Ghost Hunts Stoke Rochford Hall

A unique opportunity to spend the night investigating this beyond stunning former Victorian residence, brand new to the paranormal field for 2018 and exclusive to Haunted Evenings Events! As well as having the chance to investigate many of the grand public rooms upstairs, including the library and Turnor Room,  you will have access to an abundance of areas that have NEVER been seen by the public, including the eerie “Chapel Passage” with it’s several vaulted rooms off a dark corridor – one with a fireplace and another with a mysterious ominous looking door! If that wasn’t enough, guests will have the opportunity to enter the usually out of bounds basement that lies beneath the Orangery, once the bakery for the property. For the absolute brave, a chance to explore the disused service tunnels which are pitch black and very foreboding, you may think twice to wanting to spend time in there, bewarned, there are bats in residence! Close to the service tunnel entrance is the catacombs, a disused bar area that has a very depressive uneasy feel. DATES SELL OUT FAST!…..

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