Ghost Events

Ghost Events | Leicester Towers Mental Asylum | 23rd October 2015

Ghost Events at Leicester Towers Mental Hospital

Location: East Midlands

Haunted Evenings will be kick starting the Halloween season with a ghost event at the former lunatic asylum in Leicester. If you’re local ( like we are) you’ll know the mystery and chilling stigma to this place. If you’re not local, trust us when we say you will pick up a sense of creepiness as you approach this now abandoned building. We’ll be laying on some extra treats for this event but rest assured, they’ll be no tricks! The team will take you on a serious but fun ghost hunt to see what still lurks here. With several wards, the old stage area, pharmacy and disorientating corridors, this is a must for new and old ghost hunters a like!

Ghost Events | Incl. Buffet | Smethwick Baths | Birmingham | 30th October 2015

Ghost Events Smethwick Baths halloween

Location: West Midlands

Warning! Smethwick Baths is not as it may first seem! On the outside it looks like any art deco building, on the inside, a public swimming baths, but delve a little deeper and you will be AMAZED at the history attached to this place! The location used to double up as a dance hall in the winter months and the stage area has seen some pretty impressive performers, the most famous being the Beatles. Now take a wander underneath the old dance floor ( under the baths) and you’ll be met by dark tunnels that are pretty hostile. Off these tunnels are rooms that aided the War efforts. Parts were used as an air raid shelter and one room was used as a morgue. There was once also a tunnel which is believed to have led to the building opposite. If ever there was the need for the phrase “never judge a book by it’s cover” – this is it! Spooky as hell and an impressive list of paranormal activity in to boot! – Are you brave enough to join us on hallo’eve?!

Ghost Events | Carnfield Hall | Derby | 30th October 2015

Ghost events at Carnfield Hall derby

Location: Derbyshire

This private residence is so rarely accessible you’d be mad to miss a ghost event here run by Haunted Evenings. The team have experienced so many strange phenomena here that we just had to seek permission to conduct a public ghost night here again over Halloween. You will have access all areas to this rarely investigated old Hall. Investigate the attic spaces, bedrooms, and ground floor receptions, This place is massive and there is, without a doubt, some very odd things going on here. Ghost Events here are incredibly rare so make sure you book your place pronto!.

Ghost Events | Guys Cliffe House | Warwickshire | 31st October 2015

Ghost Events Guys Cliffe House halloween

Location: Warwickshire

This old part ruined mansion is the perfect setting for Haunted Evenings Halloween highlight! Your ghost event will start with a tour of the location and run through of all our paranormal gadgets before you’ll be split off in all directions to conduct some pretty cool ghost hunting experiments. This is your night to really get to discover what it’s like to be a ghost hunter as wee encourage you to get involved with all the activities. We reckon this is the perfect way to spend your Halloween!