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Ghost Hunts Somerset: Ghost Hunting in Somerset and surrounding South West England is an experience not to miss! You could be venturing down into caves with all the very latest paranormal equipment in a quest to see who still haunts the area! ….

Wookey Hole Caves | Ghost Hunts Somerset 

Wookey Hole Ghost Hunts Somerset

Ghost Hunting at Wookey Hole. Haunted Evenings invite you to explore the infamous caves, said to be 45,000 years old and home to the legend of the Wookey Witch. Be one of just a few to venture down into the pitch black of these caverns armed with all the latest paranormal equipment. Next, investigate Wookey Hole Mill, an old Victorian Mill which is said to be haunted by former workers. This incredible site is a must do ghost hunt, and a chance to explore in small groups. MORE INFO…

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