Abandoned Park Hotel Ghost Hunts Morecambe

The Park Hotel Morecambe Ghost Hunts…..

Dare to investigate one of Morecambe’s oldest buildings? It won’t be a “walk in the park!”

Join Haunted Evenings as we explore and investigate this now eerily empty and abandoned Victorian hotel in the old seaside town of Morecambe. This former glory, the Park Hotel, has been closed for years with many of the original furnishings, including bedding, just simply left behind! From old reception rooms and bars, to stairs that lead to nowhere,  countless bedrooms in various states of repair, back to bare walls on the upper servants landing, an old library, cellars with servants kitchen and a stunning Observatory that shows the marks of where it was struck by lightening! All this AND the fact that many locals strongly believe this hotel, built in 1900, is one of the most haunted places in this seaside ghost town, this is a perfect place to spend a haunted evening!

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