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Ghost Hunting in and around  Newcastle is becoming increasingly popular! You could soon find yourself exploring some very eerie haunted locations. Check out the locations below for further details on Ghost Hunts in Newcastle and surrounding areas…..

Newcastle Castle Keep | Ghost Hunts Newcastle 

Ghost Hunts Newcastle Keep Tours


The Castle’s Keep in Newcastle is a Grade I listed building dating back to 1172, built on the site of the earlier Castle which gave the City its name. During the 16th to 18th Century the Keep was used as a prison until the building came into disrepair.  The Keep was restored in the early 19th Century and by the 1850’s, much of the surrounding area was altered to allow the arrival of the railway system, constructed through the grounds of the Castle. The Keep and Gatehouse are the only surviving buildings from the original fortification. Visitors to the Keep have experienced strange hauntings, a small child is reputed to haunt the area, guests have heard growling sounds, stones being thrown and numerous black shapes have been captured and seen over the years. What will you experience on your Haunted Evening at The Castle Keep, Newcastle? MORE INFO

Kirkley Hall | Ghost Hunts Newcastle 

Ghost Hunts Newcastle Kirkley Hall


11 miles from the centre of Newcastle lies Kirkley Hall, a Grade II listed mansion and estate that dates back to the 17th Century, built close to/on the site of the original manor house owned for over 300 years by the Ogle Family.  The current Hall was damaged by fire in 1929 and largely rebuilt by Lord Kirkley who acquired the estate in 1922 when the Ogle family had to sell their beloved ancestral home due to mounting debts. Guests will have access to the 2 main floors of this stunning location as well as the Cellars. Some visitors have sensed a ghostly presence wandering the upper corridors, the smell of burning has been picked up, orbs captured and strange noises have also been experienced here. Please drop us an enquiry if you would like to go ghost hunting with Haunted Evenings at Kirkley Hall, Newcastle

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