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Ghost Hunt | Creaky Cauldron | Stratford Upon Avon | 04th July 2015

Cheap Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings at Creaky Cauldron

Location: Warwickshire

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Stratford Upon Avon, you’ll likely remember Stratford for it’s beautiful Tudor architecture and of course, for being William Shakespeare’s birthplace. Just 2 doors down from Shakespeare’s birthplace, on Henley Street, is The Creaky Cauldron, a Tudor building, formerly the White Lion Inn. This fascinating quirky and some what terrifying building is a hub for paranormal activity and in all the years Haunted Evenings have investigated here, we have NEVER left disappointed. Haunted Evenings are proud to be one of the only ghost hunting companies that are allowed access after dark. This place holds so much history, from murders to plague victims, it’s little wonder that this little gem is a must do place. We carry out ghost hunts here about twice a year so don’t miss out on this paranormal hotspot!

Cheap Ghost Hunt | Stanley Tools Factory | Sheffield | 11th July 2015

Cheap Ghost Hunts at Stanley Tools Factory

Location: Yorkshire

The former Stanley Tools factory in industrial Sheffield now lays eerily abandoned and in a state of dereliction. Soon to be converted into flats, this site is now allowing you, the public, overnight access! With several accounts of the paranormal here, we reckon this urban explorers dream location is worth a closer look. We’ll be setting up some pretty cool experiments using a variety of equipment and you will get the chance to go off on lone vigils to explore this site for yourself. Will you pick up on the former owner whose shadowy figure has been seen on several occasions? Book Now!

Ghost Hunt | Ancient Ram Inn | Wootton On Edge | 04th September 2015

Cheap Ghost Hunts Ancient Ram Inn

Location: Gloucestershire

Entering the Ancient Ram is like entering another world! This place is pretty much guaranteed to give you the creeps…and that’s with the lights on! This former Inn, now a private residence, has a dug up grave in the former pub area and parts of the pub seating area is still in place giving it that feel of abandonment. Upstairs, there’s the Witches Room and Bishops Room as well as a pretty eerie attic space. Just when you think you’ve conquered your nerves, we’ll take you into the barn area, there’s definitely something not quite right in there!. Not many people attempt lone vigils here despite us offering, it seems this is just one of those places where its safer in numbers!

Ghost Hunt | Leicester Towers Hospital | Mental Asylum | 05th September 2015

Cheap Ghost Hunts at the Leicester Towers

Location: East Midlands

Built in the late 1800’s, the former Leicester Borough Lunatic Asylum has now closed it’s doors to patients and sits awaiting demolition. Time is of the essence to investigate this incredibly spooky building and Haunted Evenings are proud to provide affordable cheap ghost hunts at this location. You will be given the opportunity to use all the very latest expensive & rare equipment as well as take part in some pretty cool experiments using trigger objects. This will be a night like no other as the team take you round this huge site in the quest to find who still patrols the empty wards.