Northumberland Ghost Hunts

Northumberland has some hidden gems of haunted locations to visit and go ghost hunting!. If you fancy joining us on one of our Northumberland Ghost Hunts then you’ve made a fantastic choice!. The only dilemma now is which ghost hunt to choose from?! ….why not join Haunted Evenings at some of the most haunted locations this area has to offer…..

Kielder Castle | Northumberland Ghost Hunts

Northumberland Ghost Hunts at Kielder


Dares you spend the entire night in this very secluded Kielder Forest property close to the Scottish Borders? This former hunting lodge was built in 1775 for the Duke of Northumberland and rebuilt a century later into the castle you see today. This location feels a very lonely eerie place to be and many have reported a sense of unease in the old servants quarters. Join Haunted Evenings for a night of investigating this stunning location, and for the brave, the chance to sleep over! MORE INFO….

Chillingham Castle | Northumberland Ghost Hunts

Northumberland Ghost Hunts at Chillingham CastleFEEL THE CHILL AT CHILLINGHAM CASTLE

Rumoured to being one of the most haunted castles in England and being the subject of several TV investigation programmes, Chillingham Castle is one of those places that holds many ghost stories within its walls, quite literally!…the skeleton remains of a boy, said to haunt the castle were discovered inside the thick fortified walls of this medieval castle. The castle also comes with its own ghost lady….sightings to one side, guests have experienced strange occurrences throughout the location and many have felt uneasy here. MORE INFO…..

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