Underground Ghost Hunt Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster | Friday 1st November 2019


Halloween Ghost Hunt Drakelow Tunnels | Kidderminster

Event Date | Friday 1st November 2019
Event Price | £45.00 per person
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Fancy being a ghost hunter and joining us on our Underground Ghost Hunt Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster event? Drakelow Tunnels, a former underground military complex, consists of numerous tunnels that stretch for 3.5 miles!

R E C E N T   H A U N T I N G S

This incredible site is a must to explore and with lots of reported paranormal activity, particularly in haunted tunnel one where one spirit seems to follow you around, this is set to be a very unsettling night! . Over time we’ve experienced lots of visual paranormal phenomenon at Drakelow Tunnels as well as voices captured in specific areas. Guests have been left speechless when unexplainable items have been thrown towards them, with one item moving in front of peoples eyes! Join Haunted Evenings as we dare to go back to find out more about who still walks the miles of tunnels after dark.

History of Drakelow Tunnels

The Tunnels, originally constructed in 1941, were used during the Cold War as a nuclear bunker by the Government. Drakelow tunnels is a maze of tunnels containing areas once used as dormitories, storage areas, workshops, office spaces and a canteen. During World War II, the tunnels were used as a bunker and Rover for machine workshops.

Y O U R   I N V E S T I G A T I O N

As with all our investigations here, guests have the opportunity to investigate closely with the team in an array of controlled and traditional vigils, as well as a chance to explore the pitch black disorientating tunnels with paranormal equipment in hand without the team.

What’s Included on the Underground Ghost Hunt Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster event?

  • Guided tour/access all areas to Drakelow Tunnels
  • Kit Vigil – Get hands on with all the latest equipment and have the opportunity to take it with you as you get lost in the tunnels!
  • Traditional Vigil – An array of experiments await you! – Human Pendulums, Ouija Boards, Dowsing Rods, Table Tipping
  • Trigger Vigil – Camp down in one area and use trigger objects, listening devices, cameras, voice recorders to see what can be captured.
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks
  • Fully insured event

Event Date (Halloween Ghost Hunt Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster)…

Friday 1st November 2019

Event times | 9.00pm -3.00am
Arrival times | From 8.30pm

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Full Price: £45.00


Underground Ghost Hunt Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster

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Guest Testimonials

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt Homepage

“First time I’ve been to something like this, it certainly lived up to the expectation. Thank you for an excellent night, especially to Neal who came around with myself and the rest of group 4 for the majority of the night. I was unsure about taking part on a Ouija board but I was amazed of the outcome. Will definitely be coming again, thank you! ☺️”C.Hardwick 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a fantastic evening. Our first time but won’t be our last. We are still buzzing.” T.Smart 02.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a great night. Really enjoyed it” G.Griffiths 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Thank you all role on next one. :)” M.Bickerton 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“Thankyou For Another Great Night 😊 When We Booking Next One Guys” N.Walker 02.06.19Source:Facebook

“We had a brilliant night, can’t wait to book another! Thank you to such a professional team 👏” T.Parker 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you all for an amazing night, we had some fantastic experiences, one that neither of us will ever forget!” S.Cox 02.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night thanks 👻👻👻👻👻” T.Kiddy 02.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Cracking night, we had a great time. Thanks to all the organisers” K.Morgan 02.12.18 Source:Facebook

Really enjoyed our Ghost hunt at Drakelow tunnels!
Certainly wouldn’t want to get lost down there on my own 😂
A massive thank you to all of the ” Haunted evening ” crew for a great evening, they all made our visit a very enjoyable one!!”
N.Matty 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to all the team. It was a brilliant evening last night. I had fun walking around the bunker. I would like to explore it more 1 day. Amazing experience. Keep up the good work!!” J.Watkins 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“A fantastic experience shared with a lovely group. Really professional and well organised event by the Haunted Evening team.” K.Redfern 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great time. Look forward to next time!” Lou 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Me and my family had a fantastic time here at drakelow tunnels. We are still in shock that my grandad came through on the ouiji board and it is something that we will treasure forever. Thankyou so much for the love and support we had after that amazing experience x” L.Cooper 17.03.18 Source:Facebook

“Yet another fantastic night with the Haunted Evenings crew this time Christine N-a and I’s second ghost hunt within the Drakelow Tunnels. We loved every minute and will be looking forward to booked a few other special nights with the HE team very soon.”
M.Scrivener 17.03.18 Source:Facebook

“We really enjoyed the evening, makes a huge difference going with a professional outfit”. Allan Maund 14.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night, really enjoyed the tunnels, that is one spooky place lol. Thank you to Haunted evenings & the volunteers and the Mediums for another great, well organised night. see you at the next one 🙂 xxM.Howard 13.05.17 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night at Drakelow Tunnels last night. A Big Thank You to the team for their hard work and dedication, making the night a night to remember. We saw lights recorded what sounded like growling, observed the shared ghost hunting instruments.” M.Biddle 14.05.16 Source:Facebook

***** “Attended Drakelow Tunnels. Brilliant night! Will definately be attending an event through Haunted Evenings again! Friendly staff and very helpful while booking! Couldn’t be happier!” Selina 08.02.16 Source:Website

“Big thank you to the Haunted Evenings team, had an amazing night at Drakelow Tunnels…we will be seeing you again :)” S.Fumino 18.10.15 Source:Facebook

“Really good night in Drakelow tunnels. Great first experience Chris Seymour 18.10.15 Source:Facebook

Location / Map

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Event Review



It’s likely no real secret that Drakelow Tunnels, a former secret nuclear bunker in the West Midlands, is a regular location for Haunted Evenings! We love what this site has to offer budding investigators and explorers alike, with such a vast site, it’s a unique place to literally get lost in!

