Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison Jail | Shropshire | Saturday 24th March 2018


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Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison Jail

Haunted Evenings will be conducting an overnight lock down at this frightening former prison in Shropshire. This location is huge and we will have access to various areas such as the old execution areas, wing A, corridors and cells in the vulnerable prisoners area to name but a few. Our Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison Events will see guests have the chance to investigate in scarily small numbers, experience traditional activities such as glass divination, human pendulums, dowsing rods and table tipping as well as modern experiments such as lock downs with listening devices, thermal imaging cameras, all the very latest equipment and trigger objects. Are you brave enough to experience a Haunted Evening at Shrewsbury Prison?!…..

Gruesome History of Shrewsbury Jail

Outside Shrewsbury Prison

Outside Shrewsbury Prison

The original Shrewsbury Prison, built in 1793 was named after Rev Edmund Dana and is known locally as “The Dana”. This current prison built in replacement of the original, was constructed in 1877 and closed in 2013. The site bore witness to countless executions, the last public hanging took place in 1863,  drawing an insanely large crowd of bystanders who, in those days, saw public hangings as a form of entertainment. The last execution was conducted within the prison walls in 1961. In 1972, during redevelopment, workmen discovered the remains of 10 inmates buried within the grounds who would have been executed on site. Most bodies would have been buried within the grounds in unmarked graves at Shrewsbury Prison. It is with this and its many thousands of criminals who have entered through its doors over the years (and the many who never left) that make this an intense place to go ghost hunting!

Paranormal Activity at Shrewsbury Prison Jail

Inside Shrewsbury Prison with Haunted Evenings

Prison Block | Inside Shrewsbury Jail

Finally closing its doors to inmates in 2013, Shrewsbury Prison is relatively new to paranormal investigations. Now stood eerily silent and with a sense of abandonment, it is little wonder Shrewsbury Prison puts many night time visitors on edge. Whilst inside may feel quite modern by many standards, this Victorian building would have witnessed some very harrowing scenes. Does the energy of former inmates still linger? Join Haunted Evenings as we investigate the empty cells and various prisoner rooms to discover just how haunted Shrewsbury Prison is,

What’s Included | Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison

  • Access to Shrewsbury Prison including Vulnerable Prisoners wing, A wing, Hanging Room, Kitchens and corridors
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Small group vigils – average group size 8 (maximum 10)
  • A chance to go it alone toward the end of the night (free time)
  • Full use of all the very latest paranormal equipment.
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks

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Event times | 9.30 pm – 03.30am
Doors Open | 9.00 pm

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Full Price: £59.00


Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison

Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison Jail with Haunted Evenings. Whether you prefer traditional ghost hunting techniques, more “Ghost Adventures” style action with all the latest paranormal gadgets or are new to ghost hunting altogether, Haunted Evenings will give you a warm welcome before splitting you down into small groups to carry out new and old techniques in a quest to see who still haunts this amazing prison after dark.  Guests will have the chance to use handheld equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, Ovilus, mel meters, K2’s, voice recorders, listening devices, use dowsing rods and have a go at glass divination. Vigils will also involve the use of rempods, shadow detectors, lasers and vibration/movement equipment, spirit boxes – along with tech trigger objects. The team use a variety of equipment and encourage guests to have a go with it all in a mission to capture evidence. Guests do not have to take part in anything they do not wish to, the team will endeavor to make this night your own.

Our Ghost Hunts Shrewsbury Prison events could see  you locked in a cell for awhile ( for the brave at least) to gain a real sense of this intense environment and for those preferring safety in numbers, the chance to take part in some “think outside the box” experiments. Haunted Evenings will be spending the night at Shrewsbury Prison, dare to join us for an intense but fun ghost hunting evening here?

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What's Included

*Welcome Meeting with complimentary refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Soft Drinks on arrival)

*Walk round of the location with the lights on, pointing out places of interest.

*Guests will then be split into smaller groups to carry out small vigils

*Equipment Vigil. Guests will investigate an area using all the latest paranormal equipment. We will show you how to use all the devices, from thermal imaging cameras to listening devices. We will also see what we capture using voice and video recorders.

* Communication Boards. Guests will move on to another area and use techniques on the Ouija board, Yes|No boards. Paranormal Equipment will also be available for guests to use during the session.

* Victorian Vigil. Guests will move on to another area and will have a go at using old and new techniques such as Table Tipping, Human Pendulums. We will also carry out EVP experiments, alongside these more traditional style investigations.

* Lone Vigils. Guests brave enough will be given time to re-visit areas of the location unaccompanied. Armed with walkie talkie contact with the team, guests can take any available equipment and conduct their own vigils.

*Group Vigil. Guests wanting to stay close to the team, will finish off the night carrying out a final vigil in the most active part of the location, using the technique that had the best response.

*Complimentary tea, coffee,hot chocolate & soft drinks will be available throughout the event.

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