense personal connection with a loved one that left them all on a high.

Middle floor : With 6 rooms to break off into, group members dispersed to discover what they could experience with or without equipment. Many guests independently reported similar feelings of unwell, from sensing a stiff neck and thinking out loud the word “rickets”, to jabbing eye head trauma like pains, to feeling a sense of dread from being pushed down the stairs. Guests also felt the presence of children which have been felt on numerous occasions around the building, as well as the presence of a nanny type figure protective of the children (again picked up on previous investigations). It was incredible to discuss so many accounts from guests who could sense such strong spirit energy, unbeknownst to them, many similar stories have been reported from previous investigations! Names that cropped up during the night were ; Josephine, Jane, Franny, Jim, Arnold, Joseph & Grace (Child spirit called Grace recorded in our summary last June 2018!). Absolutely fascinating accounts all helping to unravel the stories held within the crumbling walls of Gresley Old Hall.

Attic : Guests combined traditional methods such as dowsing rods and human pendulums with the use of equipment. A personal connection was made during one session and a presence of a female (connected to the building) in another.

Whistles and voices were heard throughout the building and whilst EVP’s in most instances were quite muffled, on further review appear to possibly say the following “get out”, “help them”, “It happened” “Get out of this…house” and “He will catch ya, keep back!”

As we hang up our event jackets in July, we would just like to end this half of 2019 by thanking everyone who attended not just last nights investigation (you guys were fab btw!) but to everyone who has attended an event this year and followed our haunted evenings antics thus far!
P.s! We’re not going anywhere, we’re still out investigating!….we’ll be back next weekend on a private investigation at Carew Castle in Wales, BRB!


“Hey honey we’re home!!” Ok ok not quite! but as we’re at Gresley Old Hall pretty much every other month, this dilapidated Manor sure feels like a second home sometimes (albeit one that needs a full restoration and certainly doesn’t always feel comfortable!).

This 16th Century building is sited next to, and makes up part of, a local community centre and other than the downstairs reception room, isn’t in anyway habitable these days. Crumbling plaster and bodged boarded floors on it’s upper levels makes this an incredible location to investigate just on appearances alone, that’s without it’s known paranormal activity.
We’ve always felt privileged to spend time in this old place over the years and have yet to walk away with nothing to report on. Last night, albeit quieter in parts, provided guests overall with some really interesting experiences, from one guest feeling he was touched, to equipment triggering and connections made during traditional vigils. Shadows were sensed and a door was banged shut of its own accord. Yup! Good Old Gresley did not let us down!

H I G H L I G H T S….

Downstairs : Ouija boards were used in the former parlour to try and attempt communication with spirit and in all 3 vigils the glass did eventually move for most guests after some encouragement. Although the energy built and the movements became stronger, most of the information made little sense to the groups which in itself makes interesting results comparatively speaking! Some voice recordings were captured during one ouija vigil and although no Class A EVP’s tonight, one that says “(won’t) tell anyone” when we asked for their name.

Upper bedrooms : Guests had the chance to split off and go it alone in one of 6 former bedrooms to carry out their own equipment vigils. 3 guests set up some EMF meters close to a random rocking horse and after calling out in the room with no real results, moved to the room next door and monitored the kit from a large hole in the wall. After some time, the Rempod triggered suggesting the spirit preferred it when the room was vacant as it then stopped when they returned to the room! It was the exact same hole in the wall where one male guest felt he had been touched on the leg earlier on during the walk round and the same hole that possible orbs were seen coming out!

For another group, dowsing rods highlighted a potential hotspot on the upper landing at the same time as their equipment triggered. Unbeknownst to them, we’ve detected energy on the upper landing on many previous investigations. It was fantastic to discover they had also picked that up last night!.

EVP’s, albeit muffled, were picked up on in one of the front bedrooms, one sounds like they have a local accent but again, the recording is not clear enough to upload.

