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Fancy a ghost hunt night out in and around Sheffield dabbling in a spot of ghost hunting!? Look no further as we have lined up some great ghost hunting venues in the Sheffield area. From haunted museums to historic Halls, we reckon we have your area covered. Join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunt night out in and around Sheffield and experience the paranormal world for yourself! …..

Ghost Hunt Sheffield Fire & Police Museum | Sheffield

Sheffield Ghost Hunting events Fire Museum


Featured on Most Haunted, The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum has been a magnet for Ghost hunters searching for paranormal evidence. Now the best equipped team around will be spending the night in this haunted place. Join Haunted Evenings this coming September, have a chance to use all the latest equipment, conduct your own experiments or observe some unique lock down vigils to really get to the bottom of who or what still haunts this 1900 built fire and police station. BOOK NOW!….

Ghost Hunts Sheffield | Wortley Top Forge Museum

Ghost Hunts Sheffield Wortley


Bit of a hidden gem this one but not to be overlooked! Wortley Top Forge, the oldest surviving Ironworks in the World, is a classy haunted joint. It’s not overly investigated which often means that spirits are stirred when investigated here. We have had some fantastic results when we first discovered this haunted location and have just announced our 3rd visit! Explore the old cottage and workshops after dark. Light Supper included. MORE INFO

Ghost Hunts Sheffield | Tapton Hall 

Ghost Hunts Sheffield Stanley Tools Factory


Built in 1855 this glorious oldie is rarely investigated making it perfect for the haunted discoverers amongst us! Join the team for the evening at this Grade II listed building to investigate it’s many rooms in our quest to see who still haunts here. Using an array of techniques and an abundance of the latest equipment, you will sonn find yourself in small groups as we explore and ghost hunt at this fascinating building! MORE INFO

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