Charity Ghost Hunt | Ramsey Museum | Cambridgeshire | 13.12.14


Join Haunted Evenings and Para Hauntings on a Charity Ghost Hunt in Cambridgeshire!

Haunted Evenings are teaming up with private investigation team Para Hauntings to help them host a charity ghost hunt event at the very haunted Ramsey Rural Museum in Cambridgeshire on Saturday 13th December 2014. Every penny raised will be going to a charity very close to Para Hauntings Hearts! Dare to join us at the very Haunted Museum and raise money for a very rare charity at the same time?! How can you say no?…we couldn’t!

About the Charity….

All proceeds from the ghost hunt event will be going to help raise awareness and funds for local girl Sophia who suffers from the very rare neurological condition known as  “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”.  So rare in the UK that there is no dedicated registered charity. Proceeds from the event will be passed on to registered charity number 1050601 which is in trust to Peterborough Hospital paediatric unit who support Sophia. You can find out more by reading about Alice in Wonderland Syndrome here.

Rural Ramsey Museum Hauntings…..

The Ramsey Museum is tucked away down a bumpy dirt track in Huntingdonshire surrounded by countryside and by day, serves to educate its visitors into what life would have been like in rural England over the past 200 years. Many donated exhibits come from the surrounding area, including farming machinery right through to war, fire and police service displays. Just imagine how many stories and connections these artifacts hold…. add in some pretty creepy mannequins, turn the lights out, add a few resident hauntings and this place turns into a completely different place. We found the Stable block to be one of the most active areas and I’m not sure how many of you charitable visitors would want to spend too much time up there alone! The challenge is on to not only raise money for a good cause, but to really find out what lurks up there! (and to find out who of you are the bravest!!)

How to book your place

Guest numbers are limited to 20 places with approx. 10 spaces left. For those who wish to be a part of what should be a fun but spooky night of paranormal investigating, please contact Para Hauntings team member Damo on 07923 069838 or Sammie on 07794 249430. Tickets are not available through Haunted Evenings but we will be there to jointly host the event. Please see the What’s Included tab for more details about the event.

Tickets £25 per person (all proceeds will go directly to the registered charity)

Event Time 5.30pm – 11.00pm

We will be running a small raffle to hopefully raise a bit more cash for the Charity. Raffle tickets will be £2 per strip so please bring a little bit of spare change with you!. Any prizes you wish to donate would also be gratefully received – please PLEASE bring anything you wish to donate to the raffle with you on the night. Tea and Coffee will be supplied at 20p per cup – again EVERY SINGLE PENNY raised from your caffeine fix will be given to the Charity!!

Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you there!


Full Price: £



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Charity Tickets - Please phone

What's Included

* Welcome briefing with a walk round of the location with the lights on, pointing out places of interest.

*Guests will then be split into smaller groups to carry out small vigils

*Equipment Vigil. Guests will investigate an area using all the latest paranormal equipment. We will show you how to use all the devices, from thermal imaging cameras to listening devices. We will also see what we capture using voice and video recorders.

* Communication Boards. Guests will move on to another area and use techniques on the Ouija board, Yes|No boards. Equipment will also be available for guests to use during the session.

* Victorian Vigil. Guests will move on to another area and will have a go at using old and new techniques such as Table Tipping, Human Pendulums. We will also carry out EVP experiments, alongside these more traditional style investigations.

* Lone Vigils. Guests brave enough will be given time to re-visit areas of the location unaccompanied. Armed with walkie talkie contact with the team, guests can take any available equipment and conduct their own vigils.

*Group Vigil. Guests wanting to stay close to the team, will finish off the night carrying out a final vigil in the most active part of the location, using the technique that had the best response.