Attic : Equipment gently triggered on and off during human pendulum experiments up in the attic. For one group a rempod also triggered that was debunked as being a guests footstep caused we think from a loose battery as it didn’t trigger again whilst everyone stood still. A further rempod triggered in the fireplace during a later vigil.
The human pendulums up in the attic created some interesting results with children once again being sensed. It wasn’t until the last vigil that the atmosphere shifted up in the attic and a dominant males presence was felt. During this final vigil the attic door at the bottom of the stairs shut of its own accord which rightfully put those attic guests nerves on edge, especially as it was confirmed by guests in an adjacent room downstairs that no-one was on the landing that could have caused it!

All in all, another interesting little investigation with some pretty cool moments experienced along the way. Thank you to everyone who joined us last night and got involved with the vigils, it was a pleasure to meet you all.


Our first visit of many to Gresley Old Hall this year took place last night and some really fascinating moments occurred as the night unfolded. For one summary only (!), We follow one Groups journey as their investigation unravelled a very intriguing story about some of the spirit energy that resides there….

Middle floor : Group 2 warmed up the start of their Haunted Evening by conducting a Human Pendulum in one of the main bedrooms. A female spirit was initially picked up during the experiment who once worked at the Hall, perhaps as a servant. Her presence soon weakened and the atmosphere shifted, caused we believe, by a stronger male energy that some sensed had stepped forward into the room. Picked up initially by a female guest and a crew member, this male energy (described as tall and of slim build), soon emotionally effected the female guest by making her feel quite visibly upset, it wouldn’t be until later in the evening that we would come to realise why. His energy also communicated through another female guest by moving her forwards and backwards for Yes/No responses. It became apparent, through questioning, that he once owned the Hall and whilst he didn’t want us there, he preferred the females within the group. Time to move on to the attic area…

Attic : Up in the eaves of this old Manor house, Group 2 were now joined by a new team member who, unbeknownst to him, started to pick up on the male and female spirits that were present during the first vigil. During this equipment vigil, one female guest (not effected previously) told the group the spirit name Alice (Alison) came to mind and with this, the sense of a little boy connected to this Alison was also sensed in the attic space. An EVP session captured the name “Alison” heard by all on playback and a further EVP also suggested the name “Edward” .With encouragement, the spirit child Edward was able to set off both a vibration device and a Rempod in the adjoining room. Amazing! Whilst communicating with Alison, team member Stu sensed the little boy had fallen to his death and an incredible EVP was then captured which we believed says “fallen down the lift shaft” (listen in to the EVP below!). Stu also sensed a male presence watching us. This male energy was dominant and not keen on us being there. Was this the male we had encountered down in the bedroom?

Ground Floor : Group 2’s third and final experiment was a ouija board down on the ground floor. A female spirit came forward after some patience from the group, moving the glass towards the letters A/B. Unable to spell, we asked if this was Alison, which received a strong movement to the yes on the board. The glass further moved to “E-D” for Edward and through yes/no questions, it became apparent we were back in contact with the mother and child spirit encountered earlier in the attic. Spirit Alison was able to conclude that Edward had accidentally fallen to his death somewhere on the middle floor believed to be hiding from the dominant male. We asked spirit to use the glass to show us whereabouts Edward was in the room. The glass indicated he was stood in the doorway to the reception room. One of the guests swept the doorway area with an EMF K2 meter and the device immediately spiked to red detecting a surge in energy and further validating what we were getting through on the board. Through further questioning we were able to establish that the dominant male spirit (sensed on the upper floors) had a hold over Alison and the child spirit Edward and that he was trying to prevent them from moving on. This, we concluded, must have been why in vigil one, one of the female guests was feeling so upset. Had she picked up the emotions of how this dominant male made spirit Alison feel? We believe this may well be the case.

On reflection and on reviewing accounts from previous investigations, it appears we have actually unearthed the name Edward before here but most prominently, throughout several investigation, (over several years) the detection of an unsavoury dominant male has been sensed, especially in the attic space. Child spirits have often been sensed in the attic and a female has previously come forward believed to be connected to / or a protector of the children. Evidence can certainly take years to collect and it seemed last night, for one group in particular, the pieces of Gresley Old Halls story were slowly being slotted together. It was a truly fascinating night to report back on and one I won’t ever forget!

