Ghost Hunts Stoke Rochford Hall


JANUARY 2018 | APRIL 2018 | SEPTEMBER 2018 | JANUARY 2019
Event Times 9.00pm – 3.00am 

January 2018 – Haunted Evenings had a very special Friday night, hosting the first ghost hunting investigation to ever take place at the beyond stunning Stoke Rochford Hall…….

A full house of guests were welcomed into the Orangery for introductions before being split down into 4 main areas, the Orangery Basement, Old Catacomb with service tunnel, chapel passage and the William Burns suite, once a staff room that no staff liked spending time in! It is here that a gentleman spirit was picked up on, muffled voices were captured and ceiling lights flickered during a dowsing rod experiment.
Down in the chapel passage, a couple of guests reported seeing a shadow move across the doorway, later in the same area, EMF devices spiked giving us activity we couldn’t debunk.
Down in the old Orangery Basements, once the bakery for the Hall, Ouija boards were set up and personal messages came through for numerous groups.
One of the highlights was an almighty bang down in the catacomb, probably for now, the creepiest area of the building to be investigated. The bang was so loud and came from the old bar area. Despite trying to replicate the noise, this couldn’t be debunked. At the time everyone was accounted for and stood together in a circle. Most unnerving!

Thanks to all the wonderful guests who came to investigate on Friday! Always a mission when entering the unknown and everyone took on the challenge to see what Hauntings this magnificent Hall has to offer. Stoke Rochford did not disappoint and we are so excited to be returning in April for our next sold out event.
Thanks to all the staff who came out in force to make this massive location a success, all inputting to the night with various experiments and techniques!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Thankyou…amazing building and thoroughly enjoyed our first event with yourselves…( but not our first ghost hunt) well organised and friendly staff…looking forwards to more and certainly here again …if you return after April. “
M.Lowe 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to everyone on the team. It was a well organised and fantastic night and we’re looking forward to going on another one!”
S.Marr 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Another amazing night with the haunted evenings crew x”
T.Cain 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

April 2018 – A fascinating second investigation at this magnificent Mansion near Grantham took place last night.

Guests got to experience 4 “zones” out of bounds to the general public, taking part in an array of experiments down in the catacombs, orangery basements, William Burns suite and Chapel Passage area. A phenomenal table tipping experience happened for one lucky group, with results also being fruitful for participants of other traditional vigils, such as the automatic writing, dowsing rods session, human pendulum and Ouija board.
Our first investigation back in February indicated a strong energy down in the abandoned catacomb bar area and last nights investigation strengthened this when one group managed to capture a Class A EVP from a spirit in the catacomb area which said “Come Back”, clear enough for all present to hear on play back. (EVP posted up on our Haunted Evenings Instagram and Twitter feed).
This was only the second time this Grade I listed mansion has ever been investigated and last night certainly didn’t disappoint, we left with the feeling that as time goes on, this place will only continue to open up and reveal more paranormal experiences.
All our team reported back how wonderful their groups were, we acknowledge and always appreciate it when guests attend with enthusiasm and willing input so from us all, we’d just like to say a huge thank you for all being such a great bunch and making last night such a memorable one!

Thanks for the feedback!

“It was awesome thanks for a good night cant wait to do another one”T.Newman 28.04.18 Source: Facebook

“Thank you so so much we all had an amazing night and can’t get over the EVP can’t wait to come back x” K.Quinn 28.04.18 Source: Facebook

September 2018 – Wow what another jam packed night of investigating at this magnificent building tucked away near Grantham. There’s layers of history to this location and an abundance of areas to investigate which certainly makes our Haunted Evenings here busy ones!
The Chapel Passage : A long corridor with stone-flagged floor with several rooms /cellars off to investigate, one with a fireplace and another with old Gaol style door. Guests had the opportunity to use any equipment they fancied down in this old storage area and go it alone! Whilst on the surface this area may seem quite quiet, our EVP’s weren’t so and we picked up voices in 2 particular areas of this part of the building. One voice answered “welcome” when we asked if they’d like us to stay or leave and another shouted on command having caught our attention on the recording before. Significant drops in temperature were also noted and a knock was heard when we asked spirit to tap on something. More investigations are certainly needed here!
Old Staff Area : A disused area at the rear of the building that has an intricate stone build crypt style ceiling. Human Pendulums were carried out here and what’s fascinating is that the same spirit came through for 2 groups. Guests taking part had no prior knowledge of the first groups vigil so this made for interesting results.
Catacomb area. A great area of the building that atmospherically feels much more oppressive. There’s also the opportunity to walk the dark forgotten servants tunnel from here! A combination experiment took place in here (new and traditional), with guests using dowsing rods whilst being watched through the SLS camera (SLS camera is designed to map out any human forms it detects). A few head scratching moments led to a good debunking session with one group which is what a proper investigation is all about!
Heading down to the Orangery basement, once used as the Hall’s bakery, our ouija boards lay ready and waiting for our guests. Whilst some “revving up” was needed to build the energy, all groups got to experience communication from spirit, some emotional personal connections, for others the same spirit (unbeknownst to them), came through giving the same information.

Haunted New Year everyone!

January 2019 – It may already seem a little late to acknowledge the New Year some 11 days in, however, for us, last night was Haunted Evenings first event of 2019 and the team were out in force at this stunning looking location – Stoke Rochford Hall nr Grantham.
On behalf of all the team, We just want to say a quick thank you to all the guests who attended last night and helped kick start 2019 in style. ….have you been caught on camera?!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Thank you to the whole team. It was fantastically organised and where the 6 hours went, I don’t know?! It was our first time and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The ouija board far outshone my expectations and the message I got was the weirdest sensation ever (in a good way). I could’ve stayed and chatted to my Grandad all night. It was very comforting. So thanks again and my husband stuck to the main roads on the journey home – pretending he wasn’t scared lol x Thank you”L. Clarke 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“Fabulously night thank you to all the team.. x”L. Thandy 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“Had a great time ty .. Will definitely be doing another evening with you 😀J. Evans 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“lovely picture ladies and a great night. Thanks everyone. X”S.Darker 12.01.19 Source:facebook