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Ghost Hunt Williamson Tunnels | Liverpool Ghost Hunts

Join Haunted Evenings as we explore the hidden Williamson Tunnels close to Liverpool’s city centre. Put on your hardhat and arm yourself with all the very latest equipment before we split you down into small groups to investigate the different sections of these infamous tunnels. Rarely investigated, what strange phenomena will you encounter after dark?


Ghost Hunting at the Tunnels!

Your overnight ghost hunt will see you split down into the depths of the Williamson Tunnels, 3 distinct areas to break off into to try a variety of new and old experiments. It’s been reported that Joseph Williamson, the wealthy land owner who commissioned the tunnels still roams them, guests have smelt strong aftershave as well as others reporting dark shadows. A report of a ghost sighting by a visitor has also occurred in the top tunnel and it is believed many would have suffered terribly working on the excavation of the tunnels, including many children from as young as 12 years old. This site is a fascinating place to walk around and has an eerie feel to it. Will you be brave enough to the challenge of a lone vigil?

History of the Tunnels

Between 1810-1840 eccentric business owner, Joseph Williamson, set about constructing archway style tunnels under the Edge Hill area of Liverpool to level out the land above, earmarked for gardens to properties he wished to be constructed. It appears that once he had achieved these tunnel constructions, he continued to supply local men, women and children with paid employment by working the tunnels, even though it became very unclear as to any other purpose for the tunnels at that time. After Williamson’s death in 1840, the construction of the tunnels ceased and by 1867, the local rag is reported to identify the tunnels as being little more than a nuisance due to the tunnels being used as a dumping ground. Today the sections of tunnels that have been excavated are maintained by the museum and visitors can enjoy a tour of what is a very obscure part of Liverpool’s history!

What’s Included on this event?

  • Access to all 3 main tunnel sections
  • History walk around before the fun begins!
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting in all areas listed using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Experience our unique lock down experiment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks

Event Dates


Event times | 8.00pm-02.00am
Arrival times | From 7.45pm

What happens after I’ve booked my place?

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Liverpool Ghost Hunt Williamson Tunnels

What’s Included | Ghost Hunt Williamson Tunnels

*Welcome Meeting with complimentary refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks)

*Walk round of the location with the lights on, pointing out places of interest.

*Guests will then be split into 3 smaller groups to carry out a variety of vigils

*Equipment Vigil. Guests will investigate an area using all the latest paranormal equipment. We will show you how to use all the devices, from thermal imaging cameras to listening devices.  We will also see what we capture using voice and video recorders.

* Communication Boards. Guests will move on to another area and use techniques on the Ouija board, Yes|No boards. Equipment will also be available for guests to use during the session.

* Victorian Vigil. Guests will move on to another area and will have a go at using old and new techniques such as Table Tipping, Human Pendulums. We will also carry out EVP experiments, alongside these more traditional style investigations.

* Lone Vigils. Guests brave enough will be given time to re-visit areas of the location unaccompanied. Armed with walkie talkie contact with the team, guests can take any available equipment and conduct their own vigils.

*Group Vigil. Guests wanting to stay close to the team, will finish off the night carrying out a final vigil in the most active part of the location, using the technique that had the best response.

*Complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks will be available throughout the event.

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