Ghost Hunts Staffordshire

Fancy a ghost hunt and looking in the Staffordshire area? Look no further as Haunted Evenings gives you the low-down on haunted places in and around this part of the Midlands!
From Haunted Castles to a spot of Urban Exploring, with a theme park in-between, there really is a type of paranormal event to suit everyone!.
Please see below for the best places to go ghost hunting in Staffordshire…..

Ghost Hunting in Staffordshire

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The Four Crosses | Cannock | Ghost Hunts Staffordshire

The Block ghost hunts staffordshire with haunted evenings events


This former 17th Century coaching Inn, built from old ship timbers is a paranormal hotspot in the West Midlands. Dozens of ghostly encounters have been reported here over the years, sounds of children crying, glasses flying off the bar shelves, a full on apparition of a teenage girl has been seen disappearing into a wall, disembodied voices heard up in the attic, to name but a few! Haunted Evenings will be having a lock-in of a ghostly kind and invite budding enthusiasts to join us on our mission to experience this haunted gem after dark. Dare  to join us? MORE INFO…..

Anzio Army Camp | Ghost Hunts Staffordshire

Ghost Hunts Staffordshire Anzio Army Camp Ghost Hunting


 Join Haunted Evenings as we explore this incredibly vast and now disused Army Village surrounded by Staffordshire moorland. With so many places to investigate you could soon find yourself in small numbers, disorientated, in some pretty dark and eerie buildings. Investigate the old accommodation block, army pub, medical and laundry buildings as well as bunker, old kitchen and canteen areas. Strange phenomenon have been felt here, unexplained cold spots and bangs have left people on site feeling more than uneasy. Is it the energy left behind by wartime personal or from the  surrounding ancient land this settlement was built on? This will be one frightful night of exploring this disused base!  MORE INFO….

Tutbury Castle | Ghost Hunts Staffordshire

Ghost Hunts Staffordshire Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunting


Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire is packed with history and hauntings! It’s been reported that the ghostly apparition of Mary, Queen of Scots has been sighted here along with visitors seeing a white lady and a soldier roaming the Castle grounds.  The Kings bedroom was closed for a while as many visitors felt faint and a sense of overwhelming fear.  You’ll be pleased to know the bedroom has re-opened and a chance awaits to spend time alone in this room! With a history stretching back centuries, Tutbury Castle is an intriguing fortification. What better way to explore this site than overnight when the visitors have gone! Join Haunted Evenings as we investigate all areas of Tutbury Castle. You’ll be experiencing an array of ghost hunting techniques in your own quest to establish who still haunts here!  MORE INFO….

Alton Towers | Ghost Hunts Staffordshire

Ghost Hunts Staffordshire Alton Towers Ghost Hunting


VENUE NOW ARCHIVED. SADLY NO FURTHER DATES AVAILABLE. By day Alton Towers is a bustling visitor attraction with crowds of people screaming on the rides… Now imagine everyone’s gone home and you are one of only a handful of visitors left in the vast creepy huge halls of the old Alton Towers likely wanting to scream! Explore this location with Haunted Evenings and embark on a ghost hunting experience like no other! This place is simply mind blowing! MORE INFO

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