Ghost Hunts North East England

Looking to go on a ghost hunt in the historic and vast region of the Β North East of England? Haunted Evenings have selected some fantastically spooky and haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter in some of the North Easts main destinations, including Newcastle and surrounding Northumberland. Click on the areas below for more details about our ghost hunting events and weekends in this huge region.

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Newcastle Castle Keep | Ghost Hunts Newcastle

Ghost Hunts Newcastle Keep Tours


The Castle’s Keep in Newcastle is a Grade I listed building dating back to 1172, built on the site of the earlier Castle which gave the City its name. During the 16th to 18th Century the Keep was used as a prison until the building came into disrepair. The Keep was restored in the early 19th Century and by the 1850’s, much of the surrounding area was altered to allow the arrival of the railway system, constructed through the grounds of the Castle. The Keep and Gatehouse are the only surviving buildings from the original fortification. Visitors to the Keep have experienced strange hauntings, a small child is reputed to haunt the area, guests have heard growling sounds, stones being thrown and numerous black shapes have been captured and seen over the years. What will you experience on your Haunted Evening at The Castle Keep, Newcastle? MORE INFO

Victoria Tunnel | Ghost Hunts Newcastle

Ghost Hunts Newcastle


Fancy spending time down in the hidden underground Victoria Tunnel, once used as an air raid shelter during WWII?. This Haunted Evenings event will allow you access underground into this unique location after dark to take part in various paranormal investigation style experiments . We’ll be splitting you off to see what you can unearth in the various sections of the tunnel. Will you experience the encounters of paranormal activity that other visitors have experienced from strange mists and lights? All guests will have the chance at trying their hands at traditional style vigils as well as investigating with an abundance of paranormal equipment. MORE INFO

Kielder Castle | Northumberland Ghost Hunts

Northumberland Ghost Hunts at Kielder


Dares you spend the entire night in this very secluded Kielder Forest property close to the Scottish Borders? This former hunting lodge was built in 1775 for the Duke of Northumberland and rebuilt a century later into the castle you see today. This location feels a very lonely eerie place to be and many have reported a sense of unease in the old servants quarters. Join Haunted Evenings for a night of investigating this stunning location, and for the brave, the chance to sleep over! MORE INFO….