Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion | Manchester


Event Date | TBC
Event Price | £30.00 per person
Event Time | 9.00pm – 3.00am
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Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion

Join Haunted Evenings for a very exciting opportunity to investigate this “one of a kind” location. Whilst most would imagine the description “Mansion” as being a building of opulence and grandeur, this building in the suburbs of Manchester could not be further from that!Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion

Closed in March 2018 from it’s former use as an alternative/underground nightclub, Antwerp Mansion provides the most perfect of environments for a ghost hunt due to it’s almost derelict and dilapidated feel. No home comforts here! This site is as raw as they come, with graffiti all over the building and rooms left in a state of gloomy decay.

If you fancy a night at this former Victorian residence, where many have felt a presence in the shadows, you’ll soon find yourself in smaller numbers, exploring and investigating the many areas this dilapidated building has to offer. You will have the chance to use all the latest ghost hunting gadgets, take part in modern and more traditional ghost hunting vigils and really get a feel for what it is like to go ghost hunting at this unique haunted gem!.

History of Antwerp MansionGhost Hunt Antwerp Mansion

Antwerp Mansion was purposely built as a Private residence in 1840, forming part of the Victora Park Estate,  a gated community for the wealthy Victorian Industrialists of Manchester. Built in an early gothic architectural style, it changed it’s use to a private club in 1922, when extensions to the building were added to incorporate a ballroom and snooker hall. In most recent years, Antwerp Mansion gained an almost cult status within the music scene as a nightclub, until it’s recent closure in March 2018. The venue has recently been opened up to the paranormal field and is reported, by many, as having an eerie and dark feel to the place. Who haunts here is for you to find out! Are you brave enough to enter the unknown?!!

What’s Included on the Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion?

  • Walk around / access all areas to Antwerp Mansion
  • Kit Vigil – Get hands on with all the latest equipment and have the opportunity to take it with you as you are let loose in some of the Mansions rooms!
  • Traditional Vigil – An array of experiments await you! – Human Pendulums, Ouija Boards, Dowsing Rods, Table Tipping
  • Trigger Vigil – Camp down in one area of this old mansion and use trigger objects, listening devices, cameras, voice recorders to see what can be captured.
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks
  • Fully insured event

Event Date


Event times | 9.00pm-3.00am 
Arrival times | From 8.45pm 

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Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion

Ghost Hunt Antwerp Mansion, the perfect setting for an overnight investigation! This new spook on the block, which has only recently unlocked it’s doors to the paranormal field, is a must do location if you’re fascinated by all things raw and dilapidated. This former Victorian Mansion in suburban Manchester, is in a rather poor state of repair, which only adds to your overnight experience. Once an opulent private Victorian residence to the wealthy Victorian Industrialists, this derelict style property, with it’s many back to basics rooms to explore, dates back to 1840. It’s use as a home, private club and more recently as an urban cult nightclub makes it’s a unique location, where many have felt uneasy. Shadows have been seen lurking in many corners and the challenge has been set to see what or who haunts this building. Are you up for entering the unknown?!

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Guest Testimonials


“Great night, team friendly and security validated feeling and noises as being seen /felt/heard by others x loved the equipment too x ” S.Foley 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“What a great night! Really enjoyed it” G.Martell 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“Hi thanks for a fantastic 2 nights investigations from me jackie and tania. Really enjoyed working with you and the team” J. Kelly 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a very good night. Highly recommended team. Very friendly, great to see you all again. Look forward to seeing you all soon x Hopefully i don’t get scratches next time lol…. All part and parcel i suppose x” David Mason 25.06.17 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant night..very atmospheric and staff were amazing. Thanks guys will be recommending Haunted Evenings to everyone..And wanting to book the next Morecambe winter gardens for sure.” J. Bromage  18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Didn’t want it to end. We had a fabulous time” V Murray 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Loved it. Will be going to more. Thank you” V Dolan 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night thanks again guy’s and looking forward to next time already” D.Holme 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Yet again a most pleasurable night with you all and an honour to be part of it. January won’t come soon enough. ?” M Woods 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Fab night loved it x” D.Taylor 18.09.16 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great night, amazing location and some great EVPs!”  G.Davies 17.05.16 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a top night at Lancaster castle can’t wait to book again, the team was excellent and loved the experience” S.Torr 15.05.16 Source:Facebook

“Was an amazing night. Will definitely book on another in the future.” C.Snaith  16.05.16 Source:Facebook

“We loved it can’t wait to book another one thanks” S.Torr 16.05.16 Source:Facebook