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Hell House Ghost Hunt Skegness Road | Media

Haunted Evenings took time out to conduct a private investigation to check out the claims that this location is haunted. We filmed the evening for facebook live with some surprising results! Please have a look around the Hell House!……

Introductory “Walkround” at 81 Skegness Road (5:33)

Take a walk around at the “Hell House” as we show you some of the rooms up for investigation. We also capture an unnerving EVP during this short intro

Vigil One – Rear Bedroom (21 mins)

The back bedroom certainly has a very strange edge to it. It was here that we witnessed a bible fall over whilst we were all still. Cold spots were detected in here and on command. We also picked up EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) during this video, including the name “Jonathan”

Vigil Two – The ATTIC (29:14)