Ghost Hunt Brighton Old Police Cells Museum


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Haunted Evenings will be spending the night down at the hidden Old Brighton Nick and invite you to join us! Head down to the basement of Brighton’s Town Hall and become immersed in history as you spend the night in the old police cells, some with original prisoners graffiti. Now a museum housing police artefacts, this Victorian structure is reported to be predominantly haunted by a Chief Constable who was murdered by a prisoner here in 1844. One cell more so than the others is claimed to be particularly haunted (we’ll let you discover which one!). Numerous reports also suggest the building maybe rife with troubled souls that were incarcerated in the cells and detention areas, likely abused by early policing methods. This location takes on an eerie feel after dark, which should be no surprise considering it’s past!


You will have the opportunity to experience this historical location into the small hours with just a handful of others. Discover for yourself just how haunted this location is by taking part in a variety of new and more traditional ghost hunting techniques. Guests will have full use of the latest equipment, an opportunity for the brave to carry out vigils unaccompanied and for the not so brave, a chance to try some group activities such as listening / voice recording (EVP) vigils, trigger object experiments, glass divination, table tipping and lockdown experiments. They’ll be something going on for all levels of interest. Take a walk on the dark side and join us at this basement haunt…if you dare?!

What’s Included on this event?

  • Exclusive access to the museum after hours to include Men’s and Women’s Cells, Court Room and basement areas.
  • Walk around with the lights on before the fun begins!
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting in all areas listed using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks
  • Fully insured event with first aider

Event Dates


Event times | 8.00pm-02.00am
Arrival times | From 7.45pm

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Full Price: £45.00


Ghost Hunt Brighton Old Police Cells Museum

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Guest Testimonials


Thank you for the feedback!

“Had a wonderful weekend thank you to yourself your team and the rest of guests that attended.” R.Cain 29.02.20 Source:facebook

“😊 it was such a good night! An amazing experience made even better by the whole team and such a lovely group of individuals attending” H.Talbot 29.02.20 Source:facebook

“Absolutely awesome night am so coming back to join the team on other investigations- was absolutely stunned when dad came through” R. Holland 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for an amazing night, looking forward to the next investigation x” S.Barnes 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Most amazing night of my life, gramp has visited since coming through on the Ouija board 💜” B. Chapman 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a good night. really enjoyed it !” S. Waller 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

Great evening especially the ouija board was unsure about this about being fake but now i have done it fantastic will deffo becomming back next time you are in brighton”
M.Higgins 03.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a great eve” S.Stiles 03.06.18 Source:Facebook

Location / Map

Old Police Cells Museum
Brighton Town Hall,

Event Blog


Fascinating return visit down to Brighton last night as a new set of guests took to investigating a favourite of ours, Brighton Police Cells Museum.

Some of the highlights:

The name Dave came through twice during 2 seperate human pendulum experiments, neither group nor team were aware of the others findings.
A class EVP saying “I’m a prisoner” when asked for them to confirm if they were an officer or prisoner.
EMF meters triggering in the court room as well as a music box that triggered in direct response to asking for spirit to sit in the judges chair!

Thank you to all who attended, you’re input made all the difference and the energy was felt throughout. To the team too, thank you so much for your support…. We shall be back in June, until then, good night Brighton!


Oh we do love to get about! …This weekend was concluded by heading south to get a fright-on in Brighton and what better place to head to than the Town Hall. Down beneath ground level are the old male and female police cells, the old police washroom and a back to bare basement and storage area, whilst above ground, a court room to investigate and public foyer areas. We love this place and were only there in December but wow were we glad to be back! The evening was scattered with some pretty mind blowing experiences from beginning to end with shadows being seen, k2’s lighting up on command and someone even got scratched!.

The highlights!…

OUIJA BOARD. The first vigil of the night for one group soon became a thrilling experience that most won’t likely forget in a hurry! An undesirable named Greg(ory) came through on the board and after a long line of enquiries, the group established he was a Smuggler. After answering lots of questions with increasingly strong glass movements, it was time to up the anti and challenge this characterful crims energy by encouraging him to set off an EMF (K2) meter. With a mixture of patience and determination, the magical moment came when spirit Greg was able to light up the K2 all the way to red from a previously dormant meter. No mean feat!! Wanting more, we asked if he was willing to copy shapes from a piece of paper, Greg was able to correctly copy them! Amazing! After making “friends” with this loveable rogue, a further spirit came forward believed to be a police officer that we soon established wasn’t best pleased we’d befriended such an unsavoury character. So we struck a deal! – We would apologise for our time bonding with Greg, on one condition, that the officer would also trigger the K2. After trying in vain to get him to light it up, we decided to end the vigil by all apologising anyway and as soon as we did that, the K2 finally lit up. It seems our “sorry” was accepted! A cracking start to the investigation for that group with more fascinating moments to come!….

