Ghost Hunt Bodmin Jail | Bodmin Moor | Cornwall

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Ghost Hunt Bodmin Jail | Cornwall

Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt
Bodmin Jail has an incredibly gruesome past and it should come as no surprise that the sense of what negativity happened here, still lingers today. Join Haunted Evenings on a night of ghost hunting at this imposing haunted location in Bodmin, Cornwall. Whether it’s your first time taking a walk on the dark side, or you’re a seasoned ghost hunter, Haunted Evenings welcome all those intrigued by the paranormal to spend the night in one of the most reportedly haunted jails in the UK! The team will give you a ghost hunting experience like no other, as we set up new and more traditional experiments to see what really haunts Bodmin Gaol. Enjoy a history tour of the location, before trying your hand at investigating the dark corners of this historic building.  For the brave, a chance to go it alone and have the opportunity to use our extensive range of equipment, for those not so brave, don’t worry, the team are on hand all night! Haunted Evenings events are the closest thing you’re about to get to experiencing what it’s like to be a true ghost hunter in one of the UK’s most paranormal hotspots!

History of Bodmin Gaol (Jail)

Bodmin Gaol (Jail) was once known as being the most brutal Jail in England! It has been closed now since the 1920’s and whilst many of the buildings have been left to ruin, parts have been saved and turned into a visitors attraction.

During WWI, Bodmin Gaol held the Crown Jewels and the Doomsday book, this is about as “nice” as it gets! The dark side to Bodmin is that from 1785-1909, up to 60 inmates were hanged, most of these publicly and it’s believed that many still haunt the Jail to this day.

Ghosts | Paranormal Activity at Bodmin Jail

With such a grim and brutal past, Bodmin Gaol has all the ingredients for a perfect ghost hunt. There are too many paranormal encounters here to list but many have experienced being shoved, orbs have been captured and there have been many accounts of ghost sightings around the jail. There’s lots of documented history of who lay captured here and who were executed for their crimes. It’s no wonder these stone walls hold a lot of  potential paranormal energy. Join Haunted Evenings as we investigate Bodmin Jail, bringing with us all the very latest paranormal equipment to get to the bottom of all the ghost stories that have been “floating” about! One thing we won’t be picking up on, is Kreed Kafer!

What’s Included on this event?

  • History/ Guided tour/access all areas at Bodmin Jail | 5 Floors of the Jail to investigate + part of the gatehouse.
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks
  • Fully Insured Event
  • First Aider Cover

Event Dates Available | Ghost Hunt Bodmin Jail


Event times | 10.00pm -5.00am
Arrival times | From 9.45pm

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Ghost Hunt Bodmin Jail

Ghost Hunt Bodmin Jail. Join Haunted Evenings on a night to remember!

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Join Haunted Evenings for a lock down at the brutal Bodmin Jail. With 5 incredibly eerie floors of cells to investigate you will soon find yourself in small teams, taking part in a jam packed night of ghost hunting. The team will set you up with equipment and guide you round various areas of the building. Call out if you’re brave enough or huddle in safety as we set up several different types of vigils in an attempt to contact the souls who still lurk here. Bodmin Jail has an intense feeling about it as you enter the prison block. Activity here on our first visit was plentiful and the guests did not leave disappointed. Haunted Evenings are the closest you’re going to get to genuine ghost hunting and this is one hell of a place to investigate! Our Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt will leave you hooked!

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“Had a fantastic evening thank you for accommodating us ☺️ can’t wait for the EVP of Edward as that was our group been waiting very patiently 🙊 x” S.Ball 06.05.18 Source:Facebook

“I attended your Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt. It was one of the most incredible and best nights of my life…..Once again, the night was incredible and I will definitely be trying to book more in the future. Thankyou ” K.Warren 06.05.18 Source:Facebook

“As a newby it was anything but quiet. Opened my eyes and wanting more” M.Woolgar 06.05.18 Source: Facebook

“6 hour ghost hunt felt like it took 5 mins, it goes so fast! Loved it as per and makes me wish I could do it all the time. Thank you to one of the best crews for allowing us to be so involved and hands on. See you in May! ??“ Leah 17.04.16 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for an amazing night at Bodmin Jail” D.Taylor 19.04.15 Source:Facebook