Ghost Hunt Shepton Mallet Prison | Somerset


Event Date | Saturday 6th November 2021
Event Price | £59.00 per person
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Ghost Hunt Shepton Mallet Prison

Haunted Evenings will be conducting an overnight lock down at England’s oldest Prison. Closed down as a working HMP since 2013, this now abandoned prison  is the ideal setting to investigate into the small hours. This frightening former Category C house of correction in Somerset will see guests split down into scarily small numbers where you can try your hand at ghost hunting experiments such as glass divination, human pendulums, dowsing rods and table tipping as well as modern experiments such as lock downs with listening devices, thermal imaging cameras, all the very latest equipment and trigger objects. Are you brave enough to experience a Haunted Evening at Shepton Mallet Prison?…..

Gruesome History of Shepton Mallet Prison

Shepton Mallet Prison has a fascinating and gruesome history! Built in 1625, life in this oldest ‘house of correction’ would have been a living hell! Poor hygiene caused many inmates to suffer diseases leading to many meeting an untimely death, buried on the land in unmarked graves. The prison bore site to countless executions from 1889 until 1926, many a prisoner fearing their final night in the condemned mans cell. Perhaps two of the most famous inmates were the Kray Twins who were banged up here in the 1950’s. It is with this and its many thousands of criminals who have entered through its doors over the years (and the many who never left) that make this an intense place to go ghost hunting!

Paranormal Activity at Shepton Mallet Prison

Finally closing the doors to inmates in 2013, Shepton Mallet Prison now stands eerily silent and with a real sense of abandonment. Many visitors have reported strange unexplainable footsteps and others have experienced the touch of an unknown hand. Does the energy of former inmates still linger? Join Haunted Evenings as we investigate the empty cells and various prisoner rooms to discover just how haunted Shepton Mallet is.

What’s Included? | Ghost Hunt Shepton Mallet

  • Access to Shepton Mallet Prison out of hours
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Small group vigils
  • A chance to go it alone
  • Full use of all the very latest paranormal equipment.
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks

Event Date…

Saturday 6th November 2021

Event times | 9.30 pm – 03.30am
Doors Open | 9.15 pm

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Full Price: £59.00


Ghost Hunt Shepton Mallet Prison


*Guests must be 18+
*Deposits are strictly non-refundable / non-transferable
*Remaining balances refundable up until 4 weeks before
*No alcohol / illegal substances allowed prior to or during the event
*Guests must bring a torch and wear sensible shoes
*Location not suitable for people with mobility difficulties


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Guest Testimonials


“Amazing night again guys. So much fun x” H.White 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night cant wait to book another!!” L.Randles 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had an amazing evening!! Best ghost hunt I’ve been on for a while, looking to already book the next one!! Thanks to all the Haunted Evenings team for a fab time! 👻☺️” C.Sharland 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a amazing night. One of the best. The crew are amazing and professional. Some really good hits. X” E.Smith 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening thanks to all of you at haunted evenings. Will definitely book another event. Fab night.” S.McMillan 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a fantastic night and fantastic team. We will definitely be booking again. 👍👻👻😀👏👏” D.Dicken 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night..hanging room was very interesting to me and so were the womans many souls seem to want to be heard.such a shame that soon it will be turned into flats ect.great team and such nice people” F.Mitchell 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

Location / Map

Dana Prison

Event Blog


Guests and team came out in force to battle blustering winds and cold temperatures to explore the incredibly vast site that is known to many as “The Dana”, a huge decommissioned Prison that closed in 2013.
All guests were up for the challenge of investigating this location, with many brave enough to go it alone around the 4 floors of the A-wing, C Wing, as well as take part in traditional vigils in the execution (hanging) room and chapel area.
Some of the highlights :
Guests reported feeling uneasy on the 3rd floor of the A-wing, with some feeling dizzy, backed up with K2’s spiking (showing shifts in EMF). K2’s also lit up for some in cell 18 on the upper floor. Agitated sounding gravelly shouts were picked up on our voice recorders down on the ground floor when alone investigating, the A-wing did not disappoint!
Over in the C-Wing, 2 female spirits were sensed, “Daisy” and “Jane” by one group and a guest felt the sensation of feeling sick in an upper cell. For another group, a team member also saw a female presence on the upper floor. Dowsing rods were responsive here too, albeit the information wasn’t easy to decipher! 2 loud whistles were also heard by guests during one dowsing rod experiment in this block.
The Hanging room / execution room provided groups with quite an intense vigil, made more so by the presence of a mock noose that hangs in the middle of the room as a reminder of what actual events took place in this space. Some guests were touched, a handful of guests, independent of one another had hands/arms raised during a human pendulum and surges on EMF meters demonstrated a strong energy in more than 1 of the group vigils. During at least 2 vigils thus far, it was sensed that an authoritative energy, such as an executioner, was present and this was also picked up on our previous investigation here back in March.
During ouija sessions down in the Prison chapel, personal connections were experienced for some of our guests. A Male spirit also came through on the board who the group established was in the chapel for protection from the crimes he’d committed. The vibration devise set up during 2 ouija sessions also triggered, one in response to the board work.
In several areas, guests experienced unusual sensations such as headaches, sickness and breathlessness. It seems Shrewsbury Prison offers the full package in terms of paranormal experiences
Despite the continuous drops in temperature, guests were amazing til the “bitter end” and their energy and approach to last nights investigation I’m certain, helped lead to the experiences we all had, so thank you all!