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Nottingham and surrounding Nottinghamshire has some hidden gems of haunted locations to visit and go ghost hunting!. If you fancy joining us on one of our Nottingham Ghost Hunts then you’ve made a fantastic choice!. The only dilemma now is which ghost hunt to choose from?! From ghost hunts down in Nottingham’s haunted caves, ghost hunting the cities haunted pubs and some of Nottingham’s finest museums like The Galleries of justice, why not join Haunted Evenings at some of the most haunted locations Nottingham has to offer…..

The Village | Mansfield | Nottinghamshire | Nottingham Ghost Hunts

The Village Ghost Hunts Nottingham


Join Haunted Evenings as we enter “The Village”, a disorientating maze of darkened rooms within this large sprawling former 1800’s slaughter house.  The building, more recently used as a local nightclub, was left abandoned and disused for over 10 years. In amongst the army camp outs that exist within the current use of “The Village” are the remains of the old nightclub stairwells and an old piano (heard playing by itself) is hidden away in another eerie area of the building. Several other accounts of paranormal activity have been reported at The Village and as this location is so large, it’s almost impossible to cover all areas in one night.  This is one not to miss! BOOK NOW!

The Galleries of Justice | Nottingham Ghost Hunts 

Nottingham Ghost Hunts The Galleries of Justice


One of Haunted Evenings favourite locations in Nottingham and one we try to return to every year for the sheer reason that there are layers to this location…. Court rooms, prison cells and Caves all on different levels to get really stuck in with ghost hunting activities! Once the lights are out, trust us, this place is not for the faint hearted. Using all the latest equipment and taking you off into small groups, we really try and get to the core of the paranormal activities reported here.  MORE INFO

City of Caves | Nottingham Ghost Hunts

Nottingham Ghost Hunts The City of Caves


As you take a stroll through Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Shopping Centre you may not realise that beneath you lies a labyrinth of sandstone caves with a history of usage that stretches over 1000’s years. With such a varied past it should come as no surprise that The City of Caves is haunted!. We had some very VERY strange unexplainable occurrences last time we were here and we left with no question that the Caves were paranormally active. Dare to see if you get pushed like we did?! We caught that moment on camera! MORE INFO

Strelley Hall | Nottingham Ghost Hunts

Nottingham Ghost Hunts Strelley HallGHOST HUNTING AT STRELLEY HALL.

Approximately 4 miles from the City centre you’ll find the stunning Strelley Hall, with parts of the building dating back as early as 1200AD when parts of the existing building were part of a castle. The hall boasts all the requirements of a great ghost hunting location, with a dungeon down a long eerie basement corridor, a cellar area and panelled ground floor rooms to investigate. Strelley Hall also even has its own story of being cursed by its previous owner!. With a variety of haunted rooms with an impressive date range, Strelley Hall is another jewel in the Nottinghamshire crown. Fancy spending a Haunted Evening locked inside this old Hall? MORE INFO……

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – Nottingham Ghost Hunts

Nottingham Ghost Hunts Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem


As Ye Olde pubs go, this has to be one of the quirkiest! Built into the side of Nottinghams Castle Rock, you could find yourself with a pint and a packet of pork scratchings admiring the sandstone cave walls you’re sitting in, unaware that this place has just as many spirits your side of the bar! Explore the cave area of the Inn, the cellars (once used as a cell) and if that’s not all, no haunted pub would be complete without a room that’s actually named the Haunted Room! – Nice! Well we think so. We’ve investigated here once before and we’re due to go back so if you’d like to join us, drop us an enquiry.

Ye Olde Salutation Inn | Nottingham Ghost Hunts

Nottingham Ghost Hunts Ye Olde Salutation Inn


Nottingham City Centre is built upon a labyrinth of sandstone caves and Ye Olde Salutation Inn, like many of the locations above, is no exception to having its own set of caves to investigate. The night will start with some paranormal investigations down in the caves, which are on 2 levels, before making our way to the bar area to investigate this 13th Century building. If you’re interested in joining a ghost hunt and being part of a small investigation team, drop us an enquiry for when we’ll next be back.

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