Ghost Hunts North West England

Ghost Hunts North West England

Looking to go on a ghost hunt up North!? Whether you fancy a ghost hunt night out in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester or the many ghost hunting locations in Lancaster,  you can be rest assured that haunted Evenings have selected the most haunted locations to investigate after dark in North West England!. Click on the venues below for more details about our ghost hunting events and weekends  in North West England…..

Ghost Hunting Events | Liverpool | Ghost Hunts North West England

Choose from Ghost Hunts in Liverpool’s City Centre and surrounding areas.  Haunted Evenings run regular events in Liverpool, including ghost hunting events at Liverpool’s St George’s Hall

Ghost Hunting Events  | Manchester | Ghost Hunts North West England

Looking for a ghost hunt in the Manchester area? Haunted Evenings have access to some haunted places in this part of the North West region. Check out where you can go ghost hunting near to Manchester as well as neighbouring areas in the North West

Ghost Hunting Events | Lancaster | Lancashire | Ghost Hunts North West England

If you’re looking for ghost hunts in Lancaster or haunted venues in Lancashire in general, take a look at our ghost hunting menu for Lancaster.  Fancy exploring the cells that now sit empty at Lancaster Castle (or do they?!)

Ghost Hunting Experiences | Chester | Ghost Hunts North West England

Chester, one of the most stunning cities in North West England. With so much character within the historical buildings of Chester, it’s no wonder the ghost stories are plentiful too.

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