Ghost Hunt Smethwick Baths | Nr Birmingham | Friday 18th September 2020


Ghost Hunt Smethwick Baths

Event Date | Friday 18th September 2020
Event Price | £40.00 per person
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One of Haunted Evenings most regular haunts! Join us for a Halloween ghost hunting experience at this 1930’s location nr Birmingham. Explore the tunnels and rooms beneath the baths, eerie dark and damn right creepy when you find yourself in small numbers. Shadows have been sighted down here on previous investigations, guests have had to leave due to feeling unwell, voices have been heard as well as loud footsteps. If that wasn’t enough, guests will spend time above ground in the various sections this large location has to offer, including the poolside observation area where on numerous occasions a shadow has also been seen and on the nearby stairs, singing has been heard. Smethwick Baths also comes complete with it’s own set of haunted toilets! When you read up on the history of this place, you will soon come to realise the reasons for this place being so active!……

Smethwick Baths History

Smethwick Baths may sound pretty ordinary but this now old fashioned art deco building was once an exciting entertainment hall back in the day! During the Winter months, the pool would be boarded over to make way for a dance hall, attracting great up and coming artists such as The Beatles and The Who. The stage area still accessible but alas is a gym today! Opened in the 1930’s, Smethwick Baths became an important place during Word War II when it functioned as an air raid shelter and morgue. 
You’ll get a chance to explore the tunnels under the baths which include the areas strongly connected to World War II. Above ground, you will have access to the old stage area, art deco entrance, stairwells and viewing areas. This location is deceptively large and we will be splitting guests up into smaller groups in order to cover as much ground as possible.

What’s Included | Ghost Hunt Smethwick Baths

  • History/ Guided tour/access all areas including Tunnels at Smethwick Baths
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • A chance to “go it alone!”
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks

Event Dates Available…

Friday 18th September 2020
Event times | 8.30pm -3.00am
Arrival times | From 8.15pm

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Full Price: £40.00


Ghost Hunt Smethwick Baths

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Guest Testimonials

Smethwick Baths Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings

“Great night, thank you. Definitely lots of energy in the male changing rooms. The ladies could all feel a presence behind them. We had our hair ‘touched’ and I was prodded on the bottom!
Best haunted event I’ve been to – thanks everyone 👻”
S.Turner 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“I had icy cold spot it started in the haunted toilet where we had the woman scream on the evp the was amazing. I think that is about me the footsteps and shuffling i was walking around with Rob the footsteps and shuffling was following us all the round one again thank you haunted evenings for amazing night see on my next ghost hunt on 14th Feb at oak house museum can’t wait 😊” W.Dawes 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“We had a great night, thank you all for your skill and organisation hope to join you again soon.” S.Grenfell 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Another great night. Looking forward to the next one, I’ll have to see which one I can do next!!” M.Reeves 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Another enjoyable night. Can’t wait for my next one. Thanks” S.Firek 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Great night again…thanks everyone.” K.Vallis 11.05.19 Source:facebook

“Thanks for a great night we really enjoyed it. We will definitely be coming on one again” K.Foster 14.01.18 Source:Facebook

“My first ever investigation experience and it held all the proof I needed to happily say there is spirits, thank you to all the staff for making the night that much greater for helping and guiding some of us through the vigils” R.Doyle 15.01.18 Source:Facebook

“It was a great night! Thankyou to all the staff we all enjoyed it” S Harrison 15.01.18 Source:Facebook

***** Had a fantastic first experience at Smethwick Baths. Enjoyed it so much that I’m already booked onto another one. Thank you so much to the team for making the whole experience so enjoyable” Sarah. 13.11.15 Source:Website

***** “Excellent night witnessed here! Great location and history, very friendly team and amazing experience. Cant wait to go again.” Donna. 12.11.15 Source:Website

Location / Map

Event Review


The team headed back to one of our favourite regular haunts in the Midlands to continue our Halloween season of events last night…

