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Leicestershire, the home county of Haunted Evenings, is full of history and haunted locations to visit and investigate. Many ghost sightings have been reported in Leicester and Haunted Evenings are proud to run Leicester ghost hunts throughout the year and at some of the most haunted locations in the UK! Read more about Haunted Leicester below and maybe we can tempt you to join us on our Leicester Ghost Hunts events. It will be certainly be an experience to remember! Click on any of the venues below for more details about our Leicester ghost hunts…..

Belgrave Hall | Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester Ghost Hunts Belgrave HallLEICESTER’S MOST HAUNTED HALL

Belgrave Hall in Leicester is an 18th Century Queen Anne Style building that nestles behind garden walls in the suburbs of Leicester City Centre. Built around 1709, this hall has had various wealthy family occupants. The Hall opened to the public in 1936 and has had its fair share of Ghostly sightings. Staff at Belgrave Hall have felt the presence of many unexplained goings on. A negative male energy has been reported upstairs along with another energy of a child and another of a male spirit felt believed to have died in an accident at the Hall. BOOK NOW!

The Guildhall | Leicester Ghost Hunts 

Leicester Ghost Hunts Guildhall


This Tudor building in the heart of Leicester City Centre, situated next door to where King Richard III was discovered buried in 2013, is a truly magnificent reminder of Leicester’s Heritage. Several dark rooms to explore here at the Guildhall including the Cells area and the Great Hall. On previous investigations we have picked up some amazing paranormal evidence and this place always leaves us wanting more!.  A must see place to visit during the day but especially after dark! BOOK NOW!

Abbey Pumping Station | Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester Ghost Hunts Abbey Pumping Station


NEW LOCATION! NEW LOCATION! NEW LOCATION!…. Brand new to the paranormal circuit is this GIANT Victorian building that dominates the north Leicester landscape. The Abbey Pumping Station, built in 1891 saw tragedy in it’s final construction stages when one of the site engineer labourers fell over 45 ft to his death inside the now Beam room. Staff members have reported the sensation of feeling uneasy in several parts of the site and ghostly sightings have been experienced by passers-by. Be one of the very first to ever investigate this location. MORE INFO

HM Prison Ashwell | Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester Ghost Hunts HMP Ashwell


Join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunt to remember at the newly available HMP Ashwell in Rutland close to Leicester. This category C prison closed its doors to inmates in 2011 after most of the prison was rioted and trashed. This former prison was also built on the site of a world war II US Army base so with such a strong historic past and high energy disturbing encounters as a prison, this location is an urban explorers ghost hunters dream!. MORE INFO

The Towers Hospital Asylum- Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester Ghost Hunts The Towers Hospital - Mental Asylum


CLOSED DOWN!! The spooky looking Towers hospital, Leicesters former Borough Lunatic Asylum, served patients with mental illnesses for over 140 years, having opened in 1869. It finally closed its doors in 2000 and saw its last outpatient in 2013. The Towers Hospital site is currently under redevelopment into residential, however, part of the Hospital now sits vacant, silent and empty….or does it?! Join Haunted Evenings and you’ll be getting the chance to explore and investigate this creepy building with all the latest equipment – as well as have the opportunity to take part in some unique experiments.

Old NURSES HOME at The Hospital Asylum- Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester Ghost Hunts The Towers Hospital - Mental Asylum


Haunted Evenings were thrilled to be the only team to have gained exclusive access to the only untouched building that remains from the old Asylum complex. This huge building formed part of the hospital and served as the NURSES BLOCK. Never been investigated before, you now have the chance to spend the night exploring this 70+ bedroomed property where the current occupier has reported a real sense of unease on the upper floors, unexplained disembodied voices have been experienced here along with the ghostly siting of a female figure peering from one of the windows.

The Mystery Manor | Leicester Ghost Hunts

Leicester Ghost Hunts The Mystery Manor


This 18th Century Manor house, once a farm, nestles in the North Leicestershire countryside, surrounded by woodlands. The Mystery Manor is now owned by an organisation who wish the name of the property to remain anonymous hence the name! This place is in serious need of investigating and what better way to explore the 15+ rooms, than to go armed with all the latest equipment to see what ghosts lurk in this untouched and mysterious location. MORE INFO

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