July 2016 – WOW what a month!

July may traditionally be the start of being in “Holiday” mode but it certainly didn’t stop our events from selling out!……..

The Creaky Cauldron Ghost Hunts with Haunted EveningsThis month saw the team head back to The Creaky Cauldron which produced some phenomenal results. To read our event review and to listen in to what has to be one of the most mindblowing EVP’s we’ve captured!, please click here

If you fancy ghost hunting at The Creaky Cauldron please note we are the only company who runs nights here!….just a word of warning, they get booked up really quickly!


abbey july guests

We announced back in February that we had sourced a new venue and July saw the team (and a bunch load of ghost hunting guests) conduct THE VERY FIRST EVER Ghost Hunt to be held at The Abbey Pumping Station.  Is it Haunted? The results are in! Click here to read our review!