Guests were treated to a light supper and lots of treats at Smethwick Baths before embarking on a night of investigating this old former dance hall and swimming baths, with groups getting the chance to split off down in the air raid shelter, make shift morgue, former stage area as well as spend time in the haunted toilets!
During a ouija session, shadows were seen and footsteps heard moving in the corridor outside the stage area, certainly not the first time this has been experienced! Icy cold spots were sensed as well as 2 guests getting the sensation of pins and needles at separate times whilst taking part on the board.
Down beneath the baths in the “tunnels”, footsteps and shuffling were heard following a guest as they broke away from the group.
On the balcony, as has been experienced on numerous previous investigations, a male voice was detected shouting through our voice recorder, with another EVP we believe said “Robert is your name” (interesting as this was the team members name!).

All in all, Smethwick Baths once again produced varying degrees of paranormal food for thought “moments” and made for an interesting investigation


Last night, team and guests sweated it out at a unique West Midlands location, Smethwick Baths. Unique in the sense that whilst this may be a far cry from the oldest building ever to be investigated, the history packed into this place is some what surprising, with a temporary morgue and air raid shelter beneath the Art Deco pool area, this place lends itself nicely to an overnight investigation.

As standard, guests were split down into groups to take it in turns to investigate the several areas on offer and as the night went on groups returned from each experiment with some experiences to share….

Down in the tunnels, guests had the opportunity to conduct their own investigations with an abundance of equipment. Whilst little was picked up via spirit boxes, 2 groups, independent of each other, experienced a chain move at the same time as a Rempod was triggered. Some reported feeling sick in the morgue area and for one group, 3 k2’s flashed up to red outside the morgue in different places, an indication of a strong shift in energy. For another group, k2’s spiked to Amber (half way) in response to team member Rob playing a WW2 air raid siren sound. Music by Vera Lynn also appeared to prompt a reaction with our K2 meters with some guests also reporting cold spots, which, for an enclosed area that felt like the tropics, was unusual!!

Upstairs most (but sadly not all) groups had something occur during their ouija board session, for some, the information was little more than random letters, for another group, the name Billy (or William) came through, as well as a prostitute named May.
Our third main vigil was held in the Sauna and upstairs observation area, along with the female Haunted toilet where a few guests reported feeling uncomfortable, with one leaving due to feeling sick (which subsided after leaving the area). During a human pendulum in the Sauna area, a Male spirit came forward who indicated, through questioning, that he had passed away due to small-pox. For another group another Male was sensed called Gordon. Some guests picked up energy through dowsing rods and there’s certainly areas of the observation seating area that effect the dowsing rods more than others.

Thank you to every single guest investigator last night for taking part in all the experiments and please feel free to add any further happenings / photos in the comments below.
Thanks also to last nights crew for helping bring the energy forward, the venue staff for getting stuck in and a special big thank you to team member Andy who is also the locations Manager and clearly works hard to help bring this old building to “life”!

13.01.18January 2018 News Reviews
What a cracking event to start off the New Year!

We’ve investigated Smethwick Baths countless times because of its hidden history and fascinating tunnel rooms and it only seemed right that this should be our first port of call!.
Last night didn’t fail in providing some strange experiences throughout the building with many guests reporting personal experiences such as stabbing pains and feeling sick, all in an area where this has, unbeknownst to them, happened before on previous investigations.
Some very loud EVP’s captured once again up in the pool observation area with REMpod activity to back up the vigil. Spikes on EMF devices and energy detected through dowsing rods were experienced in other areas of the building and some lovely personal validation for guests on the Ouija board!
The highlight has to go to the captured Class A EVP recorded in the old 1930’s foyer where a female voice can be clearly heard on playback 8 seconds in to the recording, with a male voice then captured at 10 seconds in. We can vouch for these not being anyone in the area at the time!! Spooky!
Thanks to all the new faces we met last night who got stuck in with the experiments and to those we’ve met before for choosing to return with Haunted Evenings!. Team members Andy, Treena, Sarah, Rob (and Spooky!) – thank you all once again for kick starting 2018 in style!

Event Vlog