Ghost Hunt Ancient Ram Inn | Gloucester


Ghost Hunt Ancient Ram Inn | Gloucester

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Ghost Hunt Ancient Ram Inn

Join Haunted Evenings as we take you on a ghost hunt to remember at one of the UK’s most haunted locations, The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire! You really need to step inside this building to appreciate just how creepy this old Inn is, with its clutter of strange objects and dark rooms, you’re instantly hit with a surpressive atmosphere like no other you’ve likely experienced before!

History of The Ram Inn

This former Inn dates back to 12th Century and was built on an ancient pagan burial ground. The Inn also stands on a ley line between Ley Farm and Hetty Peglar’s Tump, a stone age burial mound. With such a combination, it’s no wonder this location has the ingredients to being one of England’s paranormal hotspots. The Inn was first recorded as being a dwelling for mason’s working on the nearby church before housing the local Bishop. In the 19th Century, the property became an Inn and still has the old pub seating area in the main downstairs room. Since 1968 it has been owned by John Humphrey and used as his private dwelling. Many of the rooms are crammed full of antiques John has hoarded over the years and in his time living at the property he has experienced countless paranormal activities.

Ancient Ram Inn – Paranormal Activity

Ghost Hunt Ancient Ram Inn

Haunted Evenings have investigated The Ancient Ram many times over the years and have always experienced strange phenomenon here. Because of its surpressive atmosphere, there is a real sense of dark energies here as well as more innocently trapped souls. We could spout off all of the evidence and activities that we have experienced but what we always try and do is keep stum, so all new guests are not influenced by what we have discovered!. We will investigate the Ram with you as if it were our first time and we’ll be setting up some new style experiments this time round to try and unearth even more about this place. What we will tell you is stay in numbers if entering the barn area and be extremely cautious in the Bishops room! (These seem to be the darker areas of the Ancient Ram). You’re in safe hands though and you don’t need to be experienced to book on this event, just be aware that the place really does put many on edge!

Ghost Hunting at Ancient Ram Inn

Ghost Hunt Ancient Ram Inn Bishops Room

Armed with all the very latest equipment, you will have the unique opportunity to take part in an access all areas Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn. Several rooms to investigate here, including the ground floor (former) bar area, barn, Bishops room, Witches room and Attic. Grab yourself a thermal imaging camera and see what cold spots this incredibly spooky location has. Haunted Evenings will be conducting several experiments (modern and traditional) throughout the night to really try and ascertain the real paranormal activities that occur here. Guests brave enough to join the team for the evening will have a chance to explore and conduct their own controlled experiments with the teams guidance and there will be several activities suited to first timers as well as those more hardened to take part in. This most haunted location will be one hell of a night of investigations and for those willing visitors, a chance to spend the night in one of the UK’s most haunted buildings!

What’s Included | Ghost Hunt Ancient Ram Inn

  • Guided tour/access all areas at The Ancient Ram Inn
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
  • Complimentary light snacks
  • First Aid Cover and Insurance

Event Dates


Event times | 9.00pm-03.00am
Arrival times | From 8.45pm

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*Guests must be 18+
*Deposits are strictly non-refundable / non-transferable
*Remaining balances refundable up until 4 weeks before
*No alcohol / illegal substances allowed prior to or during the event
*Guests must bring a torch and wear sensible shoes
*Location not be suitable for people with mobility difficulties 


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Guest Testimonials


“Had an amazing night thank you, may have to come back for more” W.Meredith 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“Great night! We loved it.” S.Digger 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“Was a brilliant night.” S.Jackman 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“Brilliant very scary” L.Dodds 04.10.20 Source:facebook

“It was a great night will do it again only jumped once lol thank your to the team they were brilliant xx” D. Tout 24.11.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a fantastic evening, with emf spikes around johns sofa and book case, then the emf spikes on demand in the bar area (tim) got to give the spririts a mention, as well as the weird emf spikes up in the attic and ouija bords connection, all very impressive,thanks to haunted evenings team for such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, had a great night, thanks to all” D.Robb 21.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night, I loved the team and how relaxed, friendly, open and organised. Will definitely be joining up for more adventures with you! Was lovely meeting all the like-minded people in the groups last night too! ” A.Brogan 20.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening, great place with lots of lovey warm kind energies which balanced out anything sad & negtive…” L.Thandy 20.05.18 Source: Facebook

