Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunts

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunts : Your ghost hunting experience begins here!

Join Haunted Evenings on one of our many Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunts for a night to remember! This former secret nuclear bunker is a labyrinth of dark, disorientating  tunnels that will be sure to creep you out! This fascinating location is one of kind and a visit underground (without even knowing it was haunted) would be awesome enough!. Now add into the mix that this place has a proven track record for being “paranormally” active and you can be assured that your nerves will be tested!.

What to expect when you enter Drakelow Tunnels with Haunted Evenings?

You’re in safe hands, as Haunted Evenings guide you around this haunted location, we’ll also make sure you experience as many different types of experiments as possible. You could soon find yourself trying your hand at some hi-tech gadgetry experiments as well as old style ghost hunting activities and for the brave, the chance to go it alone!. You’re sure to have a fantastic experience at one of Haunted Evenings favourite locations!

Here’s a lowdown of your haunted evening…

*Guided tour/access all areas to Drakelow Tunnels
*Kit Vigil – Get hands on with all the latest equipment and have the opportunity to take it with you as you get lost in the tunnels!
*Traditional Vigil – An array of experiments await you! – Human Pendulums, Ouija Boards, Dowsing Rods, Table Tipping
*Trigger Vigil – Camp down in one area and use trigger objects, listening devices, cameras, voice recorders to see what can be captured.
*Full use of all the latest paranormal equipment
*A chance to “go it alone!  (not many take us up on this, this place isn’t for the feint hearted!)

What else is included?
Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and soft drinks
Complimentary light snacks (crisps, chocolate bars)
Free Parking
How to book? More info please!…..

Please select one of the dates below by clicking on the image for more information  – you’ll also be able to choose a payment option from the individual event listing if you fancy joining us on any of the available Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunts below…..

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