Ghost Hunts October 2015

Ghost Hunting | Ghost Hunts October 2015

Belgrave Hall | Leicester | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | 03rd

Ghost Hunts October 2015 Leicester Belgrave Hall

Join the team in their hometown as we return to this inner-city hidden gem that is Belgrave Hall. The  controversial image of a ghostly apparition was caught on CCTV here near the rear entrance in the garden. Weather permitting, we’ll take you on a blair witch style ghost hunt in the grounds with the use of our Infrared cameras, as well as investigate inside this magnificent building. The attic space was where a lot of activity was experienced by our guests last time. Our return Ghost Hunt October event will see you take part in some pretty cool activities with trigger objects, high tech gadgets and some modern twists on more traditional methods. Explore the cellars, old parlour, bedrooms and see what you can experience at Belgrave Hall. BOOK NOW!

Annison Funeral Parlour | Hull | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | 10th

October Ghost Hunts 2015 Leicester

The Old Funeral Parlour building, known locally as the Annison Building is new to the paranormal field and reports are in that this is one hell of a haunted site. Although no longer a funeral parlour, the old embalming table has been left behind as has parts of the mortuary. The more you dig into the history of this building, the more you realise this is a must do location. This has hit the paranormal ground running so we don’t expect this event to hang around long!. BOOK NOW!

Drakelow Tunnels | Kidderminster | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | 17th

Ghost Hunts October 2015

As we creep ever the closer to Halloween, what better way to start the build up than with a trip to Drakelow Tunnels. Trust us when we say a night here is a MUST!  Drakelow Tunnels was constructed in 1941 and for many years was the home to Rover’s  shadow factory, here they built plane parts to help with the war efforts of WWII. Late 60’s the government took over half the site and started the motions of kitting it out as a nuclear bunker. In 1980 (to 1990) it was indeed used as a secret nuclear bunker and there is much evidence of this still on site today. Drakelow Tunnels really is a phenomenal site just to explore, its just a bonus that the place is haunted to the max! Tickets are already selling fast for this one so best get in quick!. SOLD OUT!

Towers Hospital Mental Asylum | Leicester | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | 23rd

Ghost Hunts October 2015 Leicester Towers Lunatic Asylum

This location is 2015’s hotspot and this is due to the fact that the Towers Hospital is soon coming down! This old Lunatic Asylum is a stunning building architecturally and the history to this place is mind blowing. Built in 1869 to provide care for mental patients, this was one of the first of its kind to spring up in the UK. We have captured so much paranormal activity here, from unexplained footsteps, doors banging, trigger objects being set off and some frightening EVP’s. This is one fascinating building and this will be one of our last investigations here before the building is handed over to the site foreman for good! Get in quick to this October Ghost Hunt! BOOK NOW!

Buffet | Smethwick Baths | Birmingham | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | Halloween | 30th

Ghost Hunts October 2015 Birmingham Smethwick Baths

Our Halloween Weekend starts here at Smethwick Baths. Included in this Halloween “Treat” is a buffet, which guests can enjoy in between investigating this vast and intriguing location. There’s countless reports of paranormal activity here, many have sensed a nasty presence in the old wood store deep below the swimming baths that doesn’t like women! but before you men think you’re safe, there’s been plenty of activity reported in one of the side tunnels, seemingly by a spirit who dislikes men. Shall we separate the men and women here?!!. The tunnels were once used as an air raid shelter and temporary morgue during the war. Above ground, there’s the old stage area, changing rooms, stairwells and seating areas that have ALL had strange phenomenon occur. This is one fascinating location and a cracking night awaits you on this Halloween Ghost Hunt. SOLD OUT!

Carnfield Hall | Derbyshire | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | Halloween | 30th

Ghost Hunts October 2015 Carnfield Hall Derby at Halloween

Carnfield Hall is so very rarely investigated we thought this would make a cracking Hallo’Eve feast! This privately owned residence in Derbyshire has featured on TV and has been voted the most haunted location in the UK. It’s a strong claim but having had the honour of investigating this eccentric home, we can pretty much vouch these claims to be true. There’s a weirdness to this place and some of the areas are not areas many would stay in on their own. Take the funeral bedroom for example, spooky as without knowing a male spirit lingers in this room. The attic – child spirits have been picked up here too. The main drawing room is apparently haunted by a male and female energy and when we did a vigil in the master bedroom, we had some phenomenal results. This quirky Hall is a treat at Halloween and. as we only investigate Carnfield once a year, grab yourself a ticket or you’ll be left waiting!. SOLD OUT!

Guys Cliffe House | Warwickshire | Ghost Hunts October 2015 | Halloween | 31st

Ghost Hunts October 2015 Halloween Guys Cliffe House

We reach the end of our epic October Ghost Hunts with a grande finale at Guys Cliffe House. Halloween here will see you exploring all areas of this incredible location. Part ruined, Guys Cliffe is the perfect location for ghost hunting and we’ll be setting up some pretty cool experiments using all the very latest equipment to capture ghostly evidence. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a ghost hunt but with a bit of fun and banter a long the way, let Haunted Evenings make your  Halloween night a night to  remember. You’ll be hooked! BOOK NOW!