Ghost Hunts Shropshire

Ghost Hunts Shropshire….Fancy a ghost hunt in this neck of the woods? Look no further as Haunted Evenings gives you the low-down on haunted places in and around the West Midlands!
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Ghost Hunts Shropshire | Ghost Hunting in Shropshire

Shrewsbury Prison | Ghost Hunts Shropshire

Ghost Hunts Shropshires HMP Shrewsbury


New to the ghost hunting circuit but not around for long is HMP Shrewsbury which locked up for the last time in 2013. Now left eerily abandoned, Shrewsbury Prison is a vast site of empty prison blocks, kitchen areas and echoing corridors. On site, the old hanging room and execution area can still be located, it is here where many were hanged for their crimes and in 1972, workmen discovered the remains of 10 inmates in an unmarked grave. Any abandoned building can put you on edge but knowing the brutality and negative atmosphere that was here makes for this to be one hell of a place to investigate after dark.  BOOK NOW!

Condover Hall | Ghost Hunts Shropshire

Ghost Hunts Shropshire Condover Hall


Condover Hall has had many uses over the years…a private residence where a family dispute turned to murder and a servant wrongly hanged for the crime….to an officers mess during World War II for nearby RAF Condover. In more recent years, Condover Hall has been a residential school for the blind and later a school for children struggling with mental health development. Now Condover Hall has been saved from unsustainable running costs and has been transformed as an activity centre. It does however retain many of its original features and one dark place you will have the chance to investogate is the basement…it is here where the Lord of the Manor fell to his death.  MORE INFO

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