“Was a fun night at the Ancient Ram Inn that was for sure. A really enjoyable night. You guys are great and definitely are a brilliant team to investigate with” M.Brindley 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night at the ram inn, you were a fab team to investigate with. Look forward to visiting the creaky cauldron with you in July!”
C.Porteous 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

“What an amazing investigation last night at the Ancient Ram Inn it did not disappoint!! So much activity on the ouija board never seen anything quire like it! The team were as fantastic as ever. I always feel like I’m with friends when I’m with you guys…. love you guys here’s to many more investigations in the future!! met some fab people too thanks” S.Morrell 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

“Fantastic night with the team at The Ram last night” R.Hipwood 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

“Last night’s event at the Ancient Ram Inn was fantastic! I have never had so much activity on the Ouija board before as we did last night & it was brilliant!
Once again the team were fab, they really are such a great bunch of people. One of the things I love about them & why I keep coming back is that they are genuine, so thank you all for an amazing night xxx” S.Singh 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

“Hi we went to the ram inn pub last night we had a fab time can’t wait until the nxt one the team were great x” D. Tout 01.07.17 Source:Facebook

Location / Map

Potters Pond,
Wotton Under Edge
GL12 7HF

Event Blog


Last orders were last called at this olde Grade 2 listed Inn in 1968 so it’s fair to say the latest 10pm pub curfew need not apply here! Now a privately owned former Inn, this world renowned building, with its eerie old hoard of unique objects belonging to it’s characterful former owner, the creaking floorboards and dark shadowy rooms easily test the nerves of all who enter. The Ancient Ram Inn is a firm favourite and it was good to be back with a fantastic group of guests joining the team to investigate together.

Guests were split down into vulnerable sized groups to cover all areas; the downstairs Inn with old bar, barn and living area. The ‘Witches’ Room and ‘Bishops’ Room (former Inn guest rooms) on the middle floor, and the attic space. What did we experience?….


In all areas EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) were captured on recorders. Although many still need to be fully reviewed, one appears to say “I’m back” and another “Get out my house”. Both recorded in the Attic but by different teams/groups. On climbing the attic stairs, 2 guests from a 3rd group experienced intense headaches, another felt her hair being touched in the attic and one guest felt the bed move beneath her. It seems the Attic proved an active part of the building last night.

In the Bishops Room (one of the most foreboding rooms in the Inn) high level “spikes” were picked up on our EMF meters. Whilst unexplainable, this has happened on numerous previous investigations and still remains a mystery for now.

On the ground floor, equipment (k2’s,k2 bear) triggered near the childs grave as well as a vibe pod in the Barn area for one group and for another, a vibe pod and music box triggered on command downstairs.

One guest saw (with the naked eye) an orb/light source come from behind a team members head fly up in a diagonal direction … almost disappearing into the ceiling. Another guest from Group 1 recorded a possible green orb in the bar area.

“Bishops Room” The Ancient Ram Inn

Thank you to all the team and guests for splitting down into covid safe (and unnervingly vulnerable) groups to investigate this infamous Inn, especially to those guests who have patiently waited since their postponed event in April. 


Such an enjoyable relaxed night spent back down in Gloucester at the Ancient Ram Inn with some truly wonderful guests who were all a genuine pleasure to investigate alongside!

With its dark eccentric surroundings the Ram certainly offers visitors plenty of rooms to investigate and one by one the groups entered each room to carry out a variety of experiments, from the Ouija board up in attic to equipment in the lounge area and human pendulums down in the barn.
Muffled EVP’s were recorded up in the Bishops Room, K2 spikes on command in the lounge and a personal connection on the ouija board were just some of the moments that added up to being another fascinating evening at this infamous location. I even heard distinct quickened footsteps coming towards the kitchen when no-one at all, was there!
The team agree, that despite all the ghostly experiences captured, the highlight was spending the evening with a magnificent group of people who came together as a team and worked with each other respectfully but with humour and fun. Great energy last night and a pleasure to be a part of! Hopefully see you again soon!