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Hull Paranormal Events

Haunted Evenings are really excited to announce their latest event to go live on the site!. October will see the team head North to spend the night in a former Funeral Parlour. Reading up on the place, speaking to the staff and researching on feedback, it does seem this place is definitely as it claims – HAUNTED!

The Annison Building started out as the City of Hull’s Mounted Police force station, hence comes complete with stable blocks and courtyard. Staff have reported that the old Hayloft is one very active place. What is perhaps most intriguing by this location is that is was a family owned funeral parlour for over 100 years. Whilst it no longer functions as such, left behind is the old mortuary and embalming table. The reception rooms downstairs also have connections to its past as one was the chapel of rest.

This quirky location has had several accounts of paranormal phenomenon, from taps, bangs and footsteps. How hostile the place is, we will not know until we head up later in the year, but we reckon it could be quite challenging. If you fancy joining the team on this one, tickets have just gone live. We will be conducting several types of experiments throughout the night and guests, as always, will be able to use an abundance of ghost hunting equipment to really get a feel for what it is like to carry out proper investigations.

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