Ghost Hunts York

Ghost Hunts York…It should come as no surprise that the tourist Cathedral city that is York is brimming with historical buildings of interest. Ghost walks have been popular in York for decades now, but for those who thrill seek the paranormal world should consider upping their game and taking part in a ghost hunt experience. Here at Haunted Evenings, we have selected some of the finest haunted locations in York and with locations constantly being sourced, you could soon be finding yourself one of a privileged few to be ghost hunting and exploring some incredibly eerie buildings after dark. A fun night awaits as we take you on a ghost hunt to see what truly haunts these buildings with so many ghost stories attached. Check out the locations below for further details on Ghost Hunts in York.

Ghost Hunts York Dungeon | York | North Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts York Dungeon Ghost Tours


Delve into the HORRIBLE history of York by entering the infamous York Dungeons after-dark! Avoid the daytime crowds and spend until the early hours with just a handful of others in your quest to seek out who really still haunts here. Rumour has it that this Victorian building is haunted by a child as well as the old buildings caretaker. Built on the land of a the very historic York Greyfriars, Monks have been seen and heard at this location too! Definitely a location with a difference, are you brave enough to investigate this scare-attraction as night falls?! MORE INFO…..

Ghost Hunts York Castle Museum | York | North Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts York Castle Museum Ghost Tours


Delve into the history of York Castle Museum and it’s little wonder this museum claims the top spot in York for hauntings. Housed inside the 18th century York prison building, on the former site of York Castle,  museum staff and visitors have both felt the uneasy sense that they are not alone. Pictures from a tourist revealed a ghostly Victorian dressed girl had tagged along and staff have often heard strange voices, scratches and groans coming from inside the original cells. The condemned mans cell here is likely Dick Turpins last place before execution in York. With so much history and torment here, this hardly ever investigated location needs you to discover just how haunted it is! MORE INFO…..

Ghost Hunts York | Guildhall | North Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts York Guildhhall Ghost Tours

Far too much history (can there ever be enough?!) to be crammed into this little summary box, so what we can say, is that The Guildhall is definitely a place to visit after dark!. The hall was built in the 15th century,  bombed in 1942, part-reconstructed, yet managed to retain its outer walls and Inner rooms with its magnificent wood paneling. Its alleged that Monks have been seen on site, a long with strange voices and shadowy figures. Haunted Evenings will be taking all their latest kit and invite you to join them in a night of ghost hunting at this perfect haunted gem in York!

Ghost Hunts York | Golden Fleece | North Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts York Golden Fleece

Every town and city has its Most Haunted pub and yes you’ve guessed it!…here she is! The Golden Fleece built in 1503. She boasts at not only being one of the oldest pubs in York but has a staggering 15 resident ghosts! The most talked about is Lady Alice Peckett, wife to John who used to be the Mayor of York and also the owner of this Inn. Many guests have reported seeing Alice wandering the corridors. Investigated in 2005 by Most Haunted, this location is a must!

Ghost Hunts York | Haunted House | 35 Stonegate | York

Ghost Hunts York Haunted House

Over 6 centuries old, 35 Stonegate, with its cobbled street approach,  is a pocket of time waiting to be stepped back into. A medieval building built of timber, its said that 35 Stonegate, York, has a dark side that has left many a visitor feeling uneasy. The building has been home to stain-glass makers, book binders and located on a road dating back 2000 years. The energy that has passed through the land and building over time, means this is a prime fillet steak of a location for ghost hunting!. Dare you walk the dark corridors of this ancient building? Contact the team or subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to hear announcements about our ghost hunts in York

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Ghost Hunts York |  Yorkshire