Leicester Guildhall Ghost Hunt Tonight

Ghost Hunt at The Guildhall, Leicester

We’re re-visiting The Guildhall in Leicester tonight (last time we were here was January 2014!). Last years ghost hunt produced some amazing evidence, from strong EVP’s captured in the old library, to guests hearing the sound of a cat ( sounds normal until we were told many visitors to the Guildhall have witnessed a black ghost cat on the stairs – oh and of course no signs of a “real” cat!)).

No two nights are ever the same so the team are excited to go back to see if what was experienced last year can be replicated or whether we’ll be capturing new evidence.

The team will be joined by Stu Williamson tonight who is a genius when it comes to psychometry. [the ability to touch objects and pick up the energy of the object/building]. Stu is incredibly humble with his gift and fits in well with the team. Stu joins us now and again and we’re intrigued to see what he’ll pick up from tonight’s ghost hunt event at ┬áLeicester’s Guildhall.

If you fancy joining us tonight, we do have a few tickets left due to last minute drop outs. You can call us on 07971 789847 if you would like to find out more about tonight’s ghost hunting event at The Guildhall or check out all the details on the event page.