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Looking for a Ghost Hunt in Stratford-Upon-Avon? Haunted Evenings regularly visit Shakespeare’s County to investigate it’s hauntings!. This stunning location is well worth a visit by day, but did you know this market town never sleeps?! Why not join the best equipped team around and try your hand at ghost hunting for real!.. Book on one of our Stratford Ghost Hunts, only for the brave mind you!

The Creaky Cauldron | Ghost Hunts Stratford Upon Avon

Ghost Hunts Stratford-Upon-Avon at the creaky cauldron


This location is a must! Take a stroll down Henley Street ( the heart of Ye Olde Stratford) and take a moment to look 2 doors down from Shakespeare’s Birthplace. There you will see what is, one of “the” most haunted buildings Haunted Evenings have ever investigated! So much so, we have been coming back here year after year and are proud to be one of only a few who have permission to spend the night! This Tudor building has so much going on and so much to report that you really need to experience it for yourselves. Very intense building and unlikely you’ll be brave enough to spend time alone here. BOOK NOW!

The Falstaff Experience | Ghost Hunts Stratford Upon Avon

Ghost Hunts Stratford Upon Avon at The Fulstaff Experience Tudor World


If you’re visiting Stratford Upon Avon, you may well be doing so because Stratford is Tudor territory and in the heart of Stratford is a museum devoted to this time period. “Ye Olde Tudor World” otherwise known as The Fulstaff Experience, is a museum within a Grade II listed Tudor building where visitors can enjoy the sights and smells of times gone by!. This museum lends itself nicely to a spot of ghost hunting, not just because of the museum exhibits but down to the countless reports of ghostly sightings. If you fancy dabbling in a spot of ghost hunting, click above to find out why this could be a good place to start!

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History of Stratford upon Avon

There are many places in Britain that have plenty of history and Stratford-upon-Avon is most definitely one of them!  Stratford-upon-Avon is a stunning historic town in Warwickshire well known today for its markets and tourism which was made popular in the 19th Century. Stratford has some incredible architecture and one of the most popular visitor attractions is the birthplace home of poet William Shakespeare who was born here in 1564 to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden.

Discovered by the Saxons and the Celtics back in the year 1196, Stratford upon Avon has been known to have had many battles of a different kind from fires in 1594 perishing at least a fifth of the population and again in 1595 perishing the other half of town, to the deadly plague in 1564 and again also in 1645. It is no wonder then, that this quaint market town holds many reports of ghosts and hauntings!

Henley Street, Stratford upon Avon, is the street you’ll find the house that is still standing of William Shakespeare’s Birthplace. This historic building is now a visitors and Exhibition Centre devoted to the extraordinary life of Shakespeare, visitors to Stratford must take a stroll down Henley Street,  look out for the Plaque on Shakespeare’s house and whilst you’re there take a look to the side of the house for a place called “The Creaky Cauldron” – the enchanted manor magic alley as it is now known.  The Creaky Cauldron, at 21 Henley street,  originally formed part of the infamous White Lion Inn. In 1750 John Payton purchased the original building which dated back to 1541 (the time of Shakespeare’s birth) Renovation work was carried out and completed by a builder from Birmingham and was enlarged greatly in 1753.  The White Lion Inn was considered, in its heyday, to be one of the best establishments outside of London. In 1806 the Prince Regent ( George IV) stayed here. Records also record that during the English Civil War, the building was taken over by parliamentary soldiers.  The White Lion Inn was then passed down to his son “John Payton” and passed down to his son also called “John Payton”!….The good times seemed to end as the younger “John” sadly didn’t rise to the prosperous future of the people and the building was sold to “Thomas Arkell” in 1823.

Ghost Hunts at The Creaky Cauldron, Henley Street

Today part of the White Lion Inn building still stands and is now a shop and tourist attraction in it’s own right.  The Creaky Cauldron is a Witchcraft and Wizardology Museum. Regularly described by it’s current owner as being one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, Haunted Evenings is privileged to be one of just a few paranormal teams allowed to run public Ghost Hunt nights here.

If you’re interested and brave enough to explore one of the most haunted locations after dark, check out our listings for Ghost Hunts at The Creaky Cauldron which includes a guests in-depth review of what our last visit encountered and further dates of our events coming up here.

Ghost Hunts at the Falstaffs Experience

Ye Olde Tudor World at the Falstaffs Experience in the very heart of Haunted Stratford-upon-Avon, is by day, an interactive museum providing visitors with a history of the Tudor period, recreating the horrible world of the Tudors, along as being a tribute to William Shakespeare and part spooky spectacular!

The Tudor building, once The Three Tuns Tavern dates back to the 1400’s and there is little surprise that a building of this Vintage in the heart of Shakespeare’s County is reputedly haunted.

There are several reports of paranormal activity here, reports of a frightening figure from the 17th Century who likes to menace those brave enough to investigate the building. reports of footsteps and people being touched all stack up to being a paranormal investigators dream! Click on The Falstaff Ghost Hunt for further info about the event

Ghost Hunting in Warwickshire

Haunted Evenings organise Ghost Hunts in Stratford Upon Avon and surrounding Warwickshire as well throughout the UK.
Warwickshire, steeped in History has been a location that has become increasingly popular and with The Haunted Evenings Team being based in Leicester, means locations like Stratford Upon Avon are easily accessible.

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