EQUIPMENT VIGIL : Down below street level, guests were given the opportunity to test their nerves by breaking off into small vulnerable numbers. Time was spent behind bars in the male and female cells, the old police shower block and storage rooms. In an end cell in the male block, 2 guests identified they werent alone when their k2 spiked up a level. An EVP session followed and on asking if they were a prisoner or an officer, a muffled “I am a prisoner” was heard on playback. The K2 meter showed fluctuations in energy and appeared to be fading but hit the red with a surge of energy when we played back an EVP that said “not bothered” (we’d asked him to shout at us if he wanted us to stay). It seems the spirit didn’t care whether we stayed or left the cell and reacted with strong energy when we laughed with him at his laid back response. Listen in to the Prisoner who is “not bothered” below!

BASEMENT : Down in the washroom area, 2 women were joined by a further 2 ladies from their group and it wasn’t long before we again, detected a shift in energy when k2’s started to trigger. We felt we were likely in the presence of an Officer and were trying to establish whether he was happy us ladies were down there. All went quiet on the meters when a further 2 guests joined the vigil (a male and female) and we wondered whether the addition of the only male guest was the cause for the down turn in responses. As an experiment, we asked the spirit Officer to light the k2’s all the way to red if he wished the male guest to leave but had no response until the male stepped out of the room. On immediately stepping out, all 3 k2’s hit the red! Boom! Fantastic!

Other groups down in the same washroom/ basement area sighted shadows (seen independently by more than one party). The name Nancy also came up a few times over the spirit box and was confirmed using k2s. One guest felt he got touched on the leg and on closer inspection was found to have a small scratch!

COURTROOM : In the courtroom, movement was detected via a vibe pod which was intermittently being set off without explanation, as has done on previous investigations. Some guests suddenly became emotional with one male guest physically crying. Guests also heard a moan and knocking. Many people picked up on one corner of the court room that they seemed to take a dislike to and interestingly, despite being an incredibly warm building, cold spots were felt in that area. Shadows were also seen lurking at the corner of the Courtroom and someone was touched on their head.

As you may have cottoned on, last night’s investigation at this Brighton gem appeared to be packed full of paranormal activity and certainly kept us busy throughout the night!
It was our absolute pleasure to spend our Haunted Evening with all those who attended last night and on behalf of all the team, thank you all sincerely for making this investigation such a memorable one.

Our very last event of 2018 was spent down in Brighton, what a wonderful road trip to end the year.
Some of last nights Brighton highlights….
Basement : we chose this area to investigate using traditional methods. 2 out of 3 ouija sessions produced results, from personal connections during vigil 1 and location related spirit interaction during vigil 2 (a male criminal who had committed theft). During this session a guest experienced mild chest pains whilst on the glass which subsequently went after standing back from the board. These returned when they rejoined the activity.
Court Room : Here we tried our hands at a combination of kit and traditional techniques. The vibe pod detected movements in areas where no guests were near and a shout came through on one of 3 voice recorders placed around the court room after directly asking spirit to shout into the nearest recorder to them. EVP’s were captured in the judges chamber room, one believed to be the voice of a female spirit who didn’t want us to leave.
Police Cells : Temperature changes were detected on our equipment and a Class A EVP stating “Prisoner” was captured on a voice recorder when we asked spirit to confirm if they were an officer or prisoner. The name Alan was also picked up on during another groups investigation down in the Cells area.
Guests were so lovely, friendly and up for the challenge – a truly awesome bunch! Thanks to everyone who attended, you really did make our last event of the year such a memorable one 💙.


Last night the team headed south for another encounter at the Old Police Cells Museum hidden beneath the Town Hall in Brighton. Guests had the opportunity to try out experiments in the court room, female cells, male cells and basement area.
A dark head and shoulders shadow was seen by a guest sat in one of the chairs in the court room, moments later a team member saw a similar figure dart across the court room.
Down in the old original police cells, much of the vigils were spent debunking some very strong EMF fluctuations caused by cables. However, once areas unaffected were identified, and after some calling out in one of the cells, a K2 meter spiked in immediate response to us asking spirit to move towards the uniform we’d placed the K2 inside. We believed this to be a police officer and this backed up an earlier moment when our EDI device started to trigger in response to questions relating to the police force. In both instances it took awhile for these moments to occur but as we know, things don’t always happen straight away and patience certainly pays off in the end! Shouts were also picked up in the female block, similar to Events that had occurred during our first visit here last year.
The ouija board sessions provided all groups with an experience of contact from the other side, with vigil 2 identifying a strong female presence called Nancy and a personal connection during vigil 3.
As the energy seemed to fade in all of our last 3 grouped vigils, we all joined forces back in the foyer of the town hall for one last attempt to build the energy up before home time. Alas, it seemed the energy had indeed dipped but if nothing else showed consistency that the energy in the building had slowly faded for us all in all areas!
A cracking real investigation with some great team work from guests and crew all working towards deciphering the energy within the building. Thanks to all those guests who really got stuck in to the experiments and who played a part in calling out and getting involved.