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Derby Jail | Ghost Hunt New Years Eve

New Years Eve Ghost Hunt

Join Haunted Evenings on a fabulous ghost hunting night with a TWIST as we celebrate seeing in the New Year in style! Your New Years Eve will start with some mighty intense and serious ghost hunting as we split you off into teams to discover the true hauntings of this fantastic location (plus one other location nearby!). Once we’ve raised a glass to 2016 and you’ve tucked into a lovely buffet spread, your night will then continue on a more light hearted ghost hunting theme.


Merrick Alora

Whilst Haunted Evenings events are the closest thing you’re about to get to experiencing what it’s like to be a true ghost hunter, this special New Years event will be a combination of serious and party style ghost hunting! Before midnight, it’ll be business as usual! Splitting off into groups to investigate in true “Ghost Adventures” style, you will take part in some pretty intense ghost hunting vigils….BUT this is NYE afterall, so! after midnight we’ll be joined by Scariest Places very own Merrick Alora!

Merrick Alora, comedic actor Michael Roberts (Dee) from Take The Cake Productions, will be sending up our vigils after midnight with his spirit guide “Peter” and the evening will take on a more light hearted style. Time to let your hair down and have a laugh!. …The team will ensure your night ends on a high and will be a ghost hunting night and a NYE like no other! Sense of humour required!

The History of Derby Gaol

Delve into the history of Derby Gaol (Jail) and there is little wonder as to why this location has claimed the crown for the most haunted building in Derby! The Gaol that exists today was constructed from many of the original materials used from the original Derby Gaol that was constructed after an act of parliament in the early 1500’s to house local criminals –  from mere petty crime to brutal murders. The original jail was eventually decommissioned and the new Derby Jail built in 1756 after the old site was sanctioned as unclean and of poor living conditions. However the new gaol was hardly 5 star by comparison! Built to house up to 23 inmates, it soon became a place of overcrowding and poor sanitation, Gaol fever ran rife throughout and death was a common occurance inside the gaol walls. It wasn’t until 1787 that it was deemed unacceptable and a law was enforced that all Gaol cells should be lime-washed and cleaned once a year!

The site of the current gaol was stragically placed in the “execution quarter” of Derby. It was perfectly normal for prisoners to meet their fate at the Gallows. In 1752, close to the time that Derby Gaol was opened, the law had introduced it’s most gruesome form of punishment and it was not unusual for Murderers to have been sentenced to death by being “hung, drawn and quartered”, an execution whereby the general public could not only witness the hanging, but witness the dissection of the corpse. These were brutal times and Derby Gaol would have been a very harrowing place to be!

Ghosts | Paranormal Activity at Derby Gaol

With such a vile past, it is no wonder that there appears to be more than meets the eye to this Derby building. Many visitors have left visiting the cells with a real feeling of sickness, others with discomfort to the throat. Is this the meddling of former inmates? Other visitors have sensed dark figures in the gaol with some claims of seeing hanging bodies from the ceilings. The owner, Richard Felix, who applies mass logic to the paranormal field, has had a few encounters that have left him more than a little shaken.

What’s Included? New Years Eve Ghost Hunt Derby Gaol

  • Walkround of Derby Gaol
  • Investigation of Derby Gaol and nearby guard Tower
  • Complimentary New Years Eve Bubbly
  • Complimentary Buffet
  • Jam packed night of ghost hunting using different techniques (see “What’s Included” tab below for full details)
  • Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
  • A chance to investigate in style with Merrick Alora!
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks

2015 Event Dates Available…

NEW YEARS EVE | 31st December 2015

Event times | 8.00pm -2.00am
Arrival times | From 7.30pm

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Derby Jail Ghost Hunt New Years Eve

What to expect on this Haunted Evenings Derby Jail Ghost Hunt?

Your experience at Derby’s historic Jail will start with a warm welcome to Derby Gaol from the Haunted Evening’s Team before embarking on a tour around the location. Guests will also have access to an additional location to investigate nearby!.
During the course of the evening you will be split up into smaller groups to go off and do some group vigils plus lone vigils (for those of you brave enough to go it alone!). These will be organised by the team and a staff member will be present at all times with each group.
The Haunted Evenings team uses all the latest paranormal investigation equipment as listed on the equipment page and encourage all guests to have a go at using as much of the gadgets as they wish. The team aim to conduct unique experiments with a “think outside the box” attitude, making the night at Derby Gaol unique to the location, with specific trigger objects and some special twists on more traditional methods for those braver guests!.
Haunted Evenings also aim to collect EVP evidence (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) using rare equipment which works at a lower frequency and can record voices unheard by the human ear. The team will also be setting up experiments in some of the rooms in the hope of catching paranormal activity which will be re-visited before the end of the evening.

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What's Included

*Welcome Meeting with complimentary refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks)

*Walk round of the location with the lights on, pointing out places of interest.

*Guests will then be split into smaller groups to carry out small vigils

*Handheld Equipment Vigil. Guests will investigate an area using all the latest paranormal handheld equipment. We will show you how to use all the devices, including K2’s, Mel Meters, Ghost Meters and our thermal imaging cameras. We will also see what we capture using voice and video recorders.

* Trigger Object Vigil. Stay close to our trigger objects to see who, from the spirit world, is intrigued by our objects!, many with built in devices that will literally trigger if interacted with by spirits including Rempods. Other devices will be available for guests to use during the session.

* Voice Vigil. Guests will move on to another area and will have a go at using listening devices to see what strange noises and hopefully voices we can capture. Guests will have the chance to use digital voice recorders and use hearing enhancers. We will carry out EVP experiments and encourage all guests to have a go at capturing their own evidence.

* Lone Vigils. Guests brave enough will be given time to re-visit areas of the location unguided. Armed with walkie talkie contact with the team, guests can take any available equipment and conduct their own vigils.

*Group Vigil. Guests wanting to stay close to the team, will finish off the night carrying out a final vigil in the most active part of the location, using the technique that had the best response.

*Complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks will be available throughout the event.

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