Nottingham’s Galleries Ghost Hunt

Last Saturday at The Galleries of Justice Museum was simply mind blowing!

Guests were spoilt for choice in where to investigate. The teams were split down into 3 small groups to cover as much ground as possible.

One group started the night in the old Edwardian Police Station, an area we’ve never had access to before. Results were phenomenal, a trigger doll literally triggered in one of the doorways. This doll has never alarmed before on any investigations! Whatever set that off, had some power and authority. The second vigil had the same results with the doll triggering. This trigger vigil saw k2’s, the EMF bear and doll all alarm out and trigger. EVP’s were captured with a class A “oh yeah” that all guests heard as clear as day!

Down in the caves, all appeared quiet for the glass divination vigil, other than in 2 separate vigils the rempod went off like a disco! The groups moved up to the old washroom where EVP’s were captured. The glass also responded here from whom appeared to be an old prisoner.

The third vigil was held in the old condemned mans cells, courtyard and pit area. The pit area produced an eerie sense that the group were not alone! After several unexplained noises from the pit, an EVP came through so loud that it left a few guests not wanting to hang around!

The night ended on the biggest high in the courtroom. The entire group joined forces for this 4th and final vigil and initial feelings was that the courtroom seemed quite quiet. A few creaks were heard that were likely attributed to bums on benches and it was almost time to call it a night when a row of guests felt an incredible uneasiness behind them. At this precise moment, pretty much without exception, the entire group heard a tapping noise come from behind where the row of guests were sitting. One of the guests took photos and captured a head and torso shadow. What makes this evidence so special, was the photo captures the guests looking behind them in that exact same spot. It was a great capture – Well done to Adrian (guest) for snapping in the right place at the right time!

Galleries Shadow

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