As with all our investigations here, guests have the opportunity to investigate closely with the team in an array of controlled and traditional vigils, as well as a chance to explore the pitch black disorientating tunnels with paranormal equipment in hand without the team.

Over time we’ve experienced lots of visual paranormal phenomenon at Drakelow Tunnels as well as voices captured in specific areas. Friday night was no exception with one of the highlights being strange lights witnessed during more than one of the vigils, as well as several EVP’s captured throughout the location.


Old surgery area : During Ouija board sessions personal connections occurred for more than one group as well as receiving information regarding spirit energies possibly connected to the tunnels. Information on the board included a 27 year old male spirit with initials “TW” who died from TB, a 56 year old male who was an alcholic and spelt message ‘own your fate’ and a 62 year old male who gave possible military coding VF9680

Main Tunnels : Due to the size of this site and wanting to cover as much ground as possible, guests had the opportunity to go it alone armed with equipment of their choice. Admittedly more of an exploring vigil, evidence is always going to be harder to capture by simply walking around, so for some guests we regrouped towards the end of the vigils to work together in a more controlled manner. During the first 2 vigils down in tunnel 1, muffled voices (captured on our voice recorders) indicated that we were not alone. Whilst most were indecipherable, one response was heard faintly replying “yes I can” when we asked if they could touch one of us. In both vigils, some people felt they were being pushed. On reviewing the EVP’s, although not clear enough to upload, 3 out of 7 suggest that we “get out”. On previous investigations, in this exact remote spot, we have picked up on activity before and it’s certainly an area that needs further investigation.

Old Canteen : One of only a few areas within the tunnels that still has remains of its former use, this tunnel contains the now corroded kitchen complete with old food mixers, ovens and a serving hatch. It is here that in the first half of the night, a bright light was seen that could not have been caused by anything explainable. (It wasn’t torch light or equipment, no power sources etc). The light came from the rear of the kitchen where no-one was. Amazing!
Drakelow is certainly known to the team as being a visual place and whilst still a rare occurrence, we have witnessed strange lights over the years. Further lights were witnessed later on in the evening by the same group and it may well be that someone was following them around, again not a completely unusual occurrence here!

Burial ground area : For the group that had previously experienced a torch like flash earlier in the evening at the old canteen, they again had the amazing experience of 2, possibly, 3 further flashes of light. One we are marking only as being “possibly paranormal” due to being so far away that we couldn’t check (and therefore could not rule out) it being someone from another group (albeit no-one should have been anywhere close). The other 2 lights came from the closer tunnel end to where the group were conducting a human pendulum and on inspection, no-one was there and the lights could not be debunked. The light occurred after asking the spirit to give us a sign they were with us so that was a very fascinating moment for those that saw it. During the pendulum, it was established that the spirit was male and connected to the tunnels from around the time of World War 2 (the Rover Factory era). Shortly after this vigil ended an EVP was captured that shouted the word “Rover!”.

Back in the old canteen towards the end of the investigation, the best of the nights EVP’s was captured with the response picked up as “I ain’t scared of fighting” after a team member directly asks “What are you scared of?”
Thank you to all who joined us at Drakelow Tunnels last night. You all helped make it another memorable night with some amazing moments experienced!

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt Review

Drakelow Tunnels was our location last night, a place the team head to often throughout the year. For those that have been before, you’ll appreciate the vastness this location has to offer, with so much ground to cover, its often an urban explore as well as an investigation.

A great bunch of guests joined us last night and soon found themselves split off into all 4 corners of the location, with 2 traditional experiments to take part in and 2 gadget orientated vigils. Both styles of investigating provided us with some great results and all teams experienced something unknown along the way.
Down in the old canteen area (a fascinating section of the tunnels with old decaying kitchen appliances in situ), some guests experienced equipment triggering on command, EMF bears showed a shift in energy and vibration devices detected movement which wasn’t caused from any of the people present. Sudden drops in temperature were picked up on our devices too, not just in the canteen area but down in tunnel one, where guests experienced chill spots moments before a temperature device displayed a 5 degree drop. It was in the same section of tunnels a noise was heard, similar to a brick being moved, which happened on command when we asked any spirits around us to let their presence beknown by throwing something. Everyone was stood still at the time so that was a pretty cool moment!. An EVP was picked up over 2 devices which, linked together, suggested we turn around and leave. Both recorded during the same call out.
The ouija board was active down in the old medical room for most groups with the majority of energy coming through from connections to the tunnels. Following on with traditional methods, the use of dowsing rods and human pendulum experiments were carried out down underneath the burial ground area of the tunnels, varying degrees of spirit contact came through throughout the evening, with one female spirit being quite strong for one group in particular.
There’s literally so much ground to cover, we often compare paranormal investigating at Drakelow Tunnels a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, it turns out we found several little needles in numerous places!!
A great night made so by the input and enthusiasm from the guys and gals who braved the pitch black tunnels to investigate the labyrinth of tunnels.

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