Abington Park Museum Ghost Hunts


Original photo courtesy of Northampton Museums and Art Gallery

Former Asylum – Abington Museum….

This former Asylum has rarely been investigated over recent years but it’s little wonder that it’s a paranormal place of interest due to its varied past. Courtesy of the museum staff, some of the accounts of strange occurrences are as follows; Footsteps have been heard in the attic, rose perfume odours smelt on the top floor , high pitched screams of a female heard by the staff at night and by the staircase, several museum staff have heard them creak as if someone was walking down them towards the kitchen!.

Your Investigation…

Join Haunted Evenings on an overnight ghost hunt which will take you into all areas of this atmospheric location with its ongoing maze of rooms to explore in the dark. We’ll be splitting you off into small groups to see what you can unearth. Will you experience the many encounters of the paranormal that other visitors before you have experienced?. All guests will have the chance to get hands-on “Ghost Adventures” style with full access to all the very latest equipment, a long with more traditional style vigils. Join the team and truly experience what it is like to investigate this eerie location after dark!

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