Ancient Ram Ghost Hunts

Ancient-Ram-InnJoin Haunted Evenings as we take you on a ghost hunt to remember at one of the UK’s most haunted locations, The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire! You really need to step inside this building to appreciate just how creepy this old Inn is, with its clutter of strange objects and dark rooms, you’re instantly hit with a surpressive atmosphere like no other you’ve likely experienced before!

Ghost Hunting at Ancient Ram Inn

Armed with all the very latest equipment, you will have the unique opportunity to take part in an access all areas Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn. Several rooms to investigate here, including the ground floor (former) bar area, barn, Bishops room, Witches room and Attic. Grab yourself a thermal imaging camera and see what cold spots this incredibly spooky location has. This most haunted location will be one hell of a night of investigations and for those willing visitors, a chance to spend the night in one of the UK’s most haunted buildings!

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