On behalf of last nights team, Thank you to everyone who attended last nights investigation. All groups experienced some pretty cool moments of activity, from a phenomenal video capture of energy surges in the attic space (where all K2’s were lighting up), to strong Ouija board communications for all groups throughout the night .Thank you to all who helped bring that spirit energy forward during the investigation.


Our sunny Saturday evening was spent over at Gresley Old Hall, a place we’re so familiar with it feels like home, albeit a rather dilapidated one! (Understatement!)…
As you head upstairs from the comforts of the baseroom, it feels like a totally different building, rooms are back to bare plaster and in serious need of repair, windows are missing, some boarded up, there’s holes in the roof and resident pigeons up in the rafters. It’s a unique location and often takes guests by surprise as they explore the upper floors and discover just how raw this place has become over time but one things for sure, it makes for the perfect ghost hunting setting!
Joined last night by a new bunch of guests and after a walk round of the location, we split guests down into small groups to try out a variety of vigils in all areas.
Some child spirits were picked up around the building. During a ouija board session in the front upper rooms one child gave her name as Grace, aged 6, who proceeded to come through later during a dowsing rod experiment on the same floor.
Movement devices and a breathy voice were picked up on in the attic which indicated a presence was amongst the group. On asking if they wanted help, the response was no and to leave.
During the kit vigil, guests got the chance to go it alone, spitting off with as much kit as they could carry. Whilst some guests felt uneasy in one room, for others it seemed quite calm and quiet. Other than a few spikes on the EMF meters, most activity was detected using traditional methods during the investigation.
Thank you to a wonderful friendly bunch of guests who cracked on investigating this old Hall and who helped reduce the excessive stock pile of hotdogs throughout the evening! (Mission complete by midnight!) You were all fab!

Guest Testimonials


“Fantastic evening, really well run and lots of activity! My friend and I had a brilliant time! Thank you to the team for an unforgettable evening! We hadn’t been with this team before but will certainly look into more events!” L.Parker 30.11.19 Source:facebook

“We had a great time last night, thank you so much 👻👻👻” S.Smith 30.11.19 Source:facebook

“I was one of the sceptics but it blew me away. You guys did an amazing job last night. A thoroughly enjoyable spine tingling evening. Thank you!” 16.06.19 B.Lees Source:facebook

“Fantastic night, thoroughly enjoyed it, very well organised. 👍” 16.06.19 L.MorleySource:facebook

“…Really well done. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was great” 16.06.19 N.Yeomans Source:facebook

“Had an amazing time last night. Thank you to all the team for making it an amazing first time ghost hunt. Can’t wait to do another!!! X” 13.04.19 M.Nock Source:facebook

“Had a spooky time last night, thankyou! Would definitely come along again! x” 13.04.19 J.Middleton Source:facebook

“It was a fab night, I’ll definitely be back!! Thanks guys!!! Xx” 13.04.19 E.Vickers Source:facebook

“This was a fantastic experience, thank you to all the team. Brilliant night.” K.Lord 24.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a great night thank u x” R.Chamberlain 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed it! Thank you so much D.Dingley 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Great night! Well definitely be back C.Gretton 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed meeting you all. Some good activity too.xS.Goadby 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great night! I thought it was run very professionally I would definitely recommend thanks guys D.Chamberlain 14.05.17 Source:Facebook

“My first ghost hunt and it won’t be my last. Fascinating and amazing night. Thank you R.Fuller 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Lost my ghost hunting virginity tonight! Haha Had an awesome night at gresley old hall. Thank you all. Really enjoyed it ? and the buffet was spot on” D.Holmes 09.04.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to the team for a fantastic night at Gresley old hall what a lively night with plenty of activity some of which was quite personal. See you soon guysM.Kenney 09.05.15 Source:Facebook

Great night at Old Gresley Hall. Great food and some great activity. Looking forward to the next oneDavid Thorp 04.04.15 Source:Facebook